Increase Call Quality and Optimize Communication Apps with Tropo and Whitepages APIs

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Whitepages Pro APIs help businesses improve their communications using data. When layering Whitepages Pro data APIs with complimentary communication APIs, you can quickly build powerful applications that optimize businesses processes with little code. Tropo’s cloud API platform enables developers to embed real-time communications within their applications. To get a free API trial key for Phone Reputation, visit our developer center.

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The 4 Advantages of a Cloud Phone System for Dental Offices


Many dental offices are turning to cloud-based PBX and VoIP because it’s more affordable. For a more in-depth break down of how switching your dental office phone system to the Cloud can save you money, check out this TCO comparison between legacy PBX and Hosted VoIP phone systems. #2.

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Webinar: Phone Spam, Spam, Spam

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With the growth of VoIP and the cost of a call going to zero, the multi-billion dollar problem of telephony spam is on the rise. ” Can the spam in real-time before it harms consumers or businesses by getting your Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation API key.

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Every phone scam has a story…

Whitepages Pro

With the growth of VoIP and the cost of a call is going to zero, telephony spam is on the rise. The Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation API allows you to receive an easy to act upon reputation level of 1 – 4. If you need a finer level of granularity to prevent a targeted attack, you can use the Whitepages Pro Tuning API to identify the patterns specific to your traffic. API Call Centers Contact Center eCommerce & Retail Financial Services Marketing & Lead Generation

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Open Source Call Recording?


Its primary application is for recording calls from VoIP telephony systems via port mirroring. The project currently supports VoIP and sound device-based capture. Open data model, open API, open file formats, open web interface.

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Can Bandwidth Be Your Customer Experience Advantage?

Call Center Coach

At the core of Bandwidth’s business-grade CPaaS offering are communication APIs that allow companies to launch and scale next generation apps and solutions using the nation’s largest VoIP network. Are you a seeker of new things? What about re-discovering the old?

Lessons for Success from Cloud Communications Providers

Jon Arnold

Many cloud providers are still rooted in the telephony business, and for them, migrating their customers from legacy systems to hosted VoIP and maybe SIP trunking is the end game. This takes the conversation beyond VoIP and into UC and the broader collaboration space. As such, moving SMBs along from VoIP to UCaaS is no guarantee that cloud providers will have their future needs covered.

New VirtualPBX Dash Plans Are Live


Well-known features like Unlimited VoIP Minutes between system users, Ring Groups , Auto Attendant , Voicemail , Audio Conferencing , and use of the VirtualPBX Web Phone will come standard with every plan. Enterprise’s 2,500 toll-free minutes stands alongside Private Storage for call recordings, access to the VirtualPBX API, and use of VirtualPBX Servers for dual use of Dash and VirtualPBX SIP Trunking.

Talk to me: UC, UCaaS, CPaaS, CCaaS


We have experienced a transition from plain-old-telephone-systems (POTS) to voice over IP (VoIP), and now that the journey is largely complete we can see that voice is simply an application in the IP world.

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Video Snack-Pack: Contact Center and Customer Service Leaders


Take note of a spicy quote from Al Cook: “It is fundamentally untrue that you can slap some APIs on the side of your monolithic architecture and claim that it is as customizable as something that is designed to be customized.”.

Spotlight on Small Can be Beautiful for Hosted UC - but it's Big Too

Jon Arnold

Back then, there were plenty of VoIP providers, and it was still a growth market. They have embraced the API model for driving innovation, bringing programmability to their offering, and now offer over 50 customizable features and integrations. It’s easy to understand why the only way to go is up for providers in the hosted UC space. By nature, cloud is a business of scale, and the upsell opportunities are far greater as the size of end customer gets larger.

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How Sortlist Closes (and Keeps) Customers With Aircall + Intercom


They quickly opted for a VoIP solution they could install, setup, and scale in minutes. Sortlist uses Aircall’s open API to create a new contact within Aircall as soon as a lead is created within Intercom.

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Vonage Acquires NewVoiceMedia – What Does It Mean?


Twilio and others made the once daunting voice-and-telco part of call center just another API call. was a consumer VoIP pioneer known for incessant television advertising. Big news in the call center world broke last week: NewVoiceMedia (NVM) was acquired by Vonage for $350M.

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Which Mobile OTT Features Let You Win Tough Market Competition

REVE Systems

So, you as a VoIP service provider always need to plan future surprises beforehand for your customers to keep yourself at the top position in the long run! Sticker connection API.

Open Source SIPREC: Why You Should Care


Open source SIPREC is particularly attractive to VoIP service providers as the auto-provisioning capabilities of open source SIPREC are much easier to administer. Open database schema, file formats and API.

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How Aircall Uses Aircall: Tips & Tricks From Those Who Know Best


For our own internal purposes though, I usually create visualizations through Periscope using our API and webhooks. We push data from our API into Periscope, and what happens then? VoIP can be a tricky business.

Is Your Phone System Setting Support Agents Up to Fail?


But even VoIP softphones aren’t always guaranteed to play well with other applications. And with a little bit of API-based ingenuity, you can connect the system to virtually any CRM, helpdesk, or collaboration software your agents already depend on. Listen in on a couple of your support agents commiserating over coffee and you might hear phrases like “irritating,” “infuriating,” or “impossible to work with.”.

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How to Use Intercom to Encourage Customer Success


Aircall’s VoIP business phone system is an asset for both sales and support teams. Segment allows businesses to use a single API for event tracking, and lets them send data to multiple services in order to keep a coherent record of customer service. What is Intercom?

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