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How Online Communities Create Customer Advocacy and Retention


How Online Communities Create Customer Advocacy and Retention. This is a guest post by Danielle Juson is a Customer Success Community expert at inSided. Isn’t it great when you have a customer that not only keeps using your product, but shouts about how great it is too? Make a great first impression from the start.

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Guest Post: 5 Reasons Why Customer Experience is the Pulse of Every Business


This week we feature an article by Jafar Sadhik, a digital marketer in the fields of SaaS tools, data management, and finance management. He writes about how customer experience can determine the lifeline of a business. It is the volume of customers that makes the difference to a considerable extent.


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Top Considerations for Developing Your Customer Feedback Loop


Asking for customer feedback is far and away one of the best tools in any SaaS organization’s arsenal for improving and optimizing the customer experience. After all, your customers are your best sounding board because they live the customer relationship every day. Why customer feedback is important.

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Acing Omnichannel Support in SaaS


Looking at customer experience (CX) and churn in the SaaS environment from a high level, there’s one theme that stands out from the mix: The fact that we live in what’s called a “switching economy.”. It can be a major driver of customer churn—and it’s already creating an incredible economic deficit in the US.

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Is the SaaS business equivalent to “girl math”?

Education Services Group

The post Is the SaaS business equivalent to “girl math”? You’re making money when you return laptops for refunds after laying people off – free money! My Tesla is basically free because I never have to pay for gas (credit to Stephen Colbert) Disclaimer : other than ego, no bros were injured during the writing and reading of this piece.

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Tips for Setting Up Your Customer Advisory Board (CAB)


What is a Customer Advisory Board (CAB)? A Customer Advisory Board (CAB) is a powerful tool for SaaS companies to maximize customer success. It helps drive better relationships between customers and the company, ensure customer satisfaction, and increase loyalty. finding and managing a core customer base.

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8 Excellent Customer Success Techniques to Increase your Recurring Revenue.


Every SaaS business lives and breathes by reducing churn and increasing recurring revenue. Monthly Recurring Revenue is a SaaS metric that you should be tracking in order to see where your SaaS business stands. This blog focuses on the excellent customer success techniques that will help you improve your recurring revenue.