What Are API Integrations? 5 Ways They Help Businesses Thrive


What’s an API integration? Businesses face complex technological demands, many of which they can satisfy with API integration. Application programming interface (API) refers to very specialized pieces of computer code. Advantages offered by API integrations.

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agileBase Uses NameShouts API


The post agileBase Uses NameShouts API appeared first on Nameshouts. Diversity Inclusion CRM Customer Relationship Management Name PronunciationWe’re big fans of agileBase, so it was quite exciting to work with them on producing this post.

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Kunnect Completes Salesforce API Integration


We’re excited to announce that we’ve completed an integration using the Salesforce.com application programming interface (API). Now, we can push data to and from Salesforce for potential clients who use Salesforce for their CRM system.

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Kunnect Integrates with Zoho CRM and Applications


On the heels of our Salesforce.com CRM integration, Kunnect is pleased to announce that our seamless, cloud-based call center software can now be integrated with Zoho.com CRM and apps.

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8x8 Launches Speech Analytics and Integration Framework


8x8’s new integration framework is powered by microservices and industry-standard APIs, making it easier and faster to embed communications into CRM, ERP, helpdesk and productivity applications to create one system of engagement.

Why Tech Start-Ups Should Start Their Customer Journeys Early

Aria Solutions

The Power of CRM in Building Customer Journeys. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a key aspect of the customer journey and should be done using the right tools instead of improvisation. Investing into a CRM tool as soon as the product gets released is a logical choice.

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Softphones – Finding the Last Piece for Your Salesforce Service Cloud Puzzle

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Does the softphone provide an API for additional integration? An API would allow for the most flexible integration. Agent Efficiency Salesforce Integration System Integration CRM omnichannel Open CTI Salesforce SoftphonesMany companies are using Salesforce Service Cloud with Omni to engage with customers and handle their service requests. With Service Cloud, you can connect with your customers through social media channels, email, and chat.

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Salesforce Data Loads: Using Feature Switches to Manage Apex Triggers

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Now, let’s add a record to turn off triggers, by clicking the “Manage Records” button or link and select “New” I named the record “All Triggers”, used the default API name, and left the “Turned Off” checkbox unselected.

Call Recording for BPOs and Call Center Outsourcers


open API) so you can easily integrate the recorder with your clients’ existing applications (CRM, ERP, SFA). Open API so you can pull data from your CRM system into the quality monitoring system.

10 Must Haves for Cloud-Based Customer Engagement Platforms


A Rich Set of APIs for External Integration with CRM Systems and Enterprise Data Sources. A SaaS (Software as a Service), open architecture with robust APIs ensures organizations can unite systems and operations across the enterprise that impact the customer experience.

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What to Expect From Magento 2.3


The four features we are looking forward to the most are Progressive Web Apps, GraphQL, Async API, and Two-Factor Authentication. Apollo for efficient API interactions. GraphQL is a query API language used for PWA storefronts to transfer data efficiently. GraphQL allows developers to grab smaller amounts of data by making fewer API requests and receiving smaller responses. ASYNC API. Gone are the “old school ways” of REST API, as Albin describes it.

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Seamless Customer Experience Requires Smart Integrations

Upstream Works

These applications are often best-of-breed and highly valued by the contact center, including CRM, WFM, QM, and proprietary systems.

Overwhelmed by needing to modernize your contact center? Start here.


What level of integration to external systems (as in CRM) do my agents need? What’s the incremental value of QM (quality management), WFM (workforce management), Analytics, and API (applied programming interfaces) to the performance of my contact center? At some point, every contact center faces the stark reality of needing to modernize. You may still be spending hours creating reports on spreadsheets. You’ve got teams of agents but only rudimentary quality monitoring.

