The DNA of an Intelligent Virtual Agent


Intelligent virtual agents are zeros and ones that make up a human’s approach to simulate humanity as best as possible. The details matter, as they do in most cases when teaching the intricacies of modern technology. Having the technology available to you isn’t enough.

Preparing Your Contact Center for the Age of Virtual Agents

Taylor Reach Group

These past few months, we’ve watched contact centers turn to backup plans C and D as work schedules were impacted by stay-at-home orders or their agents’ refusal to go in because of the pandemic. So how can companies prepare for what might be the new normal of virtual contact support?


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Virtual agents: Why are we excited about virtual agents

Dialer 360

Virtual agents. Ai empowered assistants are called virtual assistants. These agents increase the customer experience because it handles routine inquiries in a fast way as well as more proficiently as compared to humans. This technology focuses on the analysis of languages.

3 ways virtual agents can boost call center efficiency


From knowledge bases to virtual agents, the potential disruption that a solid set of self-service applications can bring to contact center efficiency and customer experience is unquestionable and justifies all the buzz. Self-service is a hot topic in the call center industry.

The Insider Secret to Designing Virtual Agents that Surpass Your Competition

Speaker: Brian Morin, CMO & Mark Landry, VP of Product at SmartAction

This interactive working session gets into the gritty details of designing conversation flows for a human-to-machine experience that rivals or exceeds live agents. Mark will do live "mockups" with audience members and step through the complex critical thinking required to determine if and where AI can fit. So make sure to bring your questions!

5 Ways AI-powered Virtual Agents Improve CX in Utilities


AI-powered virtual agents have come a long way since the days of “Press 1 for billing. This allows AI-powered virtual agents to follow complex dialogue at the rate of normal conversation — yes, even alphanumerical interactions, the most challenging type to capture.

AI adoption in contact centers – virtual agents


AI adoption in contact centers – virtual agents The voice-bot is emerging as an attractive conversational-user-interface which offers accessible and comfortable user interaction. Contact center teams are enthusiastically rolling out virtual agents.

Making the Case for an Intelligent Virtual Agent

DMG Consulting

Making the Case for an Intelligent Virtual Agent. The challenge is that many companies successfully using interactive voice response (IVR) solutions to displace a large percentage of contact center calls don’t yet appreciate the greater potential value of intelligent virtual agents (IVAs). The financial justification is based on reducing the number of live agents, but this doesn’t mean having to fire agents or other employees.

Virtual Agents vs. Live Agents: The Battle for CSAT


That’s where the use of an AI-powered virtual agent comes in — for a fraction of the cost of a human agent, an intelligent virtual agent (IVA) is available to assist customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Total Call Volume Transferred to Live Agents.

From Knowledge Base to Virtual Agents: The Shift to AI-powered Self Service


Customer self-service refers to customer-initiated interaction technologies that enable customers to access information and perform routine tasks without requiring the assistance of a live customer service representative. AI has also powered decision support tools, which help human agents present customers with relevant information in real time with the goal of making the best decisions and providing the right information to consumers. Decreased agent workload?

The Post-Covid CX Powered by AI

Speaker: Brian Morin, CMO, SmartAction & Aarde Cosseboom, Director of GMS Technology and Product, TechStyle Fashion Group

Adapting to a post-Covid world means recession-proofing your contact center with AI that reduces reliance on live agents with virtual agents that are always on, perfectly trained, and at a fraction of the cost. Most companies looking to ditch a "Press 1" experience struggle with where to start and how to infuse natural language into their existing technology stack. Join this webinar with TechStyle Fashion Group who recession-proofed their contact center with personalized and frictionless experiences to customers who prefer self-service. Also joining is SmartAction who manages the AI-powered CX for more than 100 brands.

Building a Cohesive Virtual Agent and Live Chat Solution

Creative Virtual

Virtual agents. Some of you may remember the days when companies wanting to implement customer support on their website believed they had to make a decision: either a virtual agent or live chat; either automated self-service or human-assisted web chat.

Tips for Deploying AI Chatbots & Virtual Agents

Creative Virtual

Chatbots, smart help, virtual assistants, virtual agents, conversational AI – there are lots of names for this automated, self-service technology being used today. Select a reliable technology. By Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO.

