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How to Get a WhatsApp Business API account in an Easy Way


The post How to Get a WhatsApp Business API account in an Easy Way appeared first on Kommunicate Blog. But have you met the side to WhatsApp that can be used for more than just sending funny cat GIFs to your cousins? We are talking about WhatsApp for Business, which allows you to stay connected to your customers [.].

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The Non-Coder’s Guide to Using the Help Scout API

Help Scout

Learn the basics of APIs and get started using Help Scout's API to create, update, and delete conversations in your Help Scout account. Read the full article

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Record a Call in Ruby with Vonage Voice API WebSockets


The Vonage Voice API WebSockets feature recently left Beta status and became generally available. Vonage API Account. To complete this tutorial, you will need a Vonage API account. Once you have an account, you can find your API Key and API Secret at the top of the Vonage API Dashboard.

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Common Challenges in Automated API Testing: Overcoming Obstacles with Expert Solutions

CSM Magazine

Automated API testing stands as a cornerstone in the modern software development cycle, ensuring that applications perform consistently and accurately across diverse systems and technologies. Continuous learning and adaptation are essential, as the landscape of API technology is ever-evolving.

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Amazon SageMaker Feature Store now supports cross-account sharing, discovery, and access

AWS Machine Learning

SageMaker Feature Store now makes it effortless to share, discover, and access feature groups across AWS accounts. With this launch, account owners can grant access to select feature groups by other accounts using AWS Resource Access Manager (AWS RAM).

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Secure Amazon SageMaker Studio presigned URLs Part 2: Private API with JWT authentication

AWS Machine Learning

In this post, we will continue to build on top of the previous solution to demonstrate how to build a private API Gateway via Amazon API Gateway as a proxy interface to generate and access Amazon SageMaker presigned URLs. The user invokes createStudioPresignedUrl API on API Gateway along with a token in the header.

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Use Amazon SageMaker pipeline sharing to view or manage pipelines across AWS accounts

AWS Machine Learning

On August 9, 2022, we announced the general availability of cross-account sharing of Amazon SageMaker Pipelines entities. You can now use cross-account support for Amazon SageMaker Pipelines to share pipeline entities across AWS accounts and access shared pipelines directly through Amazon SageMaker API calls.