2 Things I Learned About Personal Connection From 3 Nurse Technicians

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Over the last fortnight, I’ve watched Eli and Kodjovi from Togo, Africa, and Kimberly from Claremore, Oklahoma, all nurse technicians, serve my dad with personal connection and enthusiasm. Personal Connection is Intentional.

Guest Blog: How to Create Customer Loyalty in the Healthcare Space


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Brie Tascione, writes about the importance of improving the customer experience in the healthcare industry to improve loyalty and reduce frustration.

3 Ways Healthcare Engagement Models Differ from Other Industries


3 Ways Healthcare Engagement Models Differ from Other Industries. Austin Ridgeway, Director, HGS Healthcare. Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of industry buzz about what retail can teach healthcare about engagement strategies. Healthcare.

Healthcare Organizations: When Accurate Scheduling is Essential, Workforce Management Delivers

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The healthcare industry is struggling with a workforce shortage at the moment. The labor situation places an extra challenge on healthcare contact centers, which must allocate limited human resources with optimal efficiency, so patient service is not jeopardized.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

personal liability, and 69% expect compliance staffing costs to rise1. healthcare) to 65% (consumer electronics). for something more mission-critical such as a person’s health or. eGain clients “ease” (into AI) An integrated healthcare payer and provider in the US tried out.

Guest Blog: How to Personalize Your Chatbots for Customer Journey Tracking & Provide a Better Experience


In 2010, the boys over at Apple released Siri that astounded the world because for the first time you had a super-commercial chatbot/personal assistant that was so easy to have the mass market adapt to. A Personalized Guide to Help Out Your Customers. People love personalization.

3 Requirements You Should Have for Your Healthcare Contact Center

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A recent article by John Nash discusses how retail companies keep up with trends in customer engagement, but healthcare organizations often lag behind. In other words, the healthcare industry is due for a disruption similar to how Amazon has done it in the retail space.

In Healthcare, When Are Video Interpreters Preferable to Telephone Interpreters?

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There is no dispute that using an interpreter in a healthcare setting improves the quality of care for a limited English proficient (LEP) patient. ” Related: Why Healthcare Providers Need to Embrace Remote Interpreting.

Impacts of Healthcare Consumerism: Part 2 The Brave New World of Choice: What You Need to Know


Impacts of Healthcare Consumerism: Part 2 The Brave New World of Choice: What You Need to Know. Today’s Healthcare Consumer. More and more, today’s healthcare consumer is educated, working from the informed decision-making vantage point. Healthcare.

The expanding threat of phone fraud


Stolen personal information can lead to unnecessary or inaccurate diagnoses, the inability to get health insurance, or the denial of medical services, which can be life-threatening. If we’ve learned anything from the past few years it would be that phone fraud doesn’t discriminate.

Virtual Care, Future of Care and the Mobile Workforce — A Discussion with Revation CEO Perry Price

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This is why I was so excited to get the time to sit down with Perry and pick his brain about healthcare’s hot topics — virtual care, the future of healthcare and the mobile workforce. What is the future of Virtual Care in healthcare?

Mobile and SMS – A New Hope in Patient Engagement


We can all agree that mobile technology and consumer channels have made a strong footprint in healthcare. If we compare this technology to other consumer sectors including financial, travel and retail; healthcare has a way to go—but they are on the right path.

NGPX & CIO Summit Takeaways


Healthcare IT and Administrative decision-makers nationwide are all grappling with repercussions of patient consumerization. A common statistic cited at both conferences was that healthcare is 10 to 15 years behind all other industries in the ability to support omni-channel communication. .

Looking at phone fraud and caller authentication in 2019


With more personal identifiable information being sold over the dark web, moving forward social engineering will be the leading threats facing call centers. . An increase in healthcare fraud. When it comes to fighting phone fraud, contact center professionals are always looking ahead.

Chatbots—Just What the Doctor Ordered


Just months later, Florence has evolved into an automated personal health assistant that helps more than 2,000 people every day with the ability to offer compliance reminders, provide additional medication facts, and even explain what to do in the event that a user misses a dose.

Are you using secure speech recognition in your mobile messaging app?


Every day, Americans send billions of text and mobile messages—and the “just text me” movement has spilled over from our personal lives to the workplace. Healthcare Dragon speech recognition health IT security

Helping the Everyday Heroes


Caregivers are the people who are often the critical linchpin between an individual care recipient, healthcare teams and social services systems. . Healthcare and social service providers have to communicate with people where they are.

Why AI Needs to Vary by Industry

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Healthcare and banking in particular are great examples of the various ways AI can improve engagement based on the specific needs of an industry. Yet even in healthcare, non-humanistic AI is helping nurses spend more time where it truly matters (i.e.,

Rural Telehealth: Three Adoption Barriers, and Potential Solutions

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One of the most notable barriers to telehealth implementation on a broader scale is the discussion of value and whether telemedicine and in-person office visits should be reimbursed evenly for doctors from a payer perspective.

