Operational Challenges in the Call Center Industry


All industries benefit from innovation and customer support is no different in this regard. There are numerous issues for which call center managers and leaders must account in running a successful customer support operation.

Continuum Global Services: Launching A New Contact Center Industry Brand

Contact Center Pipeline

As customer interactions continue to become more complex, the contact center industry is increasingly turning to mergers & acquisitions as an effective solution to expand scale, improve access to new technologies and enhance geographic coverage.

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You Need These 9.5 Skills to be Friendly Enough for the Customer Service Industry

Steve DiGioia

This is the worst possible scenario for those in the service industry. skills to be friendly enough for the customer service industry. But what if I asked you if you’re friendly enough for the customer service industry? I watched her smile at everyone who passed her.

The Technology Industry NPS® Benchmarks


The technology industry has been continuously disrupting and leading markets when it comes to innovations and customer experience. The post The Technology Industry NPS® Benchmarks appeared first on CustomerGauge.

5 lessons from "Would You Do That To Your Mother" by Jeanne Bliss to Drive Culture

Speaker: Jeanne Bliss, President, CustomerBLISS and Co-Founder, CXPA

Take the High Road” : When to walk away from legacy practices that have defined your industry. In this webinar, customer experience pioneer Jeanne Bliss shares her 5-step guide to help companies simplify their approach to customer experience and culture transformation.

Millennials: The industry killers?

TELUS International

CX Best Practices

3 Trends and Challenges for the CX Industry in 2019

Contact Center Pipeline

In the increasingly crowded business landscape, there are a few specific focuses that organizations can invest in to give themselves a boost in attention and customer loyalty.

Customer retention in the telecom industry – new thinking


With the telecommunications industry at saturation point, and with services largely commoditized, providers suffer from exceptionally high rates of churn. Churn in the telecom industry. Enhancing customer retention in the telecom industry.

New Research Digs Into Industries And Consumer Feedback Patterns

Customer Experience Matters

Since then, we’ve actually published a number of new research reports with an emphasis on industry-specific data. consumers and examine almost 300 companies over 20 industries. Business impact Customer experience CX - Customer Experience Enlighten Industry Data

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Industry Benchmarks


The complete list of the newest Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) industry benchmarks by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). . Articles

The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

companies across all industries. 29% say it is from industry and. New study reveals that companies must first focus on themselves. to meet customer expectations for digital service Social Media Voice of the. Customer. Analytics. 24/7 Email CX Web Chat Mobile Video Text.

Guest Blog: What Hospitality Industry Has Taught Us About Customer Service Best Practices


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Benny Tjia shares lessons learned from the hospitality industry about creating a customer focused culture. Hospitality, we can say, is a pretty ‘old’ industry.

5 Industries that need great customer support


Every industry needs customer support. Customers have questions before they decide to make a purchase, need help when going through a sign-up flow and need real-time support when they’re having a problem that needs quick resolution. Multichannel Support Live Chat Customer Support

The Importance of Customer Feedback for the Food Industry


In this article we explore five reasons why you need to collect customer feedback if you work in the food industry. Articles

Taylor Reach Welcomes CX and Contact Center Industry Leader Steve Edmondson as Strategic Partner and Consultant

Taylor Reach Group

Industry-leading Customer Experience (CX) and Contact Center consulting firm, The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. His breadth and depth of experience in delivering results for a number of organizations across multiple industries is an invaluable asset in growing our team.”.

Contact Center Virtual Summit: July 7 - 27, 2019

Join us as we bring together the best contact center experts and hottest tools in the industry for you to optimize performance, hire right, and retain your best agents. These sessions will show you the strategies top people in the industry are using and recommend.

7 Call Center Best Practices from Industry Experts


The post 7 Call Center Best Practices from Industry Experts appeared first on CallMiner. It goes without saying there is no one-size-fits-all solution for how to run an efficient call center.

Handling Irate Customers in the Financial Services Industry

Contact Center Pipeline

My clients in the financial services industry are faced with these […]. “How dare you call my employer to confirm my job status!” “The The mortgage broker said my house was worth more than you think!” “My

Contact Center Industry Stats – Technology

Taylor Reach Group

Over the past few weeks, we have be posting a series related to Contact Center industry statistics. Regulators are working with the telecommunications industry to find ways to authenticate calls which would help unmask the callers. Over 80% of our Contact Center professionals expect the presence of interaction analytics to increase within the industry over the next five to ten years. Call Center Technology Call Center Tools Contact Center Industry Statistics

Six Ways To Out-Convenience Your Competition – And Maybe an Entire Industry


It’s a concept that is being embraced by smart, successful companies to disrupt their competition, and in some cases, entire industries. . And, in some cases, companies that have come up with ways to make people’s lives easier have disrupted entire industries.

Hybrid CX (Pt 3) - Why Organizations Feel Pressured To Go Digital And How To Help Them

Speaker: Errol S. van Engelen, Author, Speaker and Independent Advisor

In today’s high-pressure world, digital transformation is everywhere on the agendas of corporate boards and has risen to the top of CEOs’ strategic plans. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, and drones are some of the emerging technologies that are already transforming our world. In this fast changing domain — predicted by few and now a reality for all — how can companies transform today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities? This webinar is designed for a broad audience including business and technology professionals, as well as managers in the contact center industry. Join us if you are looking to learn why there's so much pressure to go digital, and how to successfully implement digital transformation through emerging technologies and transformation planning.

Industry Secrets Leaked – Predicting Customer Behavior!

Beyond Philosophy

The post Industry Secrets Leaked – Predicting Customer Behavior! Imagine the power of being able to predict your Customers’ behavior. It would mean that you can design an experience that plays into this behavior and creates an excellent Customer Experience that drives $$$ for you. However, reliably predicting your Customers’ behavior is going to be difficult even under the best of circumstances.

