Best Practices When Choosing Healthcare Call Center Companies


Outsourcing partners provide a host of services for the healthcare industry, ranging from … Best Practices When Choosing Healthcare Call Center Companies Read More ».

Why Healthcare Providers Should Work with TeleDirect


Healthcare providers are required to serve an ever-increasing number of patients while being expected to deliver exceptional service on a daily basis. Today, the definition of healthcare providers includes: Family practitioners. Why should healthcare providers work with TeleDirect?

The Many Advantages of Outsourcing your Medical Transcription Services


Outsourcing medical transcription services , in the recent years, has become something of a trend in the healthcare industry, its major beneficiaries being health clinics, hospitals, physicians, healthcare providers and out-patient surgical centers.

3 Ways Healthcare Engagement Models Differ from Other Industries


3 Ways Healthcare Engagement Models Differ from Other Industries. Austin Ridgeway, Director, HGS Healthcare. Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of industry buzz about what retail can teach healthcare about engagement strategies. Healthcare.

Assessing Your Outsourcing Services Maturity


Assessing Your Outsourcing Services Maturity. By Donna Martin, Senior Vice President, HGS Healthcare. These partnerships speak to the dramatic shifts in how health plans are sold and purchased today, but also to the maturity of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry itself.

3 Requirements You Should Have for Your Healthcare Contact Center

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A recent article by John Nash discusses how retail companies keep up with trends in customer engagement, but healthcare organizations often lag behind. In other words, the healthcare industry is due for a disruption similar to how Amazon has done it in the retail space.

Evolution of the support rep: from outsourced to in-office


It’s taken many different forms from outsourced, to remote work, and now it’s back to the office. We had two main offices before our London team was even born, and we are in no way outsourced (if anything, we’re offshored to Europe!). Is outsourcing harmful?

What is BPO and Why Should My Business Utilize It? 


Business process outsourcing (BPO) has served as the backbone of the American manufacturing industry since the late 1800s. Information technology, financial services, healthcare, retail and education have all embraced contracting professional service providers.

New Technology Strategist Dives Deep for Client Solutions

Working Solutions

Ashok Narayanan, an industrial engineering leader in healthcare and travel, joins the senior management of Working Solutions. Call Center OutsourcingHe’s known for his expertise in transforming complex systems, such as Sabre flight reservations. His work simplified its use for agents industrywide. Narayanan, who holds dual engineering degrees, is an e-commerce pioneer, having been part of the team […].

Elevating Customer Service and Sales in the New Year

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In 2019, Working Solutions begins its 23rd year serving clients and their customers across many different industries, from consumer services to healthcare to hospitality. Call Center OutsourcingWorking with diverse businesses generates new ideas and opens up opportunities for cross-industry contact center solutions. It also attracts a good mix of customer service reps, whose skills could be broad-based […].

How TeleDirect Call Centers Can Boost Your CMS Star Rating


Our business process outsourcing (BPO) call center solutions enable companies to stay connected with customers, improve service, and boost their bottom lines. Reducing costs is a big part of an enjoyable healthcare experience.

What is BPO and Why Should My Business Use It?? 


Business process outsourcing?(BPO) Modern developments in business practices have encouraged a range of industries, including information technology, financial services, healthcare, retail and education to embrace contracting professional service providers.?

5 Insights About Sourcing and Developing Strategic Partnerships


Not to add another thing to your plate (sorry), but there’s another question to ask that can impact all of those answers: is this the year customer care outsourcing takes a more central role in your go-forward plan? Customer Service Outsourcing Mike Hasler

Ready or Not: AI Customer Service Will Change Your Business and Brand


AI is being adapted to every business function from customer service and IT to even more niche ones like finance and healthcare. Artificial Intelligence Contact Center Technology Customer Service Outsourcing Kim Campbell Multichannel Customer Service

9 Reasons Every Physician Needs a Medical Answering Service


By hiring an outsourced answering service, you can manage your calls and offer call options that are specifically tailored to your medical practice. All calls made through your outsourced answering service are recorded and time-stamped, providing accurate, irrefutable records when needed.

5 Ways TeleDirect Can Aid Your ACO


And so do the ever-evolving responsibilities related to effective patient communication, billing inquiries, and other healthcare administrative tasks. Providers – includes hospitals, physicians, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals. federal healthcare requirements.

The Path to Lead Conversion: What it takes for TeleDirect’s Sales-Driven Experts


TeleDirect’s business processing outsourcing (BPO) lead response management tools allow you to focus on what you do best – and since you’re reading this, we’re guessing lead response times aren’t your strong suit. The TeleDirect outsourcing philosophy is summarized by exceptional value and results. Compliant, competent outsourcing. That’s important for companies looking to outsource their customer communication. Let’s look at a critical path to your company’s success.

Best Call Center Service for Businesses


TeleDirect’s commitment to business process outsourcing (BPO) excellence spans a wide range of industries and business sectors, from financial firms to healthcare companies. Our B2B call center outsource model is scalable for customized performance and priced for optimum value.

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How Contact Centers Impact Patient Experience


By Donna Martin, HGS Senior Vice President, Business Development, Global Healthcare. The healthcare industry is just starting to catch on, as providers are now being incented/penalized to implement value-based care throughout the patient experience. Healthcare.

