What is Upselling? (And 7 Steps to Becoming an Upselling *Machine*)


Upselling is a sales technique that aims to increase the value of a transaction. Bingo… instant sales intelligence! #2 Most effective sales teams test and refine a lot of different offers. The biggest mistake any salesperson can make is ‘going into sales mode’.

Outbound Call Center Tips & Best Practices


Outbound call centers depend on skilled and well-trained agents as much as useful software to consistently meet business goals. Keeping an outbound call center operating efficiently means making the most of both the talent you have on hand and the tools you can afford to implement.


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Calls to Mexico and Canada are Now Local


If so, your “unlimited” minutes might have a hidden drawback that’s not necessarily uncommon in the VoIP industry. VoIP and International Rates. One of the long-standing struggles with VoIP plans is that, often, “local” calls are restricted to the lower 48 states in the U.S.

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How Mention Uses Aircall to Boost Sales and Customer Success


Mention, a media monitoring software company , has been using Aircall’s VoIP phone system for more than three years. Mention’s phone operations are split into three functions: An outbound sales team t o discover new leads and set up product demos. An inbound sales team t o onboard new users, manage existing accounts, and foster customer success. Thanks to Aircall, Mention’s sales and support teams are speedier and more productive across inbound and outbound operations.

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5 Tips to Help You Build a Call Center from Scratch


This guide will be useful regardless of the type of call center you’re looking to set up (inbound or outbound, sales or support). Outbound call centers will generate revenue in the form of leads and sales. Nowadays, more often than not, this means using VoIP software through an IP PBX. It will assist you in streamlining your sales process and accompanying your customers along their journey.

How to Best Prepare for a Call Center Interview


If you enjoy the human aspect of customer service, the thrill of the chase that comes with sales, or any other specific aspect of the job which highlights a skill of yours, now’s the time to mention it. Increasingly, call centres are moving away from traditional setups and towards more flexible VoIP call center software. Be it support or sales, your call center agent post will require you to be proactive, autonomous, and productive.

Click-To-Call: How It Impacts the Customer Experience


These connections are possible and can be supported through a phone call, SMS or Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP). It means that not having the click-to-call component available is significantly harming your business’s sales. Increased Sales and Brand Loyalty. The click- to- call is important in improving your sales and eCommerce in general. Click-to-call buttons are an excellent tool for easily gaining potential sales opportunities for your business.

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9 Timeless Sales Strategies to Generate Leads for All Business

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The sales industry emerges, inbound and outbound sales professional seek to reinvent themselves. Different timeless sales strategies persist. Precisely, for prospecting, nurturing leads and closing sales. Else, the sales experts to weigh in on their predictions for the future of sales. Industries explore evergreen sales strategies professional need to learn and beyond. A sale are about creating a mutually advantageous relationship.

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TOP 20 Call Center Metrics Managers Can’t Ignore (FREE EBOOK)


Outbound and inbound customer services should be constantly measured to be improved. In this article we’ve decided to present you 20 call center metrics that will make it easier for you to gain powerful insights into the sales call performance and keep an eyeon your customer service efforts. Outbound call center metrics: Outbound Calls per Day. Sales managers often call upon providing customers with a solution as quickly as possible. Outbound Calls per Day.