Who is a Chief Customer Officer (CCO)?


Of all there lies the customers head, Chief Customer Officer (CCO) who is one among the C suites of the departments to deliver the customer success. Handling difficult customer interactions by offering the best customer experience is part of their deal.

The Chief Customer Officer’s Guide to Creating a Culture of Customer Delight


To grow a business in today’s times, it is essential to retain customers and create a positive word-of-mouth reputation in the market. In other words, you need to delight the customer consistently, repeatedly. So, how to delight the customer? reward customers for loyalty.


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Chief Customer Officer: Roles and Responsibilities of the Modern CCO


When it comes to customer success, there are various roles in an organization. But this blog is specifically about Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Chief Customer Officer (CCO) is the highest position in the customer success department in any organization.

Chief Customer Officer vs. Head of Customer Success: What’s the Difference?


What stays common between each member of your customer success company is the need to satisfy a hungry customer. Now many such designations and roles are designed to look after the specific needs of a customer. Establishes metrics for defining the relationship with customers.

Who should own the Renewals and Upsells? Sales or Customer Success?

CSM Practice

In whatever situation, the question “Who should own the renewals and upsells?” is considered to be a crucial topic among the Customer Success community. Before diving into the question, let’s find out who’s doing the renewals and upsells process? Type of Upsell.

The CCO’s Guide to Winning Budget for Customer Success


At such times, CCO is the only leader who has to bear the brunt; after all, customer success is at an adolescence phase! Due to this very reason, it becomes extremely difficult for the CCOs to pitch budget ideas for customer success successfully. . Customer success is a new function.

Reshaping The Future Of Digital Customer Service: 22 Influential Leaders to Watch in 2022


Customers expect better and faster pre and post purchase services. Whether they need help setting up a new device or to repair a damaged product, the way in which these interactions are handled are at the heart of customer satisfaction. Jeff is truly obsessed with customer service.

Senior Executives from SAP, Oracle, LinkedIn and Gainsight Join Newly-Formed Advisory Board at CSM Practice

CSM Practice

CSM Leader Optimizes Customer Success Strategies and Processes in collaboration with top thought leaders in its industry. Members of the CSM Practice Advisory Board are some of the most respected thought leaders in the field of customer success. Customer Success Strategy

How to measure value realization


As a customer, how do you decide whether a business has earned your loyalty? As a vendor, value realization affects customer loyalty and retention, customer satisfaction, referrals and recommendations, and opportunities to upsell. Gathering customer feedback.

Women of Influence: The Top 25 Innovative CX Leaders


Women of Influence: 25 Innovative Customer Experience Leaders. As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted many industries worldwide, customer experience proved to be more important than ever. Amanda Binns – Senior Vice President, Global Customer Success, Pixalate.

The Curious Case of Recruiting a Chief Omnichannel Officer


These high-ranking executives include several ‘chief’ job titles, such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Chief Customer Officer (CCO).

How to Sell Customer Success Software to the C-Suite: A Guide for Customer Success Leaders


If you are a customer success leader who’s being forced to use a sales tool that wasn’t built for you in the first place, we get you. how to sell your customer success tool to them. The Impact of selling a customer success software to the C-suite. Reinvent customer relationships.

How to Navigate Salesforce for Customer Success

CSM Practice

Business prospers by setting goals and striving hard to achieve targets in order to get more customers. However, as companies attract more customers, maintaining relationships with customers becomes more challenging. Salesforce and Customer Relationship Management.

A Day in the Life of a Director of Customer Success


Customer success departments have different structures in different companies. The Director of Customer Success comes somewhere in the middle of the corporate ladder. Mostly they report to the Vice President of Customer Success or the Chief Customer Officer.

‘Moments of Truth’ in Customer Success Journey


“Moments of truth” are those crucial points in your firm’s interaction with a customer. It’s usually on the customer success teams to analyze the potential touchpoints and decide: How could the interaction be better? Additional Read- Customer Retention Guide. Customer Success

Understanding the Joint Success Plan: A Tool for Outcome-Based Customer Success Management


This is a guest blog post by Jay Nathan, Chief Customer Officer at Higher Logic. A J oint Success Plan is a simple but powerful tool for outcome-based customer success management. The range of responsibilities of Customer Success Managers (CSM) in the industry is dizzying.

Top 50 Women Leaders in Customer Success 2022


In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are honored to present our Top 50 Women Leaders in Customer Success to Follow list for 2022, celebrating 50 influential women leaders and their inspiring stories of strength and success.

Jun 22 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Customer Success Manager Location: Bay Area, CA or Remote, US. Organization: Gremlin Gremlin is seeking a CSM who can support their Enterprise customers. Monitor customer health and track product adoption through features used. upsells, renewals, and more.

Totango Hosts Interactive Lunch for Customer Success Thought Leaders in NYC


Customer Success for the Enterprise, held on September 18th in NYC was an exciting chance for Customer Success leaders from around the world to exchange their innovative ideas in this ever-changing space. . Four topics stood out from the discussion: enabling customer-centricity, turning insights into action, driving results that last, and deciding to buy a CS solution over building one in-house. Customer-Centricity is Key.

A Guide to Customer Success Career Paths


When it comes to customer success career paths, customer success manager stands doubtlessly on the top. With the rise of SaaS industry and most companies shifting their business model to subscription-based, the rise in customer success jobs is understandable. Companies have realized the gain ratio between shelling out revenues on customer success vs net dollar retention which is more beneficial for them. Customer Marketing. Customer Success Leader.

A Day in the Life of a Director of Customer Success


Customer success departments have different structures in different companies. The Director of Customer Success comes somewhere in the middle of the corporate ladder. Mostly they report to the Vice President of Customer Success or the Chief Customer Officer.

