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Extending The Life of Your Construction Accounting Software


The construction industry is complex: full of behemoth-sized projects, unique processes, workflows, and other monumental tasks that always seem to be due yesterday. Without a good construction accounting software, businesses will likely collapse. Important considerations for your accounting software.

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Amazon SageMaker Feature Store now supports cross-account sharing, discovery, and access

AWS Machine Learning

SageMaker Feature Store now makes it effortless to share, discover, and access feature groups across AWS accounts. With this launch, account owners can grant access to select feature groups by other accounts using AWS Resource Access Manager (AWS RAM).


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Build end-to-end document processing pipelines with Amazon Textract IDP CDK Constructs

AWS Machine Learning

Orchestration pipelines need to be created to introduce business logic, and also account for different processing techniques depending on the type of form inputted. Install dependencies Now you install the project dependencies: python -m pip install -r requirements.txt Initialize the account and Region for the AWS CDK.

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How Can Good Construction Site WiFi Help Enhance Customer Service in the Construction Sector?

CSM Magazine

Regardless of the size of a construction company, customer and employee activities are critical in the business. While customers contribute in the form of referrals, feedback, and direct contracts, employees handle construction processes. A reliable construction site WiFi is imperative in the building industry. Live Streaming.

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6 Amazing Online Accounting Courses


Having accounting skills is very important for entrepreneurs and managers from every industry sector. To help you with that, there are several online accounting courses from different levels. To help you with that, there are several online accounting courses from different levels. Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis.

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5 rules for building an incredible brand relationship with your customers!

Beyond Philosophy

Forming an attachment is vital, here, establishing an Emotional Bank account. You might remember Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, first proposed the concept of the Emotional Bank Account. You have these accounts with people in your lives, and they make deposits and withdrawals in them all the time.

Banking 363
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‘It’s Out of My Control’ Is a Bad Excuse


I emphasize the word tried because, unfortunately, there was non-stop, 24-hour-a-day road construction outside the hotel, as the city of Las Vegas is preparing for the Formula One race later this year. Last month I was in Las Vegas for a major convention. I stayed at a very nice hotel, and each night I tried to fall and stay asleep.