Helping Agents Helping Customers

Contact Center Pipeline

Remote working has been significantly accelerated, as have the technologies used to support it. Customer Experience Employee Experience AI artificial intelligence customer experience CX employee engagement FCR first-contact resolution virtual agents

Improving customer experience with a virtual agent


AI-powered conversational assistants, or “virtual agents”, can quickly deliver the answers and outcomes over voice-enabled channels. The post Improving customer experience with a virtual agent appeared first on Talkdesk

4 Golden Rules for Conversational AI Self-Service

Speaker: Brian Morin & Helena Chen from SmartAction

Join Brian Morin, CMO, and Helena Chen, Director of Product Marketing at SmartAction to learn the 4 golden rules they've acquired after more than 100 conversational AI implementations for voice self-service that outperforms live agents. You’ll hear real-world examples from leading companies and discover how you can deliver CX success with AI-powered virtual agents in your organization.

What is a virtual agent and how does it work?


This tendency, coupled with increasingly mature artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, has raised attention to the role and impact of virtual agents in contact centers and customer experience (CX). What is a virtual agent?

Virtual Agent Usage Spikes as Self-Service Rescues the Customer Experience

Creative Virtual

More customers are turning to company websites and apps for support, in some cases out of sheer desperation because they can’t get through to a contact centre agent and in other cases because they have been proactively directed there by the business. By Mandy Reed, Global Head of Marketing.

Avaya Virtual Agent Now Available as a Ready to Deploy Configurable Service

CSM Magazine

Avaya has announced an enhancement to Avaya OneCloud to dramatically reduce the complexity associated with virtualizing customer interactions. This lack of success is due, in part, to the historical complexity of developing and delivering effective virtual agent solutions.

Electrolux Assesses Their First 6 Months with Virtual Agents


Electrolux, the 2nd largest home appliance manufacturer in the world who sells under a variety of brand names worldwide like Frigidaire and AEG, made the transformation to AI-powered virtual agents six months ago to automate more in their contact center. Q: Why were you considering AI-powered virtual agents to automate more in your contact center? Here’s the breakout: 60% of callers are successfully contained within virtual agent automation.

Navigating the Worker Shortage in the Contact Center

Speaker: Brian Morin, Helena Chen, and Sofia Burton from SmartAction

The latest trend in the contact center has CX leaders worried -- across industries, there is a massive shortage of workers. In a complete reversal from the widespread layoffs that occurred during the coronavirus pandemic, employers are now struggling to attract talent and fill open positions. As the U.S. continues to recover from the economic implications of the global pandemic, join us for this discussion on technologies that have paved the way for a burgeoning remote workforce, the adoption of AI-powered virtual assistants, and more.

Satisfy Your Curiosity About Deploying AI Virtual Agents and Chatbots

Creative Virtual

Do you have a chatbot or virtual agent on your roadmap? Are you curious about successful use cases for AI-enhanced virtual agents? Questions to ask when selecting a chatbot or virtual agent solution. By Mandy Reed, Global Head of Marketing.

Unleash Your Customer Service Team’s Full Potential with Virtual Agents


And there’s a very simple way to unlock each of your customer service agent’s full potential—give them a rock-star number two player. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you double your workforce; we’re suggesting you give your agents a virtual sidekick. The UJET Virtual Agents.

Unleash Your Customer Service Team’s Full Potential with Virtual Agents


And there’s a very simple way to unlock each of your customer service agent’s full potential—give them a rock-star number two player. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you double your workforce; we’re suggesting you give your agents a virtual sidekick. The UJET Virtual Agents.

The Chatbot & Virtual Agent Experts Have Spoken: Experience Matters

Creative Virtual

At Creative Virtual, whitepapers are not created too often as they hold a special place in our repository of resources since they offer information that stays valid for a much longer time than other documents. Blog chatbots experience resources vendor guide virtual agents whitepaper

How to Build ROI for Conversational AI

Speaker: Sofia Burton & Tiffany O'Malley from SmartAction

In this webinar, our leading experts will walk you through step-by-step to build an ROI for conversational AI.

The Generic ‘Chat Now’: Virtual Agent or Live Chat?

Creative Virtual

I was connected to a live chat agent relatively quickly, but then spent over 30 minutes in a chat that felt like it was lasting forever and, in the end, delivered no real resolution to my question. The post The Generic ‘Chat Now’: Virtual Agent or Live Chat?