Net Revenue Retention vs. Gross Revenue Retention: Explained


SaaS companies must be cognizant of and weigh the implications brought about by a sole focus on these metrics when assessing the performance of and building strategies for Customer Success. NRR reflects your ability to retain and expand customers. Customer Retention Defined.

Productivity and Time Management Tips for Customer Success Managers


The more you wish your customer base to grow, the higher you need to zoom in to productivity and time management. As a Customer Success Manager , you constantly juggle between relationship building, onboarding, upselling and strive to take the customer satisfaction score a notch up.

Popular Customer Success Titles in 2020


Customer Success is the buzzword in the modern SaaS companies. It is a broad term to define the company’s approach towards retaining its customers and expanding their business with them. Customer success as a philosophy challenges you to think beyond your own interest as a company.

Customer Success ROI: How to Measure and Improve It


Before customer success was introduced, companies used to spend massive funds in acquiring the customers only to see them finally go. But as customer retention became a major goal for these companies, customer success ROI started paying off. Customer Retention.

ChurnZero’s Greatest Hits from 2020 Feat. Top 10 Blog Posts and Other Noteworthy News


9 Well-Meaning Yet Harmful Phrases to Avoid with Customers. This article is a roundup of the not-so-obvious phrases you should avoid saying to a customer no matter how well-intentioned or deserved. Customer Success Operations 101: Drive Productivity with Purpose, People, and Process.

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Q&A: How Your Organization Can Achieve a Customer-First Transformation


The term “customer-first” gets thrown around and cited often in the B2B world. The challenges to becoming a customer-centric company are not easy to overcome alone. It takes a village to raise a customer-centric company. You can’t know your customers if you don’t have data.

How to Prepare an Effective Quarterly Business Review

Education Services Group

Capturing and reacting based on your customers’ expected business outcomes are integral part of Customer Success. Therefore, during a Quarterly Business Review (QBR), customers are asked what their desired business outcomes are. The focal point of the Quarterly Business Review , commonly known as a QBR, revolves around the business of your customers, on what can be done to scale the growth of their business.

How to Optimize Your Renewal Process When Sales Owns It


This is a guest blog post by Irit Eizips , Chief Customer Officer and CEO of CSM Practice. . Keeping a renewing client allows you to increase your Customer Success team’s efficiency and grow your SaaS business. Customer Success Around the Web.

Sales 52

Do you have a definite customer success organization structure?


A well structured customer success organization is necessary for any SaaS company to achieve massive growth. So, a proper customer success organization is required to provide consistent growth. Setting Up a Customer Success Organization. Most people know the importance and benefits of customer success but setting up an effective customer success organization is not easy because it is a new field. Should Customer Success report to Sales?

Q&A: Selling for People Who Don’t Love Sales


So, you signed up for a Customer Success gig and now your boss wants you to upsell? To learn how selling and taking great care of your customers actually go hand in hand, we hosted a webinar with Bryan Neale, Founder of Blind Zebra Consulting and self-proclaimed “CS Sales Whisperer.”.

Sales 70

Highlights from TSW Las Vegas 2019


Hosted by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), the event brought together thousands of technology and services company leaders to share strategies and solutions for meeting rising customer expectations. Well, just as today’s companies must consider the experience of customers across all interactions, we wanted to ensure a positive experience for conference attendees. Customers expect to have a voice.” — John Ragsdale , VP of Technology Research at TSIA.

3 Customer Retention Strategies for the Pandemic’s Next Wave


This is a guest blog post by Anita Toth, Chief Churn Crusher. . Did you know that 60% of SaaS companies reported a negative impact on customer retention and upsell deals due to the pandemic? Customer Success teams are in a unique position to listen to their customers’ challenges.

Customer SuccessCon Berkeley 2019 Takeaways


Top Five Customer SuccessCon Berkeley 2019 Takeaways. Last week ChurnZero sponsored Customer SuccessCon 2019 in Berkley, CA. The event, hosted by The Customer Success Association , featured sessions from a variety of CS thought leaders. Customer Success Around the Web.

How to Get Your Customer Success Budget Increased


You might need additional funds to purchase a Customer Success Operations system to automate playbooks and avoid unnecessary manual work. You might need additional funds approved to hire additional Customer Success managers. Hiring a customer success operations manager could help your team develop templates, document your customer success playbooks and ensure efficiency when executing them. Identifying your customer success team's primary goals is important.

The indispensable role of Customer Success in B2B SaaS with ChurnZero CEO You Mon Tsang


From optional to all-important, Customer Success has come a long way in the last decade. It lowers your customer’s upfront expenses. The threat of an as-a-service model is that the cost to the customer of churning to a new supplier can be dramatically lower.

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The Fear of Churn


In honor of Halloween, we asked our own Customer Success team to dig deep into their most frightful memories of customer churn and tell us: Which churn monster do you fear most and why? But also, what do you do when the customer is trying so hard – and they mean well – but everything keeps going wrong? It’s distressing when you know the customer is a great fit for your product, they just don’t have a strong or consistent person to lead the charge. The Fear of Churn.

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Achieve product success by designing a great Customer Success team structure!


Customer Success (CS) as a business function has seen enormous growth in the SaaS industry within the last decade. With an evolving need of mutually beneficial relationships with their customers, companies are investing more on building a customer success team. Source.

How to Manage Churn- with Irit Ezips!


The capacity to forecast that a specific customer is at a high risk of churning while there is still time to do something about it is a major new possible revenue generator for any company. Irit Ezips is the Chief Customer Officer and CEO at CSM Practice. Customer Churn

Who owns the customer experience anyway?

Taylor Reach Group

Over the past number of years, the customer experience (otherwise known as “CX”) has become a profession unto itself. Roles like Chief Customer Officer, Customer Experience Director, Manager, Customer Success have been popping up.