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Do's & Don'ts for Selecting a Call Recorder


Check to see if the vendor has verified integrations with your PBX vendor or your CRM system, for example. An open API will ensure interoperability with any application

10 Punkte, auf die Sie bei einer cloudbasierten Customer Engagement Plattform achten sollten


Vielzahl von APIs für die externe Integration mit CRM Systemen und Unternehmensdatenquellen. Eine offene SaaS-Architektur mit robusten APIs stellt sicher, dass Unternehmen die Systeme und Betriebsabläufe, die sich auf das Kundenerlebnis auswirken, zusammenführen können.

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2018: New Ways Cloud Will Enhance Customer Care


For example, many companies are seeing the benefits of deploying cloud contact center integrated with cloud CRM solutions to inside sales staff. So many companies are enjoying the benefits of having moved their contact centers to the cloud over the past few years.

Cloud-Based ACDs and Dialers Come of Age


The “platform as a service” paradigm, which essentially leverages application programming interfaces (APIs) to build out functional capabilities, makes it easier to build your own solution (BYOS). The worlds of interaction management and customer relationship management (CRM) are coming together. Once this happens, enterprises and small companies alike will be able to take advantage of the full functionality and intelligence that comes along with the CRM system.

Contact Center Acronyms: What They Mean & When to Use Them


API - Application Programming Interface. An application programming interface (API) is a software "go-between" that acts like a behind the scenes guide to make it easier to connect two applications. CRM - Customer Relationship Management. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a fundamental component of any contact center and is used to manage the relationship and interactions between existing and potential customers in order to improve business relationships.

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An Even Better Connection: What Salesforce’s Customer 360 Means to the Value of Voice Data


Hang around the CRM space long enough and you’re bound to hear the term “360-degree view of the customer.” For example, many voice conversations between the business and the buyer never make their way into CRM, simply because integration is often lacking. The advent of the cloud has made it easy for sales, marketing and support to implement systems that unintentionally re-build the data silos that CRM was supposed to knock down.

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Hoveround Successfully Navigates Customer Service – Increases Lead Conversion 116%


And most importantly, perhaps, the on-premise PBX wasn’t integrated with Hoveround’s CRM. With a suite of CXone products, which also includes CXone Automatic Contact Distributor, CXone Interactive Voice Response, CXone Reporting and CXone APIs, Hoveround shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. You may be familiar with the Hoveround name, even if you haven’t used it products.

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Accelerate CX Innovation with an Open Development Platform


These specialized CX services are accessible via development-friendly API’s. If you are a software developer then you’re familiar with the adage “code once, use everywhere”. Code reuse saves time.

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Your Agents are Not Superheroes! Increase Efficiency by Connecting Data Silos

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Most agents are dealing with several disconnected systems, such as CRM, siloed voice and digital systems, and knowledge repositories, in an attempt to access customer interaction data. When telephony and other channels are integrated into CRM for omnichannel capabilities, agents can pull customer data and complete work without opening another window. When businesses discover a need for connecting CRM with a contact center platform, some of them start building a custom solution.

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Pronounce names right with the NameShouts Chrome Extension


Because of this, we offer an API : software integration providing access to our database. The API presented a good opportunity for larger organizations to get access to NameShouts, but there was a small problem: people don’t understand the term “API.”

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Merits of Unlocking your Contact Center


Speed: Without the need to crack proprietary code or develop complicated APIs, the speed with which you can customize, test, deploy, and support the software is dramatically improved. Flexibility: You can utilize virtually any CRM system, databases, PBX switch, speech analytics , IVR analytics, workforce management, surveys and more. Open API – the software can be controlled by third party applications.

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Questions to Ask Call Recording Vendors


Is there an open API to integrate to/from third party CRM, analytics, etc Call recording software and. quality monitoring software can bring tremendous value to any contact center and/or enterprise, but how do you know which vendor/solution to choose - or better yet - which questions to ask? Right now there are over 100 call recording/quality monitoring vendors in the industry. Not all are created equal.

The iPaaS Revolution: Call Centers and Next-Gen Integration Tools

EPIC Connections

API coders no longer needed. API coders and long-term integration development plans may be sign of the past.

