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How to Drive Customer Advocacy


Your business is successful because you deliver value to customers. Customer advocacy is the art of learning what customers need and working to help them gain the value that is in their best interest. When you advocate for your customers, they’ll reward you with their loyalty and become lasting proponents for your brand.

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Using Customer Satisfaction Metrics: NPS Best Practices


Luckily, there’s a measure for that, too: customer satisfaction metrics. Customer satisfaction quantifies the degree to which a customer is pleased by a product, brand, or overall experience. How to Track Customer Satisfaction with NPS . That’s why the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a key metric to track.


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How Palo Alto Software Used Metrics to Improve Service

Toister Performance Solutions

A question posted on the Inside Customer Service LinkedIn group recently caught my attention. Celeste Peterson, a Customer Advocacy Supervisor at Palo Alto Software, asked: What do you think are the most important metrics to track for a small customer service team? Palo Alto Software's Customer Advocacy Team.

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Customer Success vs. Customer Support: What Are the Differences?


To help further your understanding of these important differences, this article will breakdown the customer success vs. customer support dynamic and outline how prioritizing a proactive approach towards client relations can empower you to prevent churn, create value, increase the likelihood of renewal, and encourage upsells/cross-sells.

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2021 Survey: The State of Journey Management & CX Measurement


As we figure out what comes next in 2021 and beyond, one thing is certain: enterprises must advance their approaches, strategies and tactics to better understand customer behavior and deliver the experiences their customers demand. In this year’s survey, we sought to uncover what separates customer experience leaders from laggards.

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How to Measure and Improve Your NPS Score with Agent Engagement


There are dozens of ways to measure your customers’ satisfaction. But, one metric steps beyond just measuring satisfaction. Your customer Net Promoter Score builds the foundation to help you measure customer advocacy, too. Undeniably, customer advocacy helps you win more customers.

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Five Keys To Driving Voice of the Customer Success

CX Accelerator

To be able to know and understand what customers want, companies must listen to their customers. That’s why companies are implementing some type of voice of the customer (VoC) program. This unsolicited feedback data can come from three places. It can even be in the form of free text responses in surveys.

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