Take Self-Service Up Another Notch

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Self-Service AI analytics API application programming interfaces artificial intelligence biometrics bots call center contact center Knowledge Management natural language technology optimizationIf you’re like me, you may waffle between excitement and cynicism over self-service (SS).

8x8 Launches Speech Analytics and Integration Framework


We have exciting new launches today including 8x8 Speech Analytics – automatically providing sentiment analysis on 100% of your customer calls; enhanced Integration framework – making it easy to embed communications into your business processes. Analytics Features.

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3scale and Pivotal® Announce Self-serve API Management Solution Via Pivotal Web Services (PWS) Platform

Natalie Petouhof

Tweet Managing your API’s has become a very complicated endeavor. If your role to is manage API’s it’s important to figure out how to automate that process. Today 3scale and Pivotal ® announced that the 3scale self-serve API management solution is available through the Pivotal Web Services (PWS) platform. Reducing the effort required to manage API’s can be keep to using resources in other ways that are not as easily automated.

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Smarter Analytics with Adobe Launch


Analytics implementations can be difficult to develop and maintain without the proper tools. Some businesses try to implement analytics calls on individual buttons or other user behaviors in their frontend codebase. AEM Analytics Blog User Experience Web Development

Capital One Announces Launch of DevExchange / Offers New APIs

Natalie Petouhof

Foundational things like: APIs that matter, are easy to integrate and are standards-based. A place where they can easily test their concepts, have robust test data analytics and get instant access to prove their ideas. It isn’t just about APIs, SDKs or toolkits. Customer Experience Customer Service Dr. Natalie's Blog Technology @drnatalie API Business Capital One DevExchange Community customer service finance natalie petouhoff SDK technologyTweet.

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Setting Up Your Google Analytics Filters

CallSource Insights

How to setup some of the most common Google Analytics filters and how you can use them to customize your own view filters and organize your traffic for marketing success. Setting up Google Analytics is simple: you add the script to the right place on your website and you are good to go.

The Top Reports to Look at in Google Analytics

CallSource Insights

If you’re a smart marketer, you’re already using Google Analytics to aid in your marketing decisions. But sometimes Google Analytics reports can get overwhelming. What makes a report in Google Analytics Important? those are all the different users according to Google Analytics.

Innovative Ways to Use Adobe Analytics


There is so much more that software like Adobe Analytics can do to help organizations realize better insights from a wider array of data. Adobe Analytics is an extremely powerful tool, with many out of the box capabilities that organizations can leverage. Many popular video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Brightcove have an API you can tap into but it’s often hard to capture and record video’s analytics data to know if the videos are successful.

How to Successfully Implement Customer Journey Analytics


By Swati Sahai Companies are increasingly benefiting from customer journey analytics across marketing and customer experience, as the results are real, immediate and have a lasting effect. Learning how to choose the best customer journey analytics platform is just the start.

Elevate Your Call Center’s Performance with Speech Analytics


Leveraging today’s innovative speech recognition technology and predictive analytics is the key to creating a customer-centric culture in the call center. The post Elevate Your Call Center’s Performance with Speech Analytics appeared first on Talkdesk.

Elevate Your Call Center’s Performance with Speech Analytics


Leveraging today’s innovative speech recognition technology and predictive analytics is the key to creating a customer-centric culture in the call center. The post Elevate Your Call Center’s Performance with Speech Analytics appeared first on Talkdesk.

Challenges of Unlocking Recording Data for Speech Analytics


According to leading independent research organizations, AI-fueled speech analytics has become a mission-critical application for contact centers intent on improving the customer experience and unlocking a treasure trove of hidden value.

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Essentials of Cloud Contact Centers

Noble Systems

Advanced analytics. Speech analytics is another essential for cloud contact centers. Real-time analytics platforms can also provide agents with next-best-action prompts based on what the customer says or an expressed sentiment. Robust APIs for integration.

Selecting the Right Recorder to Power your Speech Analytics


Speech analytics can help your contact center and business garner invaluable customer intelligence which you can use to dramatically enhance service, increase sales conversion percentages, understand buying behaviors, rescue defecting customers and so much more.

