How to Make Vision Writing Your Next Team Building Exercise

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They contact me to ask if I know of any good exercises or resources. The ultimate customer service team building exercise is writing a customer service vision. Team building seems to be a hot topic right now.

Journey Maps: Not an Exercise in Futility

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One of the arguments against journey mapping I often hear is that it's an exercise in futility: You map. This is key to avoiding that "exercise in futility" mentality or outcome.

Uplifting Service Book – Group Discussion Guide

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Uplifting Service book book discussion guide management alignment reader's guide Service Culture study guide teambuilding exerciseUplifting Service Group Discussion Guide.

Uplifting Service Book – Group Discussion Guide

Up Your Service

Uplifting Service book discussion guide management alignment reader's guide Service Culture study guide teambuilding exerciseUplifting Service Group Discussion Guide.

Don’t Ignore the Economics of Your Contact Center

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Not dentist-root-canal painful, more like exercising-again-after-taking-a-longer-break-than-you-should-have painful. Fair warning: Reading this article could be painful for you.

What’s Your Customer’s Panic Question?

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I have my workshop participants go through this exercise for at least ten issues. Do this exercise in your company, and you’ll instantly improve customer interactions.

Why You Need to Treat Your Business Relationships Personally

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And to connect with people, it’s important to understand it’s an emotional exercise and it’s always taken personally. Relationships: Personal, business and customer are all the same.

10 Takeaways Your Employees Get From My Telephone Skills Online Training

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Participate in an exercise that helps you immediately adopt and apply what you learn in this course! Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But, people will never forget how you made them feel.”

I Showed Up At My Workshop with Nothing But a 12-Foot Pole. And Here’s What Happened.

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Within seconds, the group learned that this exercise was anything but simple. We spent the rest of the workshop discussing the exercise. We jumped into the exercise without asking Myra questions, and we didn’t try to strategize together.

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of July 1, 2019


My Comment: Journey mapping is a powerful exercise that all companies should practice. This excellent article breaks down the process with six steps that it takes to work through this important exercise.

The Three Words that Describe Your Company


So, as we approach this year’s customer focused holiday, I want you to consider working through an exercise that will help you create a better customer service experience. Now, back to the exercise. Sounds like a simple exercise, and for some it will be.

Most People Don’t Get That They Have Internal Customers

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I do an exercise in my workshops using a 12-foot pole. People find this exercise hard. I don’t think that most people get that there are only two functions in a company. You’re either serving customers, or you’re serving someone who serves customers.

Kick Start and Optimize Your NPS for 2017


Did you really exercise four times a week this year? How often do you keep your New Year’s resolution? Come on, be honest! Or skip the desserts and that end of day cigarette? Shh, I won’t tell. Get on with your bad self.

Journey Mapping in the Contact Center: 6 Insights to Maximize the Value

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During the rollout of this new style guide, we selected an issue type or contact driver that frequently aggravates customers, leading to dissatisfaction, and facilitated a journey mapping exercise to see the before, during, and after for that particular issue type.

What is Digital Transformation?

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We now live in a world where our fridges can order food, our wearables can track and analyse our exercise habits, and we can receive updates about important events right as they’re happening.

Start. Stop. Continue — three Powerful Words for Goal-Setting, Process Improvement, and Self-Improvement.

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My Start, Stop, Continue activity is a goal setting and reflection exercise in one. I end all of my customer service workshops by asking participants to write down three words. Start, Stop, and Continue.

Contact Center Supervisor Training – Contact Center Fitness Boot Camp

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Each day, for 14 days virtual campers can access a new video in their Private Facebook Community with instructions and an opportunity to share their experience, learning, exercising, and to get motivated with other boot campers.

Write Your Company’s Bestselling Customer Service Book


One of the most popular exercises we share with our clients is something called the Moments of Magic Card®. However, for the purpose of this exercise, only one example is needed. Here is an idea that just about any organization can do – write a book. But, not just any book.

You Didn’t Know a 12-foot Pole Could Teach You This

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Within seconds, the group learned that this exercise was anything but simple. The exercise is astonishingly hard. One of the goals for my customer service training in Cerritos, California yesterday was to help employees follow-up with colleagues, to close the loop so that everybody was up to date on what’s being done to fix issues for customers. I designed a short lecture and a small group discussion to address this.

ForeSee Helps Life Fitness Ramp Up Customer Experience Analytics


When Life Fitness wanted to step up its online efforts and relaunch its website, the exercise equipment manufacturer turned to ForeSee. Life Fitness knew it needed a partner with a. The post ForeSee Helps Life Fitness Ramp Up Customer Experience Analytics appeared first on ForeSee.

On-Demand Webinar: Lessons for HR in Building a Service Excellence Culture

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Getting all stakeholders onboard and driving cultural change is a difficult exercise. Launching transformative initiatives is one step close to bringing change, but sustaining them is the more difficult exercise.

