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Guest Post: Is Your Customer Journey Aligned with Brand Expectations? If Not, It Could Be Costing You Sales


And in today’s digital age, customer service is now more important than ever before. So how can you make sure that your customer journey is aligned with your brand expectations? And more importantly, how can you ensure that it’s not costing you sales? What do customers expect from contact centers? .

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Five Best Customer Retention Software Solutions for Customer Success


Customer Retention Software Cuts Down Client Churn. Customer retention software has become essential for effective SaaS customer success strategies. A winning SaaS business model must prioritize retaining customers, which is far more cost-efficient than acquiring new clients to offset churn.


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How Outbound Call Center Services Elevate Customer Retention?


Most organizations generally use these different tactics such as outbound call center services for customer retention in the long run and to enhance the entire sales process. Almost 68% of the customers believe that a company should check the taste and preference and then modify the experiences.

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Top 7 Customer Retention Tools for SaaS Businesses to Keep Customers Hooked


Discover great customer retention tools and empower customer satisfaction. Losing customers is something that every business fears. Considering that the SaaS industry is a competitive one, customer retention is crucial. What is Customer Retention? Why is Customer Retention Critical for SaaS?

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Outrun Your Competition: Best Practices for Accelerating Sales Processes

Longer sales cycles. Every go-to-market team knows the frustrations that come from a drawn-out sales process. By building a modern GTM motion that uses data, automation, and proven best practices to unlock insights, engage customers, and win faster. Larger buying committees. Slow-moving compliance reviews.

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40 Customer Retention Statistics You Need to Know


Learn about the top two customer surveys for predicting and increasing customer retention. Anytime a customer cuts ties, you experience the negative impact of customer churn. Here are 40 customer retention statistics that reinforce the growing need for customer experience management.

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4 simple strategies for improving customer retention


By emphasizing customer retention as a key performance indicator (KPI) for your business, you can ensure your priorities are in the right place. What’s your customer retention rate? Before you can focus on improving customer retention, you must benchmark how you’re currently doing in this department.

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Sales Effectiveness: The B2B Sales Leader's Guide

This guide is designed to help today’s B2B sales leaders ramp up their effectiveness in any economic environment. You’ll get a deep dive on: Proven methods for warming up cold calls Coaching points for responding to price pressure early and often Front-line examples of how to win the battle for customer retention