3 Trends and Challenges for the CX Industry in 2019

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Customer Experience automation call center contact center customer experience omnichannel speech analyticsIn the increasingly crowded business landscape, there are a few specific focuses that organizations can invest in to give themselves a boost in attention and customer loyalty.

Call Center Analytics and Metrics

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Analytics” is one of those terms that many business people use, even while they may disagree on its exact definition. For the purposes of this paper, we will define analytics this way: It is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Analytics can take many forms.

Adobe Leading the Industry for Customer Analytics Solutions


Adobe leads the Customer Analytics field according to the recent Q2 2018 Forrester Wave report. Adobe Analytics allows you to self-explore the data as well as using advanced analytical capability to automate insight discovery, all within a nice UI. .

What is Desktop Analytics for Contact Centers?

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Desktop analytics provides a means of analyzing how well that relationship is working, and where it could use some improvement. Desktop analytics offers call center managers a way to capture and analyze user activity at the desktop level. Analytics Blog

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

We will also talk about an industry-first, innovative way. engagement hub which consolidates omnichannel interactions, knowledge, AI, analytics, and administration into one platform. go off-script on its own, but analytics will highlight to the business.

Guest Blog: Six Ways Predictive Analytics Enhances Customer Relations


This week we feature an article by Jarrin Howard who writes about how predictive analytics can enhance customer relations. – Shep Hyken. These are common examples of sites using predictive analytics catering to individual customer preferences.

Analytics and Communications: Bridging the Gap

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Advancements in technology are pushing several industries to constantly change and evaluate their business models and practices – from updating the systems that run the internal processes to altering the ways that consumers engage with organizations. Analytics for Better Service.

Making the Most of Your Data with Customer Journey Analytics

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What is Customer Journey Analytics? It’s tricky to find a definition of Customer Journey Analytics that isn’t penned by a solutions provider hankering to sell you their reporting platform. Back to our definition of Customer Journey Analytics.

How VOC Analytics Improves Contact Center Performance

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Contact centers are big on analytics. VOC analytics complement the call center’s internal KPIs and can provide a better view of a company’s overall performance.

5 Ways Speech Analytics Helps Improve the Patient Experience


If there’s any industry that’s in the midst of a transformation, it’s healthcare. The post 5 Ways Speech Analytics Helps Improve the Patient Experience appeared first on CallMiner.

The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

Analytics. companies across all industries. analytics software provider. analytics. 29% say it is from industry and. of analytics, companies can. and text analytics. Calabrio Analytics Amazingly integrated reporting and. analytics tools that.

7 Call Center Best Practices from Industry Experts


While solutions such as speech analytics technology, agent scorecards, and social monitoring can help to improve agent performance and provide for a better customer experience, the fact of the matter is that each individual call center will need […].

How to Implement Speech Analytics – Actionable Tips from Top Industry Experts

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These tips on how to implement Speech Analytics will help you plan your onboarding better and utilize the new solution to its fullest. How to implement speech analytics” is one of the question we wished we were asked more often! Speech Analytics can be a powerful tool.

The Competitive Edge Delivered by Speech Analytics

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Whatever business you are in, whatever product or service you are selling, however many other companies are competing against you for the same customers, there’s one thing you can do right now to gain a competitive edge in your industry: add speech analytics to your contact center.

8x8 Launches Speech Analytics and Integration Framework


We have exciting new launches today including 8x8 Speech Analytics – automatically providing sentiment analysis on 100% of your customer calls; enhanced Integration framework – making it easy to embed communications into your business processes. Analytics Features.

Contact Center Industry Stats – Technology

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Over the past few weeks, we have be posting a series related to Contact Center industry statistics. Regulators are working with the telecommunications industry to find ways to authenticate calls which would help unmask the callers. Interaction Analysis: The Take-Up of Interaction Analytics Is Expected to Rise. Over 80% of our Contact Center professionals expect the presence of interaction analytics to increase within the industry over the next five to ten years.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Center Industry


artificial intelligence speech analytics contact centers Customer Service millennials NLP natural language processing chatbotsDo you remember the last time you called an 800 number and experienced the run around you get when attempting to follow the prompts? Were the menus confusing?

I feel the need, the need for speech (analytics)


Expensive, unwieldy, on-premises call recording and speech analytics software has in the past offered some solutions for specific needs which still benefit organisations today, such as word spotting, evaluation of customer sentiment and compliance.

The Case For Desktop Analytics

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While Monet is pleased to offer both speech analytics and desktop analytics solutions, we tend to focus more on speech analytics because we’re hearing more customer interest in this capability, and its adoption into forward-thinking contact centers has become mainstream over the past few years.

Sales Management Powered by Data Analytics


Sales management has always been a matter of analyzing data, analyzing human performance and deriving from those two activities a … Continue reading "Sales Management Powered by Data Analytics". The post Sales Management Powered by Data Analytics appeared first on Cincom Blog.

Sales 56

Revolutionizing Service Culture in the Healthcare Industry

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What’s happening in the industry? In recent years the healthcare industry has undergone – and continues to undergo—massive changes. To improve service and remain competitive in the healthcare industry: Create a new definition of service.

Digital Marketing & Web Analytics: Where to Advertise?

