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Amazon SageMaker model parallel library now accelerates PyTorch FSDP workloads by up to 20%

AWS Machine Learning

In particular, we cover the SMP library’s new simplified user experience that builds on open source PyTorch Fully Sharded Data Parallel (FSDP) APIs, expanded tensor parallel functionality that enables training models with hundreds of billions of parameters, and performance optimizations that reduce model training time and cost by up to 20%.

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Let’s talk about Chat GPT in the Contact Center


Initially Fred helps define how Chat GPT will be useful using API's along with Adam's caution of betting on operational efficiency and accuracy too quickly - “I thought the most fascinating part for me was some members shared they have used ChatGPT for 1 to 1 functions but none has started using it commercially. says Fred.


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How to Create an Interactive Scavenger Hunt with Nexmo’s SMS and Voice API


And thus I thought it’d be fun to design and build something with Nexmo’s Voice and SMS APIs to do just that. Replace the API Key, API Secret, App ID, and your Nexmo Number. The post How to Create an Interactive Scavenger Hunt with Nexmo’s SMS and Voice API appeared first on Nexmo Developer Blog.

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Optimize AWS Inferentia utilization with FastAPI and PyTorch models on Amazon EC2 Inf1 & Inf2 instances

AWS Machine Learning

If the model changes on the server side, the client has to know and change its API call to the new endpoint accordingly. Clone the Github repository The GitHub repo provides all the scripts necessary to deploy models using FastAPI on NeuronCores on AWS Inferentia instances. code as the entry point. compiled-model-bs-{batch_size}.pt')

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Get smarter search results with the Amazon Kendra Intelligent Ranking and OpenSearch plugin

AWS Machine Learning

Amazon Kendra Intelligent Ranking application programming interface (API) – The functions from this API are used to perform tasks related to provisioning execution plans and semantic re-ranking of your search results. Create and start OpenSearch using the Quickstart script. Download the

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Transaction Risk API – Why we built it (Blog 1 of 3)

Whitepages Pro

Our latest product innovation, Transaction Risk API , was officially launched a couple of weeks ago at Merchant Risk Council (MRC) 2019. Introducing our Transaction Risk API. The Transaction Risk API was built by data scientists for data scientists and designed for easy integration into models. The new era or “Fraud 3.0”

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Use the Amazon SageMaker and Salesforce Data Cloud integration to power your Salesforce apps with AI/ML

AWS Machine Learning

When a version of the model in the Amazon SageMaker Model Registry is approved, the endpoint is exposed as an API with Amazon API Gateway using a custom Salesforce JSON Web Token (JWT) authorizer. frameworks to restrict client access to your APIs. For API Name , leave as default (it’s automatically populated).

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