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How to Increase ROI for Your Custom Development Projects

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Overall, more and more companies are transforming their applications into platforms or at least investing heavily into APIs that allow for deeper integration. It’s an exciting time to be in IT these days!

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Cloud-based listening for the enterprise


For example, Five9 – one of the leading cloud-based call center platforms – provides an open API that enables the sharing of call audio and metadata with Tethr’s leading AI-powered voice analytics platform. You could also choose to correlate those conversations to CRM data to learn which plan(s) the customers that have those interactions are on.

Customer Service Trends To Watch In 2019

Branch Mesenger

By finding them where they are, and since a majority of the world is communicating with friends and families using WhatsApp , some businesses -- with the help of recently introduced enterprise APIs, are using the texting channel as a way to solve consumer problems.

GetApp Analysis Declares Aircall a Call Center Software Leader


Aircall integrates with dozens of the most popular CRM suites, helpdesk platforms, plus Zapier (for everything else). Using Aircall’s open API, users can create customizable integrations. Direct display of all CRM integrations. A Category Breakdown.

The 4 Advantages of a Cloud Phone System for Dental Offices


Whether it’s a CRM solution, accounting software, or a cloud phone system, using cloud-based software hands dental practices a distinct advantage. So potentially, your cloud-based CRM solution for the dental office can interact and share information with your office phone system.

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4 Contact Center Reports to Kick off 2019


“Integrating disparate applications into a coherent contact center technology architecture remains the number one challenge … [exacerbated by] … chronic shortage of IT and telecom resources … elevating the appeal of single vendor solutions as well as leveraging open platforms and APIs.”.

Contact Center Resolution Number 2 – Improve AHT and Agent Engagement with Screen Pops


During an interaction, a screen pops up to the agent with relevant customer information, like their name, the selection they made in the IVR, their CRM profile, and maybe even some agent scripting. “Hello Lauren, thank you for contacting customer service, what can I help you with today?”

Call Recording Powers the ‘Intelligent Contact Center’


With all of this intelligence, combined with CRM, IVR, ACD, speech and desktop analytics data, contact centers have the rich information necessary to intelligently route calls to the best agents, intelligently classify callers by their defection potential, understand which customers likely can be upsold effectively, and so on. Integrate and centralize your customer-related data sources (call recording, speech analytics, ACD, IVR, PBX, etc.) – systems with open APIs make this easier.

Is your Call Recording Software up to the Task?


Here are several considerations to weigh: Pulling data from 3rd party systems into the call recorder - The ability to automatically pull customer, financial and analytics data into your recorder from CRM, SFA and other systems is critical to gain a full picture of every customer and to uncover ways to optimize your sales relationship with them.

How to Select the Right UCaaS Provider

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Being agile and highly responsive is key to staying competitive in business today, so a UCaaS provider’s ability to integrate using open APIs on a single platform is important.

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Choosing My Solution: A Customer Engagement Software Checklist


Additional Considerations for CRM Solutions. Does the vendor have an existing and growing API system to best integrate with other technologies? Can the live chat provider use CRM integrations to recognize visitors who are already in your CRM system?

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Vonage Acquires NewVoiceMedia – What Does It Mean?


The larger pattern is the growing overlap of CRM and call centers (See “ Is a Call Center Just a CRM Feature? ”). Twilio and others made the once daunting voice-and-telco part of call center just another API call.

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Best Intercom Alternatives in 2019


Intercom is used by many who look for a Live Chat and simple CRM that they can use to acquire customers and grow their business. A powerful API is also available should you want to embed live chat in your web-app and use it as an in-app messenger.

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SaaS and PaaS in One


If you work in or near technology at all, you’ve likely heard of and probably used both SaaS and PaaS. Both are relatively new, as new as “the cloud” is to being really mainstream in hosting data, apps, and software for large and small businesses alike.

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