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Guest Blog: 7 Ways to Enhance Your Customer Experience with Live Chat


You could be answering a prospect who has questions about a product, or a customer requiring technical support. When delivering technical support, be sure to have tested the solution you’re recommending. Share documentation . Be Confident and knowledgeable. Always be sure of the advice you’re giving.

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How To Outsource Website Development Project?


Technical requirements around integrations, performance needs, security standards, etc. All this becomes the product specification document that outsourced vendors would refer to build and test against. Assess technical support mechanisms, post-launch maintenance services, etc. are also vital to specify upfront.


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Help phone customers faster with visual communication

Toister Performance Solutions

This technique works really well when you and your customer can both look at the same thing, such as a website or a document. Technical support teams can use Birdie to enable customers to share a screen capture video when they submit a ticket. I can share a video link in situations where I can’t attach a picture or a video.

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Outsourcing Tech Support: Meeting the Challenges of Remote Work

Global Response

That’s precisely why so many companies are outsourcing tech support. Let’s look into the benefits and challenges of outsourcing remote work tech support to understand it better. It comes with a host of benefits: Access to support from anywhere, at any time Remote workers love the ability to work whenever, wherever.

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The True Remote IT Support Cost & How to Optimize this Necessary Expense


Seven in ten workers said that they experienced two or more technical issues that required IT assistance while working remotely. . This means that companies must prioritize reliable round-the-clock remote IT technical support for their teams. . IT Support Services Prices aren’t Cheap. print the document they need. .

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The New Definition of Employee Empowerment

Toister Performance Solutions

Here's a quick story that illustrates the challenge with this definition: A technical support rep, let's call him Scott, was empowered to take as long as necessary to help a customer solve an issue. Yet there wasn't a good way for Janet to document this best practice or share her innovation with Scott.

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100 Integrations and Counting: Celebrating Our Partner Ecosystem


We encourage developers’ innovations and creativity with thorough documentation, dedicated technical support, and reliable collaboration from start to finish. Here’s what Darren Heaphy , Head of Product at eDesk , had to say about building with Aircall: “The integration itself was effortless.

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