Best Telemarketing Companies Focus on Their Niche

Quality Contact Solutions

Here are a few examples of current B2B outbound, inbound and multi-channel call center client programs: Healthcare Industry Case Study. Successful Outsource Telemarketing using Call Blending. Why Outsourced Telemarekting With Owner-Operators is Best.

4 Contact Center Reports to Start Off Your Year


the outsourcing sector has been very quick to embrace cloud technology, with the very nature of their business is a cultural fit with the idea of letting a third-party take control of non-core…”. It’s going to be a big year in the world of contact center and in customer service technology.

3 qualities of a strategic call center


Call center expert Kathleen Peterson explained to Forbes the problems in customer relations that can result from a failure to align the business in this way: “When the brand promise includes promptness and accuracy (critical for healthcare, insurance, finance, utilities, etc.),

The Contact Center Evolution: 5 Focus Areas to Move from Vanilla to Value


Outsourcers equipped to support such customized and premium services will stand to benefit from this. For example an outsourcer for consumer goods businesses may provide on-site product labs and testing facilities where faulty products can be investigated by trained technicians.

The Benefits of Call Centers with Remote Agents

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Call center remote agents can help companies in many industries including telecom, consumer products, retail, financial services, healthcare, travel & hospitality, and more! Outsource Consultants are call center experts with over 20 years of outsourcing industry experience that have spent thousands of hours vetting and analyzing the strengths and specializations of the industry-leading call centers.

Building a Training Strategy

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She has both outsourced (domestically and internationally) contact center services and worked in companies doing the outsourced work.

Membership Telemarketing: Telemarketing Laws Compliance

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Angela Garfinkel is the President and Founder of Quality Contact Solutions, a leading outsourced telemarketing services organization serving the healthcare, financial services, automotive, market research, professional associations and numerous other B2B focused verticals.

Evaluating Call Center Companies: Three Elements of a Trusted Partner

EPIC Connections

For example, EPIC Connections recently assisted a healthcare records company and a transportation company in identifying potential call center partners that had experience with similar programs. This is the second article in a series on evaluating call center partners.

Do Your Employees Love Their Company

Branch Mesenger

Today, all of that's being automated, being outsourced through the. Not outsourced, but I should say automated, with. Are jobs going to be outsourced and replaced? In healthcare, it's when they're first setting up their appointment or when they're leaving.

Cloud Contact Center Solutions Continue Upward Trajectory


A significant challenge for this market is that there are vendors from many categories vying for sales opportunities, including purpose-built solution providers; on-premises solution providers that sell cloud capabilities; hosted interactive voice response providers; carrier/network service providers; business process outsourcers; system integrators; cloud-based private branch exchange providers; contact center platform providers; and more.

The Role of Digital in Customer Experience, by Sandeep Kuvvarapu


Many of them have outsourced contact center operations and some have maintained in-house customer support. The customer has always been at the heart of every business, be it a street vendor selling hot dogs or a multi-national firm selling a wide range of products.

The Four Ways Call Centers Are Using AI Agents


Everyone has their own story, no matter if it is in financial, healthcare, insurance, retail, utilities, or travel industries. Instead of a “rip and replace” installation, SmartAction’s Automation-as-a-Service model enables contact centers to outsource all of their voice and chat automation needs by simply routing calls/chats to SmartAction virtual agents who either complete the call or transfer to your live agents for the finishing touch.

Telemarketing Appointment Setting Best Practices-Part 3

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Angela Garfinkel is the President and Founder of Quality Contact Solutions, a leading outsourced telemarketing services organization serving the healthcare, financial services, automotive, market research, professional associations and numerous other B2B focused verticals.

Important Forecasting Considerations for Inbound Contact Solutions

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For example, when HIPAA was first implemented, I’m sure healthcare providers received more calls and the calls were longer than normal. Other Articles You Might Find Interesting: Inbound Call Goals in Call Center Outsourcing. Ensure a 5 Star Call Center Outsourcing Experience.

Telemarketing Appointment Setting Best Practices-Part 2

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Angela Garfinkel is the President and Founder of Quality Contact Solutions, a leading outsourced telemarketing services organization serving the healthcare, financial services, automotive, market research, professional associations and numerous other B2B focused verticals.

‘Tis the Season… For Inbound Telemarketing Overflow

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And anyone who is responsible for signing up new customers or renewing customers during the healthcare insurance open enrollment period (mid-October through mid-December), knows what a challenge it can be to manage the huge influx of calls and the work associated with those calls.

Telemarketing Appointment Setting Best Practices-Part 1

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As an outsourced telemarketing appointment setting resource, our company works with many clients in many different industries and we find that the methodology of getting a high appointment kept % is relatively simple. By Angela Garfinkel, President.

Why You’re not just doing B2B Appointment Setting

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How to Calculate Call Center Outsourcing Cost: Outbound

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In this article, I’ll share how to calculate call center outsourcing cost for outbound calls. Outbound call center outsourcing cost. Most outsourced outbound call centers charge a fixed rate for setting up your program in their environment. By Angela Garfinkel, President.