When Self-Service Falls Short


Remember the old days when a day or two before your scheduled doctor’s appointment you’d receive a phone call from a person confirming your appointment? Healthcare ITR/Chatbots IVR SMS Uncategorized

Guest Blog: How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact CX and Customer Service?


The CX industry is primed for a breakout in the application of artificial intelligence — as other fields like biotech, healthcare, automotive, and cybersecurity have also seen. Self-learning machines can improve your website visitors’ personalized experience in a multitude of ways.

A real view of lung cancer screening programs


According to the Lung Cancer Foundation of America, 433 Americans die every day from lung cancer—that’s one person about every three minutes. Healthcare diagnostics solutions radiology

How TeleDirect Call Centers Can Boost Your CMS Star Rating


From insurance firms to healthcare firms and beyond , TeleDirect’s multi-industry expertise is an indispensable element of everyday business operations. Reducing costs is a big part of an enjoyable healthcare experience.

At the end of the day…build your brand equity


My response: a brand is quite simply the promise you make combined with your personality traits that are displayed in interactions with you. HealthcareAn industry analyst recently asked me, “What is a brand?”

Is Your Medical Answering Service HIPAA Compliant? Find Out Now


Quality patient care is necessary for your healthcare practice to stand out from the rest. Your patients move at a very fast pace and are very tech-friendly, which means they expect the same from their healthcare provider. Blog Healthcare HIPAA

10 Ways Your Patients Benefit from a Doctors Answering Service

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Throughout this time the medical answering service has continued to evolve to meet healthcare providers’ needs and their patients’ expectations. Doctors answering services have been around for a long time. But that doesn’t mean they’re obsolete.

Can Your Answering Service Provide These Medical Call Center Services?

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While few people are happy with the current state of healthcare in the United States, one ray of sunshine comes from the growing role medical answering services and healthcare call centers play in providing professional, personal care and attention to patients and their caregivers.

9 Reasons Every Physician Needs a Medical Answering Service


You want to offer adequate time and a personal touch to all of your patients, but sometimes it’s too much for you and your staff to handle. Your patients can get the personalized help they need, when they need it, without long hold times or unreliable after-hours communication.

Press Release: Taylor Reach Group Selected to Optimize Vision Care Leader

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a globally-recognized call and contact center consulting and managed services firm focused on optimizing customer engagement, has announced that it is working with a worldwide leader in personal vision care. The Taylor Reach Group, Inc.,

Adapting Value-Based Principles to the Patient Contact Center


Dan Schulte, Senior Vice President, HGS Healthcare. Hospitals and health systems have made considerable investments in financial, clinical and technological processes that will support an evidence- and quality-based patient-centric healthcare experience. Healthcare.

What do NHS funding cuts mean for self-pay marketing strategies?


Healthcare is one of the most personalised services and as life expectancy increases so does the need for healthcare. We’re going to explore the effects the reduction in services will have in the private healthcare industry with a specific focus on self-pay.

Telehealth and Interpreting Share Roots in the Telephone

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And although Bell’s apocryphal call for help may not have really happened, it’s clear that his invention forever changed the way in which people connect with their healthcare providers. Interpreting has evolved much in the same way as healthcare delivery.

Mobilizing the Health Call Center Workforce (& Why It’s Needed)

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As an increasing number of consumers turn to their smartphones instead of their laptops, industries such as healthcare must also consider how their employees use technology on-the-go , including mobilizing the health call center workforce in a way that best fits their unique needs.

Nudges: Make Sure Yours Work!

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To this point, nothing anyone has tried in the healthcare industry to correct patient behavior has worked—at least not in a significant or widespread way. A good example is in personalizing a text from a job center that booked interviews for candidates.

Lack of Discharge Translation Sparks Lawsuit

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What Healthcare Providers Should Take Away from the Recent Section 1557 Lawsuit. Healthcare facilities should be watching this case closely and taking notes to ensure their own language access plans are up to snuff. Healthcare providers, especially, need to pay attention.

Secrets Revealed! How to Thrive in an Uncertain World

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By nature, I’m an organized person. healthcare, it sometimes seems that there’s little we can count on. If you have the traits of a confident person, you’ll be better able to respond to factors you can’t control. I like things clear and orderly, laid out in black and white.

When Bad Systems Happen to Good People

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The person who answered the phone was rude at first but then, oddly, turned extremely nice. Sadly, when we’re discussing healthcare, I believe that this type of unfeeling service becomes an ethical issue on some level. In healthcare, a little customer service can go a long way.

How Contact Centers Impact Patient Experience


By Donna Martin, HGS Senior Vice President, Business Development, Global Healthcare. The healthcare industry is just starting to catch on, as providers are now being incented/penalized to implement value-based care throughout the patient experience. Healthcare.

Agents Managing Difficult Situations: Maybe it’s In Their DNA


A recent Bloomberg article pointed out, many agents are not just fielding calls about the status of results or other basic administrative tasks, but they are also being tasked with answering questions that require much more personal which reveal critically important answers.

Digital Transformation Revolution

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Although talk of digital transformation seems to be a recent hot topic, the trend has been developing and impacting communications (both professional and personal) for nearly 30 years.