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Digital Marketing and Web Analytics. To implement an effective digital strategy, you need to track your digital marketing and web analytics. Web Analytics. Web analytics involves the process of the collection, measurement, and analysis of user activity on a website to understand and help achieve the intended objective of the website. Web analytics works alongside digital marketing. A lot of web analytics depend on digital marketing.

Contact Center Software for Transportation Industry


Key Features of HoduCC includes Automatic Call Distribution, Predictive Dialer , Auto Dialer, Real-time Analytics Reports, and many more. The post Contact Center Software for Transportation Industry appeared first on.

How to Successfully Implement Customer Journey Analytics – Part 1


Companies are increasingly benefiting from customer journey analytics across marketing and customer experience, as the results are real, immediate and have a lasting effect. Learning how to choose the best customer journey analytics platform is just the start. By Swati Sahai.

Time to Talk Seriously about Speech Analytics in the Contact Center


Get ready for the next big thing in contact center workforce optimization: Speech Analytics. Even though speech analytics was introduced to the contact center industry back in 2003, Aberdeen Group reports that only about 15% of contact centers currently use speech analytics.

The Power of Voice Analytics


Voice analytics promises to measure customer emotion in each call, differentiating between happy, frustrated and other customer moods. Voice analytics can also alert management to what is not being said.

Scouting Report: Speech Analytics Enters Its Next Act — Maturity


Scouting Report: Speech Analytics Enters Its Next Act — Maturity. The speech analytics market continues on its remarkable journey as it matures, enters middle age, and confronts a variety of new challenges. The primary issues are these: Speech analytics is not yet considered a “must-have” application; analytics-enabled quality assurance (AQA) has not caught on; real-time speech analytics has a limited number of use cases; and text analytics continues to struggle to be noticed.

Speech Analytics: Changing the Game for Contact Center Technology

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Speech Analytics allows customer support organizations to analyze audio of customer interactions for mentions of keywords or phrases, call themes, as well as the sentiment and emotions of callers. One reason for the struggle with Speech Analytics is a lack of in-house analytical talent.

Call Journey presents disruptive innovations in AI and analytics at the Genesys G-Summit Melbourne

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From back-to-back conferences and events in the United States, Call Journey, the innovator in Conversation Analytics, heads back home to Australia to attend the Genesys G-Summit which will be held at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne on July 30-31, 2019.

Contact Center Industry Stats – Contact Center Channels

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Over the next few weeks, we will be posting a series related to Contact Center industry statistics. First Contact Resolution (FCR): A 1% improvement in first Call Response = $276,000 in annual operational savings for the average Call Center (Ameyo) Improving First Contact Resolution (FCR) is viewed as the greatest benefit of interaction analytics. Contact Center professionals view improved FCR as the greatest benefit of interaction analytics, with 43.9%

Introducing Conversation Analytics: Clarity on every call


Today, we launch our Conversation Analytics suite to unlock the wealth of undiscovered insights that are contained within every single call. This is the mission objective of our Conversation Analytics suite.

3 Ways Healthcare Engagement Models Differ from Other Industries


3 Ways Healthcare Engagement Models Differ from Other Industries. Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of industry buzz about what retail can teach healthcare about engagement strategies. Austin Ridgeway, Director, HGS Healthcare.

Data Analytics: The Next Step for Regional Banks?

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Data analytics is a key component of many organizations’ strategy to improving customer service and internal processes and making decisions based on facts rather than instinct. So what is data analytics? The post Data Analytics: The Next Step for Regional Banks?

14 Ways Call Centers are Rocking Today’s Education Industry


The education industry is at crossroads, I mean the administrative costs are soaring up, the revenues are declining, and the popularity of online courses isn’t helping the growth prospect of the education institutions either.

10 Steps to Immediately Improve Customer Retention With Journey Analytics


In this post, I take an in-depth look at why customer retention matters and the ten powerful ways in which customer journey analytics can help you immediately improve customer retention. Retention can often be a confusing concept, nebulous and shifting in meaning from industry to industry.

AI, Automation and Analytics Drive Vast Improvements in Contact Centers


AI, Automation and Analytics Drive Vast Improvements in Contact Centers. Automation initiatives are priorities in most industries. Interaction analytics, comprised of speech and text analytics, allows organizations to listen to customers and prospects across voice and digital channels to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their experience. Internally, interaction analytics allows a company to monitor service quality from the customer’s perspective.

Conversation Analytics Solution at Genesys CX18

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Leading conversation analytics provider demonstrated how to effectively mine insights, emotion, and sentiment from every call to supercharge business performance. CX18 brings together the leading minds and technologies responsible for advancing the customer experience industry today.

Getting Started with Journey Analytics


Given this has become a primary differentiator for organizations across industries, understanding it is critically important. Andrew Reise’s Dan Arthur takes a look at the important elements and benefits of Journey Analytics in his recent blog.

Hero Digital Executives on Analytics, CX & Personalization

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Last year, Kristine held a session on “ Why Aren’t You Using Sitecore Analytics ” which she re-did this year because of the popularity and positive feedback she received. In her session, she shares creative ways to combine the power of Sitecore Analytics with Google Analytics.

Everything You Need to Know about Text Analytics


Instead it is the unstructured nature of the data which makes it challenging to tackle with any traditional means of analytics. This situation is where automated text analytics is brought in: it can help in sorting out the key topics talked about and reveal the general sentiment per topic.