How to Train Your Call Center Agents to Exercise Empathy


Over the lockdown period, the public turned to their phone lines looking for human support, but instead found contact centers overwhelmed and in disarray, with little time to exercise the comfort and care that today’s consumers want.

Quality Management Should Not be Seen as a Tick Box Exercise, but Rather as a CX Value Driver


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Journey Maps: Not an Exercise in Futility

CX Journey

One of the arguments against journey mapping I often hear is that it's an exercise in futility: You map. This is key to avoiding that "exercise in futility" mentality or outcome. Today's post is a modified version of a post I originally published on Touchpoint Dashboard on February 4, 2015. You put it on the wall. And nothing changes. To that I answer: " You're doing it all wrong."

How to Make Vision Writing Your Next Team Building Exercise

Toister Performance Solutions

They contact me to ask if I know of any good exercises or resources. The ultimate customer service team building exercise is writing a customer service vision. Team building seems to be a hot topic right now. I've heard from quite a few Customer Service Tip of the Week subscribers lately who are trying to create team cohesion and motivate a group of employees. There's another group of subscribers who have also contacted me.

Developing Agent Empathy Through Emotional Intelligence

Speaker: Dave Seaton CCXP, Founder & Principal at Seaton CX

Practicing empathy is a foundation of good customer service and improves customer satisfaction. How do contact center leaders assess, manage, and coach agents to show empathy? Take away exercises and job aids to improve empathy skills starting today.

Uplifting Service Book – Group Discussion Guide

Up Your Service

Uplifting Service book book discussion guide management alignment reader's guide Service Culture study guide teambuilding exerciseUplifting Service Group Discussion Guide. This complimentary Uplifting Service Discussion Guide will enable you and your team to build a stronger and more sustainable service culture. Key questions for each chapter encourage personal reflection and dynamic group discussions. Use this Discussion Guide to engage and align all the members in your team.

2 Minutes to Supreme Confidence!

Myra Golden Media

In this video, you’ll learn a 2-minute exercise that reduces the stress hormone cortisol while boosting the power hormone! The number 1 thing it takes to get customers to accept your word as final and get angry customers to back down is…CONFIDENCE.

Top 3 Trends for the Future of Contact Center Training

Contact Center Pipeline

It isn’t easy to develop training programs, implement exercises to keep your audience entertained, and make sure all the correct […]. The world of contact center training is complicated.

I’m Grading Assignments in my Master Class

Myra Golden Media

One of my students typed out the following scenario in an exercise: Situation: The delivery company and the customer feels scammed; they want their money back immediately. I’m reviewing an exercise right now from one of my students in Australia.

How to Avoid Roadblocks to Great Customer Service


This exercise, as simple as it sounds, was her way of creating a process improvement initiative that has been wildly successful. This is similar to an exercise that we do in our customer service workshops. What responses you get from Diane’s question or our workshop exercise will vary.

Don’t Ignore the Economics of Your Contact Center

Contact Center Pipeline

Not dentist-root-canal painful, more like exercising-again-after-taking-a-longer-break-than-you-should-have painful. Fair warning: Reading this article could be painful for you. But it may also give you a punch in the stomach, because I’m going to say things to you that may make you feel foolish for not seeing them before now. If you’re in call center management, you’re […]. Compensation agent pay call center contact center cost management

How to Choose the Right Customer Service Objective


Many people view customer service as a purely reactional exercise. Questions come in, answers go out. That's it. Right?

The Critical Steps to Ensure Your Program Is Not Seen As Something Soft and Fluffy

Beyond Philosophy

Perhaps more importantly, she wants these improvements to prove practical and effective rather than viewed as a “soft and fluffy” exercise that is not practical for the organization to continue to support. One of our listeners in Finland is in a pickle.

Small Improvements in Customer Service Create Big Wins


The good news is that if you haven’t done it yet, you don’t need to get to the level of detail you normally would for this exercise. This is the type of exercise that is not a “one and done.” Little successes added together make for large success down the road. Small successes add up.

