Hosted VoIP: Call Queues vs Ring Groups


Armed with a Hosted VoIP phone system, your business can access over 80, state-of-the-art features. How will you know which Hosted VoIP features to use? Which call management feature is best for your small business? Call Queues (a.k.a

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Why UX matters when choosing a Hosted VoIP provider


Over the past few years, choosing a Hosted VoIP provider often came down to features. But as predicted for 2018 , the features sets offered by Hosted VoIP providers look more and more similar. So let’s discuss how your IT team can identify a frictionless Hosted VoIP experience.

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Hosted vs On-Premise Solutions for Your VoIP


VoIP allows companies to save money and boost their productivity , as well as their efficiency. However, companies should also be aware that they have hosted and on-premise VoIP solutions as options. On-premise VoIP systems need to be installed in a physical space in your office.

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Top 5 Hosted VoIP Features Perfect for Your Small Business


Many small businesses today are eager to make the switch to Hosted VoIP phone systems. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol). In fact, according to Juniper Research , it was estimated that there would be approximately 1 billion VoIP users by the end of 2017. .

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Why latency matters for business VoIP calls?


Why latency matters for business VoIP calls? Latency is a well-known cause of poor quality VoIP calls. As VoIP calls are real-time, even the slightest delay is noticeable. What is VoIP? What can be done to reduce latency and improve VoIP calls?

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Jive Recognized as a 2019 Top-Rated VoIP Provider by TrustRadius


This new unified experience allows users to call, meet, text, chat and more all from one application. Well, in addition to that big news, TrustRadius just named Jive a 2019 Top-Rated VoIP Provider ! And not only a Top-Rated VoIP Provider, but the highest rated! A few TrustRadius reviewers have said of Jive: “We use Jive Hosted VoIP at all of our 30+ insurance agency locations across five states. Business Press VoIP PhonesJive is making huge strides this year!

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5 Ways Virsae Keeps Your Avaya Infrastructure at Peak Performance


Call quality starts with correct configuration. VSM goes beyond the network correlating configuration, capacity, and software release data to point UC and network teams in the right direction when solving call quality issues.

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Are you using CLI for advanced call handling? Is Caller ID supporting your process?


Whether your carrier partners are delivering customer calls to your center, or enabling your agents to reach out to your customers across international networks, consistent and accurate presentation of CLI is something your business needs. What happens when your customer calls you, but there is no call-back number? What happens when you call back but your CLI is not presented correctly? CLI is powerful through the lifespan of a customer call.

Hear the Orchestra Playing…

Momentum Telecom

I worked in the two-way radio business for many years, but I have since devoted the last decade to cloud-based business communications (VoIP, Unified Communications, Call Centers, etc.). Even though two-way radios have been around for over a century and VoIP barely a decade, there are things to learn from the radio business that can shape how you set up your communications. The answer is Call Reporting. The Lessons Learned from a Sunset Industry.

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Medical Call Center: How to Set up One


This is why many medical institutions have deployed a medical call center to ensure a positive experience, even when patients are dealing with serious and stressful medical conditions. However, setting up a medical call center can be a complicated process. Because customers approach the medical establishment with a wide range of issues, and because privacy concerns must remain a top priority, medical call centers have a unique range of challenges that other sectors often do not.