Auto Dialer Software: What is Auto Dialer and When to Use it


The auto dialer acts as a co-pilot for sales teams. The ideal software for outbound sales campaigns, an auto-dialer increases sales productivity by as much as 200%. It also leaves pre-recorded voice messages on behalf of the sales agents on entering the voice mailbox.

Nearshore Contact Center Outsourcing Spotlight: Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay

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Real estate. They provide quality customer service and give their clients outstanding ROI by driving sales conversions through superb telemarketing, up-selling, and cross-selling strategies. These agents can deliver inbound service that strengthens your customer relationships while also boosting revenue through outbound sales. Nearshore Contact Center Outsourcing Spotlight: Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.


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How to Calculate Your Total In-House Contact Center Costs

TLC Associates

Customer support agents, outbound sales agents, and others are receiving offers elsewhere – especially with low unemployment. For sales campaigns, outsourced companies offer a variable pay component tied to goal attainment, all funded within their rates. According to commercial real estate services firm JLL, the average price of office spaces across 53 major metropolitan areas is now $32.39 “How much is this going to cost me?”.

Predictive Dialer vs Auto Dialer: Which is right for your business?


Automation is ruling out almost every repetitive process and sales is no exception. And for growing the bottom line, sales team need to be armored with the best sales automation solutions. Auto Dialer and Predictive Dialer perfectly fill the gap created by the repetitive and monotonous work involved in the sales process. Sales reps have to manually look over other ‘after call’ works too. The first thing that comes to mind is sales.

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6 Proven way to improve sales reps productivity with Cloud telephony


Sales has become more flexible and agile than ever because of the heavy competition in almost each and every sector. Moreover, with humans as buyers sales can never be linear. Sales reps have to go for multiple calls and process that are mostly disorganized and not streamlined. A study on sales reps shows that sales agents only spent one-third of their time in selling and the rest of the time in manual work.[ Brutal, yet real! Training reps in real-time.

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41 Best Sales Podcasts Every Sales Pro Should Listen to Weekly


One way to expand your knowledge is to listen to the best sales podcasts. To help you become a better salesman , saleswoman, executive, representative, and manager I’ve listed 41 best sales podcasts hosted and recommended by actual sales pros. Ready to level up your sales career? If you’re interested in new sales and marketing strategies for Amazon FBA, tips on how to build your brand, and techniques to grow your online business, tune into The Amazing Seller Podcast.

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