Webinar Preview: What Contact Centers Really Need - Big Analytics, not Big Data

Jon Arnold

Next Tuesday, I’ll be speaking on a webinar about the “data deluge” that contact centers need to manage, especially for improving the all-important CX – customer experience. The cloud has changed everything, and that brings us to Big Data.

Big Data for the greater good

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Leveraging Big Data to Fine Tune Customer Experiences


Whether you realize it or not, big data is at the heart of practically everything we do today. In today’s smart, digital world, big data has opened the floodgates to never-before-seen possibilities. The need for customer journey analytics is simple: data solutions of the past simply won’t meet the next-generation customer needs of today and the future. Companies need a data-driven customer approach to survive—and it needs to be effective to thrive.

Guest Post: The Relationship Between Cloud ERP and Big Data

Natalie Petouhof

Tweet There have been quite a few articles written on adopting cloud-based ERP, and whether the technology will be along the lines of its counterparts. Cloud technology is becoming crucial in developing new capabilities to attract customers. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) within the cloud is the engine utilizing data produced on the plant floor to power manufacturers. Cloud ERP gives manufacturers more precise and real-time data.

Prescriptive analytics: The way forward for Big Data

Hero Digital

For a long time, the field of data and analytics was focused on describing what happened — how many customers bought the product, what they looked like, how many came back, etc. Effects of that action were observed and fed back into the data to make the next prediction more accurate.

Defining Big Data

Customer Interactions

Recently, NICE’s Dr. Bob Banerjee was interviewed for an article on Big Data for the new ASSA ABLOY Future Lab website. I invite you to read the full text of the article, the first of two articles in Future Lab’s Big Data series, below: Ask 10 experts to define Big Data and you’ll get three different answers. But first, what exactly is Big Data? We are moving toward that with big data.”

Using Big Data to Create Exceptional Customer Experiences


Big data has been a buzzword in the customer service industry for some time now. As every brand knows, all databig and small—can be applied in some manner to drive sales and improve customer service. Here are five essential big data sources to look at—and how you can use them to create exceptional customer experiences. Customers’ behavior patterns are another key source of big data that your company must consider.

CX Being Led by Humans, Not Bots—Hear More from Avaya at AI & Big Data Expo


Technology solutions are also rapidly evolving to meet the needs of brands that are striving to make customers feel valued and meet their rising expectations. Hear all about Digital Transformation of Customer Experiences from Avaya at the AI & Big Data Expo North America, the leading Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Conference & Exhibition, November 28-29 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley.

PSAP, Meet Big Data

Customer Interactions

Many other sensors and data sources will probably also be routed to PSAPs, such as LPR, gunshot detection, hazmat alerts, weather alerts, telematics, and even social media. While these sources of Big Data hold a lot of promise, they will create major challenges too. This ability to correlate different data sources is where Big Data technologies will play a role.

4 Technology Trends that Transform Contact Centers


Advancements in technology have revolutionized how companies interact with customers. The strategic use of this technology is also putting businesses far ahead … 4 Technology Trends that Transform Contact Centers Read More ». The post 4 Technology Trends that Transform Contact Centers appeared first on Ansafone Contact Centers. 24-7 call center Ansafone Contact Center AI analytics artificial intelligence automation big data statistics tech.

In the World of Big Data, Old School Customer Service Never Goes Out of Date

Up Your Service

Today we use sophisticated technologies to learn a great deal about our customers. Yet despite all this new “big data” and the insights it can deliver, customers all over the world still appreciate “Old School Customer Service”. And when you can’t meet in person, you can still use technology to create a personal touch. The post In the World of Big Data, Old School Customer Service Never Goes Out of Date appeared first on UP Your Service.

A New Big Data Lesson

Customer Interactions

In the last couple of years there has been a recurring theme on media press sites covering technology, of companies compromising the security and belittling the value of their customers information – whether it be dangerous (i.e. bank cards) or personal. The recent headline that drew my attention was on BBC News - “Social apps ‘harvest smartphone contacts’”.

These 8 Technologies Are Transforming the Contact Center

DMG Consulting

These 8 Technologies Are Transforming the Contact Center. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Big Data analytics, and mobility are all driving contact center innovation. This technology is finally delivering on its potential to find the root cause of customer issues and is starting to be used outside of contact centers to enhance the customer journey throughout the enterprise.

21 Business Analysts & Call Center Leaders Reveal the Optimal Role of the Business Analyst in Call Center Operations


Business analysts must stay up to date on the latest call center technologies and solutions that can optimize, automate and modernize call center operations. Business analysts must own the call tracking systems and actively leverage data to tune the call center policies and procedures.

