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Importance of Technical Support in Online Casinos: Tasks and Problems

CSM Magazine

This is where technical support comes to the rescue. The purpose of this article is to highlight the important but often underestimated role of the technical support service within an online casino. That is the role of technical support. This may be due to technical problems or incorrect data entry.

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Top 6 Reasons to use technical support call center outsourcing

Quality Contact Solutions

It’s not uncommon for organizations to look towards outsourcing to support business demands that it cannot handle. This could be sales, accounting, customer service, payroll and general human resource management. Why would technical support be any different? Building a solid IT support team is hard to do and to maintain.


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Guest Post: How Can PR Crisis Management Shape Customer Experiences?


This week we feature an article by David Tattersall, Head of Client Relations at Handpicked Accountants , an online network housing the best-performing accountants across the UK. Separate technical support from core marketing accounts. American Red Cross – #gettngslizzerd.

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Why engaging HR, Finance, Legal, and IT to embrace the customer is vital!

Beyond Philosophy

However, the reality is that Finance makes many subjective decisions regarding how to account for costs, what comprises a benefit, and how to estimate these amounts, to name a few. Suppose an account manager lands a new account. However, how Legal is essential to the experience comes down to these two words: contract clarity.

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Exploring the Differences Between a Customer Success Manager and Account Manager


We often hear the roles of Customer Success Manager (CSM) and Account Manager (AM) used interchangeably. The ultimate difference between a Customer Services Manager and an Account Manager is both in their area of concentration and how each target their customers. . Let’s talk about Account Managers first.

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log4j2 Vulnerability

Call Design

Following a detailed technical review supported by system scans, we have determined that our systems and products either do not use log4j2 at all, do not use the log4j2 core file that contains the vulnerability or do not use the JDNI functionality. The post log4j2 Vulnerability appeared first on Call Design.

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2024 Expectations: The forefront of the next generation of customer success


For many companies, the CSM role has become a catch-all for various tasks – from renewals and billing to technical support. By nature, CSMs feel inclined to assume any responsibility involving the customer.