Leading virtual meetings

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With Covid-19, most meetings will be virtual. Learn how to make your virtual meetings productive and engaging in this short course. Customer Experience Design

Meet Kathleen Peterson: Our April 2020 Wall of Fame Honoree

Contact Center Pipeline

Contact Center Pipeline’s AUTHOR WALL OF FAME Kathleen Peterson is Chief Vision Officer of PowerHouse Consulting, a renowned management consulting firm specializing in operationalizing the Customer Experience; our consultants are recognized experts in the design and implementation of Contact Center strategy and associated technologies.

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Meeting Customers Unmet Needs, The New Imperative for 2020

Beyond Philosophy

By providing an experience that meets the needs of customers and potential customers, the organization increases its sales. We use improving Customer Experiences to meet the needs of customers so that they want to do business with one company over another.

When Improv Meets Business


Be it digital or face-to-face, today we must improvise to meet the expectations and needs of our customers. The post When Improv Meets Business appeared first on Shep Hyken. Customer Experience.

Vanilla Conversations: A Virtual Conference on May 19-21

Communities are important. They help us learn, grow, share and most importantly, connect—which is especially important during these difficult times. But creating great communities that serve this purpose, or any purpose, can be difficult to perfect, even for the seasoned community manager or enterprise organization. That's why we've created The Virtual Community Expo. Join Vanilla Forums for their free 3 day expo, where you'll hear from nearly 30 speakers on all things that matter in the community space. We can't meet in person, and so, this is where the conversation continues.

Meet LogMeIn: Our May 2020 Sponsor Wall of Fame Honoree

Contact Center Pipeline

Contact Center Pipeline’s SPONSOR WALL OF FAME Company name: LogMeIn CEO: William (Bill) Wagner, CEO Describe your company: LogMeIn delivers industry-leading solutions designed to empower companies to deliver smarter, more personalized customer engagement and support.

Improve Your Business Meetings by Going Old School


Businesses spend $37 billion a year holding unproductive meetings. But I don’t need to tell you —we experience meeting drudgery every day. How do we hold effective business meetings? What do teachers have to do with business meetings? What’s the purpose of this meeting?

The People You Meet While Hunkered Down

Chip Bell

The post The People You Meet While Hunkered Down appeared first on Chip R. Current Events corona virus COVID19 hunkered down the people you meetThree early morning trips to the local grocery store left me bomb-shelter-ready for a three-week air raid. The cat has enough cat sand; all meds are up-to-date, and vehicles are gassed up… just in case. Now, for the waiting and worrying. I am reminded of being on ambush my first night of combat in Southeast Asia.

Meet 5CA's polyglots


Last Friday, the 21st of February, was International Mother Language Day – an annual observance aimed at raising awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and promoting multilingualism. At 5CA, we have no shortage of multilingual speakers!


C.A.R.E. Teleforum Meet The Members


Don't let Covid-19 stop you meeting new people. Teleforum Meet The Members appeared first on CustomerCount. Join the C.A.R.E. Teleforum, connect with C.A.R.E. members to share information and inventory options. The post C.A.R.E.


Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

In recent years, cold calling has become synonymous with rejection and failure. But the numbers aren't that clear; while less than 2% of today’s cold calls actually result in meetings, 78% of decision-makers have taken an appointment or attended an event as a result of a cold call. What’s the verdict?

Where AI Meets CX: How Conversational Commerce Effects Customer-Driven Growth

Beyond Philosophy

The post Where AI Meets CX: How Conversational Commerce Effects Customer-Driven Growth appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting. Technology, human behavior, Customer Experience are intersecting through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and taking marketing in a new direction.

Meet WFMSG: Our March 2020 Sponsor Wall of Fame Honoree

Contact Center Pipeline

Where AI Meets CX: Inventor of the Hashtag Shares Innovative Concepts Pt 2

Beyond Philosophy

The post Where AI Meets CX: Inventor of the Hashtag Shares Innovative Concepts Pt 2 appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting.

Meeting Customer Expectations: 4 Phone System Features that Help


Meeting customer expectations, especially over the phone, has changed dramatically. How to meet customer expectations on the phone. That’s the case when meeting elevated customer expectations. Technology is critical to meeting customer expectations.

The Impact of Direct Dials on Sales Productivity

Leveraging the latest industry research, this eBook highlights the impact of direct dial phone numbers on sales productivity with the goal of empowering reps to have more conversations with prospects, and consequently, schedule more meetings, increase opportunities, and close more business - fast.

Meet Customer Contact Strategies: Our January 2020 Wall of Fame Honoree

Contact Center Pipeline

Contact Center Pipeline’s SPONSOR WALL OF FAME Company name Customer Contact Strategies CEO/Founder Michele Rowan When founded 2009 Describe your company We help companies design/expand their work-at-home programs for contact centers via custom consulting, public workshops and conferences.

Meet Lori Bocklund: Our February 2020 Wall of Fame Honoree

Contact Center Pipeline

Contact Center Pipeline’s AUTHOR WALL OF FAME Lori Bocklund is President of Strategic Contact, an independent consulting firm that helps companies optimize the value of their customer contact technology and operations.