The Evolution of Customer Service: Landline to AI

Contact Center Pipeline

Technology AI big data call center chatbots contact center robotic process automation RPA self-serviceBack in the day when you had to call for a cab instead of opening up the Uber or Lyft app, the only way to contact customer service was by calling… from your landline. We’ve come a long way and today the typical contact center now supports an average of nine communication channels between voice, […].

Guest Blog: The Evolving Nature of Digital Customer Experience – Are You Ready for the Future?


The continual advancement of digital technology is nothing new, yet providing an outstanding customer experience is now becoming more impossible to do without incorporating the latest digital elements into it. Dutta Satadip, Director, Customer Success, Americas, Google says “I believe that Machine Learning will have a big impact on the future of customer experience. Big Data. Companies are swimming in customer data and often have the tools to understand that data.

Guest Blog: 5 Ways To Leverage Technology For A Better Customer Experience


This week we feature an article by Rahul Varshneya whos writes about how technology innovations are continuously improving the customer experience. So, what part does technology play in this? How to leverage technology for a better customer experience.

The Big Data Challenge/Opportunity: What it Means for Security

Customer Interactions

But for the most part, we are also in a constant state of data overload. Organizations are similarly challenged by the overflow of Big Data from transactions, social media, records, interactions, documents, and sensors. But the ability to correlate and link all of this data, and derive meaningful insights, can offer a great opportunity. Improved Coordination While analyzing big data is critical, being able to share that information is equally important.

Fonolo Investigates: How Retailers are Using Customer Data to Gain a Competitive Advantage


Back in 2017, The Economist boldly declared that “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” Big data is now used to address an increasing variety of business problems, from product launches to fraud and compliance. As retail contact center leaders gear up for the busiest time of the year, big data may be the last thing on their minds. However, effective use of customer data offers a significant competitive advantage.

On the Set in NYC - Twitter Live Event with Huawei USA

Jon Arnold

I led the discussion along with Andy Purdy, CSO for Huawei Technologies USA, and we’re pictured below just before going live with our host, Kimberlee Bradshaw, also with Huawei USA. Big Data Cloud Communications Internet of Things

Guest Blog: Impact of Technological Advancements on Consumer Behavior


This week we feature an article by Jim Iyoob who talks about how and why technology has changed consumer behavior and how you need to reinvent strategies to keep up with consumers. – Shep Hyken. With technological advancements, the market has seen a tremendous shift in consumer behavior. As a result of the technological impact influencing consumer behavior, most company leaderships face an unending challenge to meet consumer expectations.

How Technology Can Help Humanize Customer Support


Hence, leading businesses are focused on using technology to humanize their labels and develop service models to withstand this ever-changing business environment. Marketing and Technology. Technology is making an increasingly significant contribution to customer service.

5 Customer Service Trends That Point to a Promising Future

DMG Consulting

Robotic process automation (RPA): We define RPA as software that leverages AI, machine learning, workflow, and other technologies to automate the processing of repetitive tasks, initiate actions, and communicate with other systems or employees. Big Data solutions: Data repositories are an essential component of all AI and machine learning initiatives. 5 Customer Service Trends That Point to a Promising Future. 2/27/2020. By Donna Fluss.

You’ve Got Data? Well Don’t Start There!


Did the title about data make you curious? Of course, in today’s data-rich environment I’m not really suggesting that you actually ignore it! If so, then just follow the steps I detail below and you will soon be doubling, quadrupling, if not 10x the ROI of your data. The Current Situation with Data. Data is everywhere and most organisations are drowning in it! And this can only be done by asking the right questions of your data and information.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of March 12, 2018


There will be the ones you expe ct along with some big surprises. Five Organizations that Are Using Big Data to Power Digital Transformation by Conner Forrest. ZDnet) Big data can be a great asset in achieving digital transformation. Here are five organizations that have used data science to boost their business. The end result is that the technology allows employees to spend more time taking care of the customer.

Guest Blog: Technology Trends That Will Govern the CX Landscape


This week we feature an article by Shaista Haque who writes about the top technology trends of 2017 that she believes will disrupt customer experience benchmarks. The breakthrough technologies have swamped the world and it’s the truth that all this change has been enticing for most of us. However, the new and the robust technologies have removed the loops and have provided humans with the opportunity to work at a lower rate of defection.

Spotlight on Global Supply Chain Management: Lessons Learned from the Semiconductor Chip Shortage

Jon Arnold

While closely followed in technology circles and the business press, the underlying causes are not well understood by the general public, and there is a bigger story to consider than a shortage of an electronic components that consumers will likely never see or touch.

4 Top Technology-Driven Nonprofit Trends


Technology leads the latest nonprofit trends. In the past, technology didn’t have much of an impact on nonprofit trends. This led to these organization falling behind technology-wise and missing out on many beneficial updates. Luckily, that tendency has changed and technology is now the leading determiner of most nonprofit trends. Trends in nonprofit technology to watch for. Use technology to tell your story. Deep dive into Big Data.