12 Tips to Find Time for Coaching

Contact Center Pipeline

You wouldn’t exercise just once in a lifetime and say that you were done. Customer experience, employee engagement and sales results are driven by effective coaching. Coaching helps develop your agents’ skills. Done right, it also improves morale and employee retention. However, coaching needs to be done on a consistent basis. The same is true […]. Coaching agent development call center coaching contact center time management

5 Customer Experience Concepts your Agents Need to Know (and How to Teach Them)


An excellent way to illustrate assumptions and how their impact is the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich exercise. In this exercise, the leader will follow the instructions from the trainees precisely as they say them. Keep in mind that even this exercise has assumptions in it.

3 Tips to Achieve QA Intelligence with Your Speech Program


Since this manual exercise turns QA into an exhaustive and time-consuming routine, many businesses often end up reviewing only a 1% sampling of their calls for QA and compliance.

The Three Words that Describe Your Company


So, as we approach this year’s customer focused holiday, I want you to consider working through an exercise that will help you create a better customer service experience. Now, back to the exercise. Sounds like a simple exercise, and for some it will be. Don’t let the simplicity of this exercise fool you into thinking it is trivial or anything less than powerful. I’m very excited to share this concept with you, especially as we approach National Customer Service Week.

What’s Your Customer’s Panic Question?

Myra Golden Media

I have my workshop participants go through this exercise for at least ten issues. Do this exercise in your company, and you’ll instantly improve customer interactions. After six weeks in the hospital, we got the news that Dad would be released and that he would go to a rehab center eight miles away. Mom called me frantic, “He’s so weak, I have no idea how I’ll get your dad into the car to take him to rehab.”.

Why You Need to Treat Your Business Relationships Personally

Russel Lolacher

And to connect with people, it’s important to understand it’s an emotional exercise and it’s always taken personally. Relationships: Personal, business and customer are all the same. Sure the intent is different but when it comes down to how we make those connect, it doesn’t really matter the situation, because people are people. A friend of mine recently. The post Why You Need to Treat Your Business Relationships Personally appeared first on The Upsell.

How to gain customer service skills when you're not working

Inside Customer Service

Here are a few of my favorite exercises for building rapport, listening, and problem-solving skills. Here are three exercises you can use to practice your rapport skills while you are a customer. This exercise is called Make Their Day.

I Showed Up At My Workshop with Nothing But a 12-Foot Pole. And Here’s What Happened.

Myra Golden Media

Within seconds, the group learned that this exercise was anything but simple. We spent the rest of the workshop discussing the exercise. We jumped into the exercise without asking Myra questions, and we didn’t try to strategize together. My client’s group is not unique in how they responded to my pole exercise. Last week I facilitated a team building workshop for one of my favorite clients.

Are You Listening? Yes I Am. Great, Now Act on What You Heard from Me!

Contact Center Pipeline

I had the opportunity to participate in a team-building exercise known as the escape room. An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room for one hour and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles. Once solved within the time limit, you […]. Sponsored Posts Workforce Management call center CEM contact center customer experience management Sponsored Post WFO workforce optimization

Kick Start and Optimize Your NPS for 2017


Did you really exercise four times a week this year? How often do you keep your New Year’s resolution? Come on, be honest! Or skip the desserts and that end of day cigarette? Shh, I won’t tell. Get on with your bad self.

Compare Yourself to the Best


Even though I want you to think beyond your competition, you should still do the exercises in this step and the next. You must be able to keep up with your competition, and this exercise helps. Stop comparing yourself to the competition.

New Year’s Reflections: Celebrate Your Accomplishments


I have a little two-part exercise for you to do. The second part of the exercise is to create a plan to repeat them. I’m going to break away from my typical articles about customer service and experience and get personal.

The Big Miss! – How Organizations Overlook the Value of Emotions

Beyond Philosophy

Did you take up a hobby or a new exercise program? We undertake this exercise by asking a lot of questions. What did you do during the lockdown? Did you watch hours of news coverage hoping for some good news? Were you in the kitchen working with your sourdough starter? Or were you on the couch watching the entirety of Netflix? All were excellent pursuits, by the way, especially the bread making.