Jenny Dempsey to Speak at ZenDesk Relate Conference

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You’ll be guided through an interactive exercise that can pinpoint an area in your life needing more attention. In order to take the best care of others, we must first take the best care of ourselves. jennysuedempsey.

2019 XM Trends From Qualtrics Thought Leaders

Customer Experience Matters

It was a great exercise. This is the time of year for holiday cheer, family celebrations, and, of course, listings of annual trends! To help me identify trends for 2019, I reached out to some of the many thought leaders across Qualtrics and asked them to share one or two of the top experience management (XM) trends they are expecting to see in the coming year.

Core Values are Decision Filters


It was Tony Hsieh’s book that inspired Hopkins to write his own culture book, which is a great exercise for an organization to consider. I’m honored to be the keynote speaker later this year at Office Pride , a franchisor of commercial cleaning service companies.

Here’s a Training Activity for Empathy In Customer Service

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I’m giving you the actual exercise I gave to the employees in the customer service training I delivered this morning, along with the discussion questions I used.

Why you’ll never be a unicorn great at all 10 CX traits

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At the recent Qualtrics X4 event, we took a group of about 40 B2B CX professionals through a self-evaluation exercise. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as Steve Walker says in our bonus 10 Traits Recap podcast episode, “it would take a pretty special brand of unicorn.” And guess what? Continue reading. The post Why you’ll never be <del>a unicorn</del> great at all 10 CX traits appeared first on CX Advantage.

B2B 52

The Traits That Make for Good Customer Service


There is an exercise we occasionally do in our workshops. My suggestion is to have a group of employees go through the exercise of listing all of the traits they can think of, both attitudes and skills.

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Coaching Problem Employees

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A 2-minute Exercise to Help You Feel Confident and Powerful Before Having Tough Talks. One of the things I’m working on for you in 2019 is giving you tools to help you coach your employees and hold them accountable, so they’re positioned to deliver the best possible customer experience.

How To Build Your Customer Listening Skills

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This short post will share some straightforward training exercises you can use to improve your customer listening, or help the people on your team. Listening Skills Training Here are a few exercises that can help you take your listening skills to the next level.

Simple Guidance for Designing Your Quality Monitoring Program (8 Steps)

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Know that developing standards and objectives will be a lengthy, challenging exercise. Are you designing or redesigning a Quality Monitoring Program for your organization right now?

Why Contact Center Solutions Should Prioritize the Agent Experience


What if you had to switch between five different notebooks for your daily journaling exercise – only writing a sentence in each? Think about your morning routine, and pick out a single task. What if it took transferring your morning cup of coffee to three different mugs before you could drink it? Now, think about [.]. Read More. The post Why Contact Center Solutions Should Prioritize the Agent Experience appeared first on Sharpen Contact Center Software. Customer Experience

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of May 27, 2019


Even if you’re not in the restaurant business, this is such a clear example, you’ll be able to see the benefits and opportunities your organization will have if you choose to go through this valuable exercise.

Lesson #7: CX Is NOT The Same As Customer Service. Know The Difference.


At PeopleMetrics, we use an exercise called touchpoint mapping to help our clients distinguish between CX and CS. The following is an excerpt from Listen Or Die by Sean McDade, PhD. Customer service (CS) is critical for delivering a great customer experience (CX).

Ignore This At Your Peril: How Customers Decide

Beyond Philosophy

For example, you meet someone who eats vegan, so you assume they also exercise on a regular basis because your sister is a vegan and she is (obnoxiously) health conscious and exercises all the time. You want your Customers to buy from you – obviously!

This Business Book Was So Good That I Took 41 Pages of Notes

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For this self-improvement exercise, I’ve attended a webinar, read a book, watched a Ted Talk, or sat with a mentor over coffee. Every week I silo for three uninterrupted hours to invest in myself.

The 3 Trends Customer Experience Professionals Can’t Afford to Ignore

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This exercise will not reveal the real reasons customers decided to buy. . The Three Trends You Can’t Ignore in CX Today. As a Customer Experience professional, understanding three trends today is imperative.

8 Ways to Refresh Your Support Teams’ Customer Service Training – Part 1

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2 Role Play Exercise. To learn how to develop empathy for rude or demanding customers, perform the role play exercise with the steps listed below. This is the first instalment of a 2-part blog from our new guest blogger Jason Grills – welcome Jason!

5 Little Tricks To Get Customers To Accept Your Word As Final

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This exercises gave us immediate responses to the most challenging interactions, and it boosted the confidence of the entire team.

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of January 14, 2019


Here’s a nice article that has several good ideas to help you take advantage of the work you put into the journey map exercise. Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week.

CX and EX (Customer Experience and Employee Experience)


In many of our customer service workshops, we do an exercise where the participants answer a powerful question that helps them understand what makes them different: Why should someone do business with us?