Financial Industry Compliance Requirements: Scaling for Digital Communications

Noble Systems

A recent report from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) calls attention to communications compliance violations and monitoring issues. Penalties assessed for failure to meet financial industry compliance requirements are no joke – fines can reach millions of dollars.

A promising answer in the insurance industry talent crisis


With two-thirds of working Americans anticipated to take part in the gig economy in less than 10 years, the uber-traditional industry of insurance is making inroads into this paradigm. In the gig economy, there are all kinds of challenges in navigating liabilities and industry giants are assessing how to respond. This includes the insurance industry. Industry giants already sourcing remote workers include Humana, United Health and Anthem.

What’s Holding Back the Contact Center Industry?


This is not a criticism – it’s simply the reality, an industry-wide circumstance brought about by the learning curves and rapid technological changes to the customer service space in contemporary times. Meeting the Industry Standard of Service Level.

Contact Center Cloud Migration Done Right

Speaker: Sheila McGee-Smith, Founder and Principal Analyst, McGee-Smith Analytics

Many companies are in the midst of migrating their contact center to the cloud. Understanding how best to execute the transition of premises to cloud is part of that process. Join contact center industry analyst and No Jitter blogger Sheila McGee-Smith as she discussed tried and true best practices for avoiding the potential pitfalls of CX migration.

The Importance of Customer Feedback for the Food Industry


This is a content marketing strategy that LFA Machines uses in the food industry to create new content for customers while driving traffic to their blog : You could even take this a step further by starting a podcast talking about the ideas you gathered from your surveys. .

Industry News: “Handle” With Care

Monet Software

We think so, but a recent survey by Call Centre Helper found that just 27% of industry professionals believe it’s a metric worth measuring. The post Industry News: “Handle” With Care appeared first on Monet Software.

Hotel Industry Changing Customer Service Patterns with Rise of Technology


Customer service has always been the lynchpin that determined success or failure in the hotel industry. JM: What else do you think is impacting customer service in the hotel industry?

How Digital Transformation Is Reshaping Every Industry


How Digital Transformation Is Reshaping Every Industry. How many industries can you name that have been completely reshaped by a market entrant tearing up the rules? There’s, of course, the smartphone industry. In many industries, the cost of market entry is extremely low.

Top Priorities in Customer-Centric Contact Centers

Speaker: Tony Medrano, CEO of RapportBoost.ai

Customer preferences are constantly evolving, creating the need for contact centers to change in order to meet their needs. What communication channels do customers prefer? Leading contact center and technology experts will discuss trends in phone, chat, email, SMS and self-serve options in order to help our audience better connect with, retain and acquire customers. Join Tony Medrano, CEO of RapportBoost.ai, Nate Brown, Co-Founder of CX Accelerator, and Kaye Chapman, Learning and Development Manager at Comm100, as they present real case studies of how companies are adapting to industry trends to meet the needs of customers and agents.

A Partnership for Industry-Leading Voicebot Solutions

Creative Virtual

Check out our V-Person and Spitch integration overview to learn more about how we’re bringing our technologies together to deliver industry-leading voicebot solutions. The post A Partnership for Industry-Leading Voicebot Solutions appeared first on Creative Virtual.

What Industries Can Benefit From Call Center Outsourcing?

Global Response

What Industries Can Benefit From Call Center Outsourcing? Call center outsourcing helps companies in many industries scale up their customer support capabilities fast, efficiently and cost-effectively so that they never miss a more. The post What Industries Can Benefit From Call Center Outsourcing? Global Response Blog Industry

Chatbots for the tourism industry, a multi-faceted benefit


The tourism industry, an ever-changing sector. As a consequence, the tourism industry needs to shift the way they engage with visitors and customers and travel companies need to keep seeking new ways to improve customer journey and make travel more convenient.

2017 Customer Experience Lessons from the Airline Industry…So Far


The post 2017 Customer Experience Lessons from the Airline Industry…So Far appeared first on CustomerGauge. Blog Featured Airline industry Customer experience Net Promoter Score United Airlines

Artificial Intelligence in Cloud-Based Solutions

Speaker: Rick Nucci, Co-Founder & CEO of Guru

With the advent of chatbots, artificial intelligence, interactive voice response, and machine learning, novel technologies continue to disrupt the contact center industry.

Enriching the Customer Experience Works in Any Industry

Steve DiGioia

As an industry, real estate, and property management in particular, is often viewed by consumers as being very “old school” and “behind the times”. BF : Property Management is renowned as a transient, high turnover industry with burnout a common problem.

Banking Industry: Staying Ahead of Regulations

The Northridge Group

In May 2018, the White House administration signed a piece of bi-partisan legislation that rolled back banking regulations passed in response to the 2008 financial crisis, most notably relaxing some of the Dodd-Frank requirements.

Revolutionizing Service Culture in the Healthcare Industry

Up Your Service

What’s happening in the industry? In recent years the healthcare industry has undergone – and continues to undergo—massive changes. To improve service and remain competitive in the healthcare industry: Create a new definition of service.

Industry Predictions for Business Process Outsourcing


If you are in the contact center industry, you’ve undoubtedly heard of business process outsourcing. Let’s examine business process outsourcing and the projections for this industry in the coming years. You may find that your place in this industry is not what you expected!

Creating Distinction to Improve Customer Interactions

Speaker: Scott McKain, Business Consultant, Bestselling Author, Speaker

This webinar will explore how a professional or an organization can create distinction to stand out in their industry. How does a business become so distinctive that they not only stand out in their industry, but set the benchmark for innovation, customer experience, and employee culture?