Step 2 of 5: AI Self-Service Without Compromise – Virtual Agents Need “Guardrails”


This combination has led to the growing adoption of AI-powered virtual agents to automate conversations traditionally handed by live agents. Best Practice #2: Virtual agents need “guardrails”. There is a fine line between what should be automated by conversational AI and what should be transferred to live agents. It’s a delicate balance of technology expertise and CX best practices. AI-Powered Virtual Agents & What They Can Handle.

APAC Contact Centres Embracing AI and Virtual Agent Technologies

Creative Virtual

Creative Virtual was excited to be invited back to participate again by our partner Continuous Technologies International Ltd (CTINT) in the Symposium held on 31 October and to attend the Gala the following evening. The advancements in AI and virtual agents are bring more changes.

Managing Through COVID-19: A Roundup of Tips, Tools and Tech for Contact Centers

Contact Center Pipeline

Crisis Management call center change management Collaboration contact center COVID-19 leadership remote communication strategic planning technology selection virtual agents work from home workforce managementWe are finally at the end of a turbulent 2020.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

engagement, eGain has not only developed cutting-edge technology. Answer: Virtual assistant (VA) Also called virtual customer assistants, chatbots, avatars, virtual. agents, or concierges, VAs help businesses wow customers with. agents. agents.

The state of virtual agents


The State of Virtual Agents. There’s no denying that virtual agents – or “chat bots” (or simply, bots) – are experiencing a tremendous resurgence in interest, and along with that, a rapid advance in innovation and technology. This resurgence is driven by four primary factors – it’s a perfect storm – a confluence of drivers causing massive interest, adoption, growth and innovation. Read More. Jacada Blog

Video (Part 3): Frost & Sullivan Shares Real Examples of Companies That Use AI-powered Virtual Agents


The world of technology is changing rapidly and innovations abound. This newly acquired accuracy means that call center virtual assistant solutions are now demonstrating their true power in a variety of interesting and beneficial ways. Here’s how two innovative companies are using AI-powered virtual agents to automate more in their contact centers. Challenges: Could not achieve growth without hiring, training, and retaining live agents.

The State of Virtual Agents


There’s no denying that virtual agents – or “chat bots” (or simply, bots) – are experiencing a tremendous resurgence in interest, and along with that, a rapid advance in innovation and technology. This resurgence is driven by four primary factors – it’s a perfect storm – a confluence of drivers causing massive interest, adoption, growth and innovation. Read More. Jacada Blog

From Skeptic to Believer: The Choice Hotels Story on AI-powered Virtual Agents for Voice


Earlier this month, Choice Hotels, the 2nd largest hotel franchiser in the world with more than 7,000 locations, took the stage for the virtual Customer Response Summit hosted by Execs In The Know. Jason Coats: Well, we knew we needed to find the best AI technology available to us.

From Tension to Resolution: 90 Seconds with a Virtual Agent


Fabletics leverages a Virtual Agent to interact with their customers every time you call them. If you have multiple self-service destinations and a variety of agent skill-sets, it’s in your best interest to allow the user to tell you why they called.

Automation: The Contact Center’s Grocer

Contact Center Pipeline

Technology AI artificial intelligence call center automation chatbots contact center technology intelligent virtual agents robotic process automation RPA virtual assistantsIn times of crisis, we often find heroes in the unlikeliest of places.

Live Agents and Virtual Agents: The Spectrum of Care


Imagine yourself on a busy day trying to cancel an appointment and you keep getting put on hold waiting for a live agent. After 30 minutes of waiting you finally get put through to an agent, who is able to quickly cancel your appointment. Virtual Assistants

Purchasing Power’s AI-Powered Virtual Agent Wins Top Honor for Excellence in Self-Service


Frost & Sullivan awards Purchasing Power ® for their AI-Powered Virtual Agent created in partnership with SmartAction ® to enable conversational self-service for their customers. Brands from around the world competed in the “Big Kahuna” category, recognizing companies for excellence in self-service, including Virtual Assistants, web self-service, interactive voice response, and integrated customer collaboration and support capabilities. .

Artificial Intelligence—The Post-Pandemic Contact Center Superhero

Contact Center Pipeline

Technology AI AI-enabled communication artificial intelligence automated scheduling automation call center contact center intelligent virtual agentsI have to admit, I’ve never gotten the whole superhero thing.