Davy Crockett, Analytics and the New Frontier

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Technology AI-enabled technology analytics call center cloud analytics contact center customer experience employee engagement WFH work from homeI wasn’t planning on ever sharing this information with anyone, but we’re all friends here. Right?

Analytics-Infused Training: How to Nurture Agent Growth and Customer Happiness

Contact Center Pipeline

Technology analytics call center reporting contact center training sentiment analysis speech analytics text analytics voice of the customerContact centers are complex and unique businesses. Some are five agents strong while others employ thousands.


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The Case for Staff to Support Technology

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Companies often exhibit a failure of imagination when implementing new technology. Leadership can readily imagine the power of the new tools but can’t extend that vision to the people who’ll use and derive value from the tools on a daily basis.

Analytics Coming of Age

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Technology agent performance analytics call center coaching contact center customer effort customer sentimentAccording to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “coming of age” is defined as the attainment of prominence, respectability, recognition or maturity.

The Health of the Contact Center: Are You Ready for 2019?

jobs, the challenges they face and how technology will dictate the future of the contact center. customer issues or requests because they’re ill- equipped with technology and training. Tweet this Technology and tools are key to addressing customer. technology will.

The Beginner’s Guide to Speech Analytics Technology


An investment in speech analytics technology is a big one. Here’s a look at everything you need to consider before you make your purchasing decision

The Transformational Value of Interaction Analytics

DMG Consulting

The Transformational Value of Interaction Analytics. INTERACTION ANALYTICS (IA) has proven its worth and benefits in the best and worst of times. Interaction analytics is the only application that can provide this variety of information.

The Straight Scoop on Contact Center Analytics

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Most contact centers know they need a more analytical approach to understanding the customer experience. In our 2017 Workforce Optimization Survey, a high percentage of centers indicated that analytics falls within the “Have but do not use effectively” category. We also see many centers evaluating analytics offerings while others place them on their wish lists. […]. Technology analytics call center contact center customer data predictive analytics

25 Call Center Technology Trends to Watch in 2021


Technological Trends. ” – Julie Bai, Call Center Technology and Trends Every Business Leader Must Know in 2020 , Nextiva; Twitter: @Nextiva. ” – Call Center Technology Trends for 2020 , Expivia; Twitter: @expivianow. Analytics are more important than ever.

Four Key Contact Center Technologies for 2019

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As we end 2018 and reflect on what’s ahead in 2019, it seems like a good time to think about what’s new and what’s next in contact center technology. My team of consultants identified the top things we see dominating contact center technology discussions. I’m going to highlight four key technology areas in this post. […]. Technology AI analytics artificial intelligence call center cloud solutions contact center omnichannel robotic process automation RPA technology

The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

Analytics. analytics software provider. technology, data sources and. analytics. of analytics, companies can. technology. management, voice-of-the-customer (VoC) analytics and advanced reporting–that transforms the contact center into a customer.

Some Nice Niche Technologies

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Mainstream technologies get a lot of press. But I’d like to put a spotlight on a few intriguing niche technologies for your consideration: Desktop Analytics Desktop analytics—aka Desktop and Process Analytics, or DPA—captures agent desktop activity. […]. Technology call center contact center context-aware applications desktop analytics gamification speech analytics technology

The Dynamic Duo: Speech Analytics & CRM


Speech analytics technology and built-in CRM platforms are two distinct, but critical, tools to improve operations in a contact center. Below we dive into the dynamic duo and explore ways that speech analytics and CRM […]. Speech Analytics

CRM 83

Choose the Right Speech Analytics Technology


In my last blog , we talked about the huge gulf between the value of speech analytics and the actual use of speech analytics in contact centers. So, if you are out shopping for speech analytics because you know it can generate a great ROI in your contact center (see our latest eBook: 10 Reasons to Invest in Speech Analytics ), you need to understand the two fundamental types of contact center speech analytics: Phonetics and LVCSR (Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition).

7 New Technologies to Improve Customer Service in 2021


As 2021 gets underway, new technologies to improve customer service are emerging, that help businesses boost their service levels while still keeping a firm eye on their bottom line to ensure business continuity in a challenging economic environment. . Predict the Future with Data Analytics.