How Artificial Intelligence Impacts the Contact Center

The Northridge Group

In today’s technology obsessed world, making life simpler, faster, and more seamless is a priority for both businesses and individuals trying to keep up with an always evolving digital landscape. In an industry that places an emphasis on human contact, what role does AI play in the contact center and how can data gathered from it be used to improve the customer experience? Artificial Intelligence Big Data Contact Center Management Customer Experience Digital

From the Field: Lithium Technologies and Microsoft Dynamics Partner To Create A Total Community Digital Strategy

Natalie Petouhof

With the partnering of Lithium Technologies and Microsoft Dynamics, we will see yet a new and more extensive version of intelligent customer engagements. The partnership includes Microsoft Dynamics and Lithium’s community data, social customer intelligence and analytics. And that it’s important to step back and understand where we are in time with respect to technology. Tweet Is social CRM dead? Depends on what you consider social CRM to be.

2 Innovative Technologies Guaranteed to Reduce Your Truck Rolls


Solution: Two New Technology Trends. There are two complementary trends in the market today that, together, have the power to significantly reduce truck rolls across a wide range of industries, such as telecom, utilities, consumer electronics, and more. Predictive support through data analytics. Remote visual resolution through live streaming video and augmented reality. Data Analytics: From reactive to predictive response. The Truck Roll Challenge.

Are Smart Things Really Smart or is it Just Smart Marketing?


” In it, I compared the positive and negative implications of technology for customers and companies alike. The Third used electronics and information technology to automate production. Smart Data. It’s not that Big Data is smarter.

Case Study: Enhance Your CX With This Technology

Beyond Philosophy

That’s the goal of Carnival Corporation’s new Ocean Medallion technology , a wearable device that will debut on the Regal Princess cruise ship later this year. The sensors go beyond making recommendations and use technology to ensure that passengers are always comfortable, even turning on lights and adjusting room temperature as guests walk toward their rooms. Like all data, though, wearable technology has its limitations.

The 3 Contact Center Applications That Pay for Themselves

DMG Consulting

There are three emerging contact center technologies that can deliver all of these benefits. DMG defines IVAs as specialized technology that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced speech technologies, and free dialogue understanding to simulate live cognitive assistance for voice, text, or digital interactions via a digital persona. IVAs are self-learning; their intelligence is continually evolving based on data inputs from each new interaction.

7 Digital Transformation Trends to Watch While You Digitize Your Business


The technology is advancing so quickly that 80 percent of company officials charged with digital transformation fear they’re getting left behind. The transition to digital technologies is ongoing and widespread. There’s a lot to consider, and several technologies and services out there will vie for your attention (and investment). That’s why we’ve narrowed down the technology trends that everyone’s discussing these days. #1. Big Data.

The CX Circle: Insights from Everybody Lies

The Center for Client Retention

To finish out the CX Circle year, we chose to read Everybody Lies: Big Data. New Data. When we first picked up the book, we thought it would be primarily about personal data and how it can be used to target certain individuals and learn about them. It was fascinating to read all of the statistics and differences between self-reported data and “actual” data. They are good tools to support decisions made by big data insights.

The Organization Customer Disconnect

Up Your Service

The irony of this period of Big Data is that many organizations are becoming even more disconnected from their customers. Technology creates both insights and blindness when it comes to understanding customers. Much of Big Data is about customer behavior: what they bought, how they bought, what devices they used, how many pages they looked at, etc. The big thing missing in Big Data is empathy. Service Measures and Metrics Big Data value

Breaking Big: Teradata Believes We are in the Internet of Analytics vs #IOT

Natalie Petouhof

Tweet Teradata announced two new breakthrough software capabilities that empower business users to uncover and operationalize the insights hidden within Internet of Things (IoT) data. Teradata Aster® Analytics on Hadoop make it possible to intelligently listen in real-time and then use analytics to see the distinctive patterns in massive streams of IoT data. Even more difficult is integrating the IoT data with business operations and human behavioral data.

Digital Transformation Revolution

Revation Systems

The Enterprisers Project defines digital transformation as, “The integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how businesses operate and deliver value to customers.” Beyond the impact that digital transformation has on business operations, digital technology has significantly shifted society’s mindset altogether — creating an expectation from consumers for more accessible and seamless communication.

Debunking Natural Language Processing: Detecting Events


Customer Experience Technology Uncategorized big data Natural Language Processing NLP text analyticsFor many people, September 19 is a remarrrrrkable occasion for which pirate memes and puns abound. National Talk Like a Pirate Day, invented in 1995 as an inside joke between two friends after a contentious racquetball game, has become an internationally acclaimed parodic sensation. September 19 also happens to be my birthday.)