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Speech Analytics: Garbage in, Garbage Out


This is the only way to ensure your speech analytics solution is adequately interpreting and transcribing both your agents and your customers. REAL TIME - Does your recording solution capture call audio in a real-time streaming manner so your transcription and analytics engine can process the call as it happens, or post-call?

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Intelligent document processing with AWS AI and Analytics services in the insurance industry: Part 2

AWS Machine Learning

We also look into how to further use the extracted structured information from claims data to get insights using AWS Analytics and visualization services. We highlight on how extracted structured data from IDP can help against fraudulent claims using AWS Analytics services. Amazon Redshift is another service in the Analytics stack.


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Best Software for Speech Analytics


Speech analytics software analyses live or recorded calls and interpret emotional indicators. Speech analytics software uses artificial intelligence to analyze spoken language similar to voice recognition software. What is Speech analytics? Significance of Speech Analytics. Some Best Speech Analytics Software.

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Facebook’s Conversion API – what marketers need to know


So, in autumn 2021, when Facebook partnered up with Amazon and launched the Conversion API Gateway, it was a very exciting day for Facebook advertisers. When talking Facebook and data, you’re likely to come across two key models – the Conversion API Gateway and the Facebook Pixel, but what’s the difference?

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Build an Amazon SageMaker Model Registry approval and promotion workflow with human intervention

AWS Machine Learning

ML Engineer at Tiger Analytics. The solution uses AWS Lambda , Amazon API Gateway , Amazon EventBridge , and SageMaker to automate the workflow with human approval intervention in the middle. The approver approves the model by following the link in the email to an API Gateway endpoint.

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The Comprehensive Guide to NICE CXone’s Latest AI-Driven Release


Enlighten Actions: Beyond Analytics Enlighten Actions represents a significant advancement in AI-driven analytics, providing unprecedented insights into customer interactions and agent performance. While the full Studio application is not all there yet, it is a significant step in the right direction and sorely needed.

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Build a foundation model (FM) powered customer service bot with agents for Amazon Bedrock

AWS Machine Learning

The action is an API that the model can invoke from an allowed set of APIs. Action groups are mapped to an AWS Lambda function and related API schema to perform API calls. Customers converse with the bot in natural language with multiple steps invoking external APIs to accomplish subtasks.

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