Top 5 Things to Look For in a Workforce Optimization Solution

Speaker: Vicki Herrell, Executive Director, SWPP, & Steve Kosiba, Product Marketing Manager, Genesys

As your contact center becomes more complex with a growing number of communication channels and touchpoints, it’s more important than ever to have the right technology in place to support your workforce. With the right solution, multi-skill and multi-channel forecasting and scheduling become accurate and hassle-free. Even the most powerful tools become simple to use. And smooth communications with operations staff and accountability to plan become your daily reality.

22 Call Center Technology Leaders Reveal the #1 Mistake Companies Make When It Comes to Purchasing Speech Analytics Software


Purchasing speech analytics software is a major investment for both enterprises and SMBs alike. Like all major technology investments, purchasing speech analytics software comes with a bit of pre-planning and analysis. You need to determine how your company can best leverage this technology to ensure compliance, enhance customer service, support agents and reps, and get […]. Call Center Best Practices Speech Analytics

Guest Blog: 5 Ways To Leverage Technology For A Better Customer Experience


This week we feature an article by Rahul Varshneya whos writes about how technology innovations are continuously improving the customer experience. So, what part does technology play in this? How to leverage technology for a better customer experience.

How VOC Analytics Improves Contact Center Performance

CX Accelerator

Contact centers are big on analytics. VOC analytics complement the call center’s internal KPIs and can provide a better view of a company’s overall performance.

Turning Lessons from the Past into a Blueprint for the Future-Proofed Contact Center

Contact Center Pipeline

A global pandemic was driving people to rely on technology instead of interacting face-to-face. That increased reliance on technology placed an extraordinary burden on the shoulders of customer service workers.

Study: The Health of the Contact Center

jobs, the challenges they face and how technology will dictate the future of the contact center. customer issues or requests because they’re ill- equipped with technology and training. Tweet this Technology and tools are key to addressing customer. technology will.

Sales, Marketing and Enterprise Uses of Interaction Analytics

DMG Consulting

Sales, Marketing and Enterprise Uses of Interaction Analytics. Interaction (speech and text) analytics (IA) is a solution that sells well in both strong and weak economies. Interaction analytics should be used to conceptually “measure the pulse” of a company’s customers and reduce the risk of social media mistakes, which are costly to a brand. Thank you for your interest in DMG Consulting’s publications. Please complete the registration form below.

How VOC Analytics Improves Contact Center Performance

CX Accelerator

Contact centers are big on analytics. VOC analytics complement the call center’s internal KPIs and can provide a better view of a company’s overall performance. Corey has dedicated his career to building strong, long lasting relationships within partner channels bringing people and technologies together to improve the customer experience within the contact center industry.

Reach New Speeds to Insight with a Speech Analytics Strategic Blueprint Workshop

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“I don’t understand how my organization can use speech analytics.” This is a statement often heard from those who have speech analytics just as often as from those who don’t. Speech analytics has the potential to transform an organization and its customer relationships, but organizations seldom harness its power because their journey to speech begins […]. Speech analytics call center call center technology contact center speech analytics

Why Your Call Center Needs Speech Analytics


As a result, 66% of businesses are looking to invest in advanced analytics, such as Voice AI, to tap into the hidden insights of their call data and leverage tools such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis, to take their customers’ experience to the next level.

8 Contact Center Trends to Watch in 2020

In this eBook, we’ll arm you with the research you need to inform areas of investment, and 8 quick tips you can use to improve your contact center’s performance now!

Current Status of Speech (and Text) Analytics

DMG Consulting

Current Status of Speech (and Text) Analytics. Interaction analytics removes the mystery from customer conversations. These increasingly sophisticated analytics solutions have evolved from basic keyword search applications that helped companies understand call reasons to advanced business intelligence (BI) offerings that provide insights and an appreciation of customer sentiment. The post Current Status of Speech (and Text) Analytics appeared first on DMG Consulting.