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Verint Launches Updated WFO Suite


DestinationCRM.com recently spotlighted Verint’s announcement that it has significantly updated its Enterprise Workforce Optimization suite, which includes major enhancements to mobile apps, an omnichannel recording platform, and embedded real-time analytics. The suite also expands automatic call distributor (ACD) neutrality, supporting all leading on-premises and cloud ACD suppliers, with an open application programming interface (API) library.

Dr. Natalie’s Research Agenda and Published Research

Natalie Petouhof

Digital Transformation: Customer Engagement, CRM, Innovation, Customer Experience, Customer Service, The Cloud and Analytics. • ROI Of Customer Service & Customer Experience. • Tweet If you are wondering what I have been up to lately, I thought I would put all the research I have published into one place. Here’s a list of Dr. Natalie’s completed and published research and soon to be published content!

Halo Smart Labs Develops a Smarter Smoke Alarm: IoT at It’s Best

Natalie Petouhof

Tweet Having lived in Louisville, Kentucky I have experience my share of tornados. So just have a better warning signal for that in itself would have been wonderful.

Summary of Key Findings

Enghouse Interactive

Open API’s and standards based applications simplify future enhancements/evolution and related ongoing support activities as well. Webinar Recorded: Thursday, July 11 th 2019. Replay. We hope that you enjoyed our Expert Webinar and benefited from the information John Cray (Enghouse Interactive) and Art Schoeller (Forrester Research) shared with you.

DeveloperWeek learnings: growing up and away from free tools

Whitepages Pro

While free tools (such as Google Maps API) can provide lift and momentum to a growing startup, at some point—for the sake of long-term growth and profitability—startups will have to graduate to paid solutions. Whitepages Pro offers APIs for validating data, appending information, and verifying identities. APIs Fraud Risk MarketplacesIn many ways, technology is a great equalizer.

Whitepages Pro Joins Twilio’s Developer Marketplace as Premier Twilio Add-on Partner

Whitepages Pro

Today, Twilio announced that they have launched a new Marketplace where developers and businesses can easily access partner technologies that have been pre-integrated with the Twilio API. We are featuring three Whitepages Pro API products for real-time call/SMS integration or post-call analytics, as Add-ons within the Twilio Marketplace. These three APIs include: Caller Identification API : identifies any unknown caller’s full name, demographics, address, and more.

Cloud-Based ACDs and Dialers Come of Age

DMG Consulting

The “platform as a service” paradigm, which essentially leverages application programming interfaces (APIs) to build out functional capabilities, makes it easier to build your own solution (BYOS). This has been the case for the past 40 years, but now the vendors are adding analytics, big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) to help companies work smarter instead of harder. Cloud-Based ACDs and Dialers Come of Age.

Communities Add Business Value: Verint Advances Customer Engagement Optimization Portfolio with New Release of Telligent Social Community Software

Natalie Petouhof

Addition of Intelligent Content Management and Moderation Capabilities: Also new to the Telligent Community is the introduction of analytics, user reputation and abuse reporting to enhance and simplify workflow associated with moderating content and users.

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F8: News From the Conference

Natalie Petouhof

Live API : They are opening the API so developers can design even more ways for people and publishers to interact and share in real time on Facebook. The Messenger Send / Receive API will support not only sending and receiving text, but also images and interactive rich bubbles containing multiple calls-to-action. Tweet F8 2016 kicked, with a packed house of more than 2,600 people and hundreds of thousands of people watching via Facebook Live.

Alexa, How are My SLAs Doing?

NICE inContact

The company continues to develop innovative applications, from integrating with its proprietary reporting platform, Omegalytics, to harnessing the power of CXone APIs to broadcast SLA performance through Amazon Alexa and other devices.

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Has The Age of George Jetson IoT Time Come? Alex Was the Star of CES

Natalie Petouhof

Alexa is always getting smarter with new capabilities and services through machine learning, regular API updates, feature launches, and custom skills from the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK.) The AVS API is a programming language agnostic service that makes it easy to integrate Alexa into your devices, services, and applications. Tweet Alexa Voice Service (AVS) is the software that allows owners to control compatible devices with their voice.