10 Takeaways Your Employees Get From My Telephone Skills Online Training

Myra Golden Media

Participate in an exercise that helps you immediately adopt and apply what you learn in this course! Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But, people will never forget how you made them feel.” ” That point right there – people will never forget how you made them feel – is why we created this course. This training is about never having your customers hang up with negative feelings about how you talked to them.

Critical Steps To Ensure Your Program Is Not Seen as Something Soft and Fluffy

Beyond Philosophy

On a recent podcast, Anna called into the I’m In a Pickle feature to use their journey mapping exercise findings effectively. In Anna’s case, I would start with a simple exercise to get the journey map off to a good and practical start.

Most People Don’t Get That They Have Internal Customers

Myra Golden Media

I do an exercise in my workshops using a 12-foot pole. People find this exercise hard. I don’t think that most people get that there are only two functions in a company. You’re either serving customers, or you’re serving someone who serves customers. There aren’t any other roles in business, as far as I’m concerned.

2020 Investments & the Customer Experience Priority

NICE inContact

It’s a daunting exercise each year to calibrate your investments for the next 12 months. As the fiscal year 2019 draws to a close, most business leaders are forced to hoist a familiar bag of bricks, the strategic plan for the year ahead.

Following the Shot In


We’re just out there to get some exercise and have fun. Much of my life is spent traveling. Lately, I’ve been home more than usual, along with most other people in the era of COVID-19. When I am home, I play hockey three or four times a week.

Best Practices For A Powerful Professional Network


Your network is like a muscle--it gets stronger as you exercise it. ?For The pace is faster today. Decisions are bigger. Where are you getting reliable insight and answers? We often say that the most powerful-- and underutilized-- tool in the contact center is your professional network.

Your Emergency Response Plan—Be Prepared


For some cases, you may consider repeating these training exercises and drills every six months. One of our Shepard Letter subscribers, Tom Korff, wrote in with an important question: how should customer support agents handle callers who are threatening to harm themselves and/or others?

Three Prerequisites to Setting Net Promoter® Targets


This is not a trivial exercise. What gets measured, gets done, or so the saying attributed to the great management guru Peter Drucker goes. At some point in your best practice Net Promoter implementation, you are going to want to, in fact need to, start setting NPS targets for your staff and organisation. There are […]. The post Three Prerequisites to Setting Net Promoter® Targets appeared first on Genroe. Net Promoter Score Action Planning and Implementation NPS Goal Setting

How to Prep Employees For a Return to the Office


But because companies are still, a year later, dealing with the logistical challenges of the sudden shift to remote work, many haven’t yet focused on the post-pandemic change management exercise of returning all—or parts—of their workforce to office hubs.

Write Your Company’s Bestselling Customer Service Book


One of the most popular exercises we share with our clients is something called the Moments of Magic Card®. However, for the purpose of this exercise, only one example is needed. Here is an idea that just about any organization can do – write a book. But, not just any book. A customer service book, written by your employees, featuring great customer service experiences, for both internal customers and external customers.

Guest Post: 5 Inevitable Tips That Can Ensure a Superb Customer Experience


The firm provided it for free to policyholders who performed the planned exercise regularly for two years. Consumers who completed the exercise target for the month did not have to pay the watch’s monthly installment.

Developing a Quality Mindset Through an Internal Self Assessment Program


Not only is the adherence to procedures, controls, and regulations evaluated, but “good business practices” are celebrated and socialized, relationships are built and developed, and the collaborative exercise serves as a career development and learning opportunity for associates.

CCNG 195

WATCH NOW: Customer Journey Mapping: Which Touchpoints Really Matter? | PeopleMetrics LIVE!


Customer journey mapping is an important part of measuring the customer experience, but getting started with this exercise can feel overwhelming. Customer Journey Mapping: Which Touchpoints Really Matter?