Delivering Outstanding Customer Service with Flexible Technology Integration

Global Response

The post Delivering Outstanding Customer Service with Flexible Technology Integration appeared first on Global Response. Best Practices Case Studies Global Response Blog Reporting and Analytics Technology and SecurityThe volume of inquiries a company receives on any given day can be quite overwhelming, especially if the company is not able to handle the volume of incoming requests. In order to more.

Comparative Analysis: Pendo.io Analytics vs Google Analytics


Be it a product or a service, analytics helps you to visualize and understand customer behavior discretely. But when it comes to choosing the right platform for web analytics, you have a plethora of options to choose from. Pendo Analytics . Google Analytics .

7 Speech Analytics Mistakes That Can Cost You Big

CX Global Media

Finding the right Speech Analytics Solution starts with knowing the right questions to ask. It’s also important to know that avoiding Speech Analytics mistakes requires you to know the questions not worth asking. At the event he conducted a workshop about Speech Analytics and he graciously shared with me his observations about what occurred during that workshop. Speech Analytics Mistake #1 : Being driven by misconceptions.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

engagement, eGain has not only developed cutting-edge technology. engagement hub which consolidates omnichannel interactions, knowledge, AI, analytics, and administration into one platform. complexity, AI reasoning technologies are capable of guiding.

Guest Blog: Six Ways Predictive Analytics Enhances Customer Relations


This week we feature an article by Jarrin Howard who writes about how predictive analytics can enhance customer relations. – Shep Hyken. These are common examples of sites using predictive analytics catering to individual customer preferences. With the rise of machine learning, predictive analytics is becoming the status quo. Here are 6 ways predictive analytics can enhance customer-related interactions: Targeting Warm Leads.

2 Innovative Technologies Guaranteed to Reduce Your Truck Rolls


Solution: Two New Technology Trends. There are two complementary trends in the market today that, together, have the power to significantly reduce truck rolls across a wide range of industries, such as telecom, utilities, consumer electronics, and more. Predictive support through data analytics. Remote visual resolution through live streaming video and augmented reality. Data Analytics: From reactive to predictive response. The Truck Roll Challenge.

What Is Voice Analytics? Definition, Tips, Best Practices, and Challenges of Voice Analytics


Definition of Voice Analytics Voice analytics are the use of a voice recognition tool to analyze and record a spoken conversation. Not only does voice analytics software translate speech to text, it can also identify speaker emotion and intent by analyzing audio patterns. The post What Is Voice Analytics? Definition, Tips, Best Practices, and Challenges of Voice Analytics appeared first on CallMiner.

Five Quality Management Problems — Solved by Analytics

NICE inContact

If your contact center has yet to implement analytics and you’re eager to improve quality management performance, now may be an ideal time to implement this strategic technology. Analytics Agent Engagement Advantages of the Cloud

Coaching sales interactions takes more than experience – it takes the right technology


Sales leaders need to evolve with technology. Rick Britt, CallMiner's VP of AI, shares why it’s time to change the game and start moving the needle using technology like sales conversation analytics

3 Technologies Contact Centers Need in 2021

Upstream Works

As 2021 unfolds, the stakes have never been higher for contact center leaders to invest in the right technologies. When it comes to strategizing which technologies to adopt, there are many layers to consider. Contact Center Technology #1: Omnichannel Agent Desktop.

Top Contact Center Technology Trends in 2021


Some, like the move to cloud-based contact center technology , were hastened in the last year. Here are some of the ways call center trends around technology have changed. Major Call Center Technology Trends in 2021. The true role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to improve the customer experience from the agent side, by providing advanced analytics and predictions. As FCR becomes a bigger priority, this kind of technology will take off.

Conversation Analytics leader Tethr secures $15 million in funding [PR]


Tethr has been at the forefront of innovation in the conversation analytics market over the past five years. The conversation analytics market is changing and maturing. The conversation analytics market is changing and maturing.

8 Essential Capabilities You Need for Interaction Analytics


Interaction analytics takes unstructured data from customer interactions across multiple channels and harnesses it to let you understand the true voice of the customer. AI-powered interaction analytics gives you real-time insights to guide your agents and optimize the conversation as well as post-interaction analytics to inform customer experience decisions and strategies, automate and improve compliance and quality control, and improve agent performance.