Seamless CX Meets Strategic AI

NICE inContact

The post Seamless CX Meets Strategic AI appeared first on NICE inContact Blog. Here’s the problem: 91% of customers expect a seamless experience when moving from one method of communication with a company to another (e.g., chat to phone).

#IAmAlorica: Meet Akime


Meet Akime. He’s from beautiful Kingston, Jamaica and he has a personality to match. View his video to check out his cool charisma and dazzling dance moves. ???. Source. Blog #IAmAlorica Culture

The Top 3 Ways to Forecast for Your Contact Center

agents to meet required. not meeting its goal! estimates to meet anticipated service levels at any given time. to Meet Any Custom. calabrio.com 1 Forecast accuracy is one of the most important. metrics by which workforce management (WFM).

Meeting the Demands on Enterprise Networks


The demands on enterprise networks have never been greater. More and more applications are moving to the cloud, connected endpoints are increasing exponentially, and distributed workforces are demanding secure access and optimal performance wherever they go. Enterprise Networking SD-WAN

#IAmAlorica: Meet Samson Seelan


Meet Samson, Director of Strategic Onboarding for Latin America and the Caribbean. When he’s not devouring paches (his favorite Guatemalan dish), he can be found painting gorgeous landscapes and making friends! Find out more about him in our latest #IAmAlorica video. link]. Source. Video #IAmAlorica Culture


Best Practices for Securing Your Zoom Meetings


Zoom: Perception vs. Reality. Negative Press: We have undoubtedly all heard the many reports questioning the security readiness of Zoom as of late. Are there impactful vulnerabilities, and is Zoom safe? We have even seen negative fallout due to some of the reported concerns.

#IAmAlorica: Meet Jorge


Meet Jorge from Guadalajara. Not only is he a lean, mean, fighting machine, but he’s also an internationally trained vocal stylist. Check out his video to find out more about him. Source. Blog #IAmAlorica Culture


The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

to meet customer expectations for digital service Social Media Voice of the. Are they proactive about meeting increasing customer expectations? To meet. SERVICE DUE TO TRAINING DEFICIENCIES To meet customer service. STRATEGIES To meet increasing customer.

Meet 5CA’s polyglots


Consumer support over any channel, in any language, at any time: 5CA’s successful contact center as a service is possible because we use technology to make planet Earth our talent pool. It also presents an intriguing challenge: How do we balance flexibility, productivity, and security

#IAmAlorica: Meet Chris Crowley


Meet Chris Crowley, Alorica’s Chief Commercial Officer. Not only is he one of our insanely great Executive Leadership Team members … he’s just an overall cool guy. He can dispense words of wisdom, run a mean fast break, and even carry a tune. Check out his video to find out more about him.


Coffee with AVOXI: Meet Katy!


I… The post Coffee with AVOXI: Meet Katy! Get to know our team over coffee with AVOXI! Our QA Engineer, Katy, addresses life in the tech community, office dynamics, and what she's up to when she's not running tests for AVOXI's development team. What is your title at AVOXI?

#IAmAlorica: Meet Donald


We’d like to introduce you to Donald. He’s a Director of Operations in beautiful Guadalajara. He’s passionate about his job and his people, and at Alorica he’s always hitting a grand slam. Watch his video to find out more about him. Source. Blog #IAmAlorica Culture


The Health of the Contact Center: Are You Ready for 2019?

meeting customer expectations, so where is the disconnect? Given the high demands of today’s customers, if agents fail to meet service expectations, customers. meets their complex needs, agents must manage.

#IAmAlorica: Meet Pablo


Meet Pablo. Not only is he a music-loving Business Process Manager, but he was also born during a solar eclipse that only happens every 90 years! Check out his video to find out more about him! ????. Source. Blog #IAmAlorica Culture

Amazing Business Radio: Jeff Nicholson


Amazing Business Radio Show customer service strategies empathy in customer service meeting customer expectationsLeading with Empathy. Revolutionizing Your Customer Service for an Uncertain Future. Shep Hyken interviews Jeff Nicholson of Pegasystems.

CRM 215

#IAmAlorica: Meet Janey


Meet Janey, our thrill-seeking Director of IT who jumps out of airplanes for fun. View her video to see what her “concentration face”—and her adorable new kid—look like. ???. Source. Blog #IAmAlorica Culture


Are You Meeting & Exceeding Customer Expectations?

Teresa Allen

Meet & Exceed Customer Expectations 2. Build & Protect Customer Relationships Proactively Step 1: Meet & Exceed Customer Expectations In order to meet customer expectations, the first common sense service step is to KNOW your customers' expectations !

Sales 72

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

Opportunities to Meet the Real Needs of. quickly act to meet new customer expectations. transformation to meet elevated customer. from customers to meet their corporate objectives, then design analytics initiatives and implement. New Study Reveals Reliance on Too Few.

5 Effective Methods to Identify and Meeting Customer Needs

REVE Chat Blog

Understanding what customer wants should be the focal point of every business and meeting their needs will build a solid customer base. With your business operating under a cyclical process of anticipating, identifying and meeting customer needs, you can provide quick and positive results.