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Local Motor’s Self-Driving Vehicle Taps the Power of IBM Watson

Natalie Petouhof

The platform leverages four Watson developer APIs: Speech to Text. Analytics of Everything Artificial Intelligence CIO Cloud Computing Crossing the Chasm Customer Experience Digital Disruption digital transformation Dr. Natalie's Blog Innovation Internet of Analytics Internet of Things IOT Leadership Machine Learning The Cloud @constellationr @drnatalie Constellation Research IBM Watson IoT Local Motors natalie petouhoff Self-Driving Cars the Internet of things

Bringing Reality to the Cognitive Contact Center

Cisco - Contact Center

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Analytics, and Collaboration Create Cognitive Experiences in the Contact Center. This powerful combination of AI, APIs, data analytics, contact center, and collaboration technology is the unique value Cisco brings to our customers. Collaboration #CLUS ai analytics customer experience artificial intelligence Cisco Live Cognitive Collaboration contact center data

Customer Experience Management: Are You Optimizing CX Journeys?

Upstream Works

Customer Experience Management is the means by which an organization captures, measures, evaluates, and acts on all customer experiences, across all touchpoints on the customer journey. There are so many different types of customer experiences today compared to even ten years ago.

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13 Call Recording Reports You Should Be Generating


To take advantage of some of these report ideas, you need to integrate (easily with an open API) a third-party speech analytics solution with your call recorder. Focus of Call Recording Reports: [Does not require speech analytics.]. Requires speech analytics.].

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The Power of Voice in your Outbound Omni-Channel Strategy


Call recording and speech analytics capabilities enable campaign designers (call center managers, inside sales directors, marketing managers, etc.) When selecting a call recording and speech analytics system, look for these capabilities to help you optimize your outbound campaigns: 1.

CXone Cloud Contact Center Software Helps Energy Company Soar

NICE inContact

The fully managed solution includes a customized integration of CXone with Google Analytics that uses CXone APIs.

Overwhelmed by needing to modernize your contact center? Start here.

NICE inContact

What’s the incremental value of QM (quality management), WFM (workforce management), Analytics, and API (applied programming interfaces) to the performance of my contact center? At some point, every contact center faces the stark reality of needing to modernize. You may still be spending hours creating reports on spreadsheets. You’ve got teams of agents but only rudimentary quality monitoring. Maybe you’re offering limited channel choices, even voice only.

4 Key Strategies for Effective Customer Experience Management

Upstream Works

Actionable Insights, Customer Journey Analytics, and Platform for Growth. When we speak of Customer Experience (CX) and strategies for improving it, we need to clearly define the inherent business value.

Guest Blog: Don’t Waste My Precious Time


Insight technologies that deliver personalization and predictive analytics. Standardized web services and APIs for federating silos of data and connecting applications ease integration.

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Why Tech Start-Ups Should Start Their Customer Journeys Early

Aria Solutions

Followed by collecting information about the product usage (analytics). There are more and more start-ups in the tech industry every year. They have become an integral part of our business landscape, driving innovation and entrepreneurship.

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The Role Of AI In Customer Experience


AI and customer journey analytics are key components in assembling businesses with One Voice, joined across silos and touchpoints. Data unification is a must for any type of behavioral analytics. The world would be a beautiful place if all touchpoint data was available through APIs.

It's "Game Over" for your DX if you Think it's Just About Digital


To learn more about a voice-enabled cloud contact center platform that drives digital transformation by improving CX, organizational efficiency and reporting insights using dynamic IVR, CTI, AI, advanced analytics, and API-driven integrations, contact info@3clogic.com.

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Accelerate CX Innovation with an Open Development Platform

NICE inContact

Analytics. These specialized CX services are accessible via development-friendly API’s. If you are a software developer then you’re familiar with the adage “code once, use everywhere”. Code reuse saves time.

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DMG Consulting Releases 2018 – 2019 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Product and Market Report

DMG Consulting

Who: DMG Consulting LLC, a leading provider of contact center, back-office and real-time analytics market research and consulting services. Background: DMG Consulting LLC , a leading provider of contact center, back-office and real-time analytics market research and consulting services, today released its 2018 – 2019 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report. DMG Consulting Releases 2018 – 2019 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Product and Market Report.

Seamless Customer Experience Requires Smart Integrations

Upstream Works

Some are to serve customers within a specific vertical, others provide agents with access to information, some help management with operations like workforce scheduling, and still others provide analytics and reports.