Call Center QA Calibration – The Complete Guide


Two words: call calibration. In this guide, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about call calibration: what it is, why it matters, and how to do it to keep your customers—and call center agents—happy. What Is Call Calibration? Calibration is a way to establish and define expectations so you can make sure they’re being met. What’s So Important About Call Calibration? Call calibration is a valuable process for your call center.

Quality Monitoring is Suffocating: How to Breathe New Life into Your Program

Contact Center Pipeline

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10 Key Metrics and KPI’s for Contact Centre Performance

Call Design

Understanding how to make a profit on the double bottom line (DBL) involves employing a broad range of KPIs and key metrics to ensure a contact centre meets every need that a business may have in supporting their customers.

Putting Humanity in Contact Centers

Customer Relationship Metrics

Organizations must create performance management and employee development programs that use customer relationship metrics to drive their service delivery. For the last few years Customer Relationship Metrics has been helping clients implement a modern QA model called Impact Quality Assurance (iQA). Think about the evaluation, the calibration, and the coaching. Humanity in Contact Center Metrics. Too many contact centers stick to standard metrics.

Leveraging AI-driven Customer Experience Management Software to Boost CX Quality


It is often unclear what direct effects QA has on higher revenues, better business performance, and other financial metrics. In other words, how do we draw the line from QA to our most important metrics and the people we are trying to reach? .

The Coming Disruption of the Contact Center Outsourcing Industry

Taylor Reach Group

The ‘fly in the ointment’ is increasingly becoming the underlying ‘contractual metrics’. The most common metrics included in CCO agreements are all quantitative: Service Level, AHT, abandon rate etc. None of these metrics speak to the quality of the interaction. Clients are seeking contractual metrics focused on Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and First Contact Resolution (FCR). Clients want qualitative metrics and KPI’s. By: Colin Taylor.

Why Customer Experience is Like Sex in High School

Customer Relationship Metrics

As the study progressed and agent-level feedback was collected by “Contact Center A”, the results for this metric were dramatic. So to be transparent with you, we conducted Survey Calibration on the post-call IVR surveys collected for “Contact Center A”. Just as in your internal quality monitoring program (iQM), you conduct calibration for accuracy and fairness, so must you for your customers’ quality monitoring. Everybody’s talking about it.

Building Your Best Culture in 2019

CX Accelerator

From Jeremy Hyde: How do your leaders calibrate on what they “coach” on and how/when they approach it? They feel the pressure of meeting metrics but don’t know how and when to strike a balance. Doing this, again, helps to calibrate, explore and make sure you are all kinda sorta on the same page with that sort of thing What messages are you, or other leaders in the Org, sending to the Supervisor level leaders that is creating the environment you described?

Quality Time for Your Contact Center?

Monet Software

3 Calibrate Quality Evaluations and Metrics. The key is in calibration among everyone who reviews contacts to ensure they are listening (and looking) for the same things in each call, email, chat and DM.

So You Need a Quality Application? Consider These 7 Things

Customer Service Life

Some metrics that we regularly look at include: Overall quality averages as well as individual agent performance. A comparison of our scores against other key metrics like handle times and customer satisfaction. Calibrate with all scorers. Quality calibration is a process by which all reviewers ensure alignment on the way they grade customer interactions. It’s an efficient way to calibrate multiple customer interactions in a timely manner.

The Coming Disruption of the Contact Center Outsourcing Industry – Part 2

Taylor Reach Group

As outlined in Part 1 of this series the traditional approach to contact center outsourcing has resulted in a quantitative focus on metrics like Service Level, Abandon rate, and AHT, rather than a qualitative focus, inflexibility to meet client demands, Quality Assurance that doesn’t assure anyone of quality and Risk/Reward models that only benefit the CCO. Together this makes for an effective quality program, without expensive and time-consuming calibration and ambiguous results.

A Prepared Interpreting Services Company Can Help Health Plans Ace CMS’s Accuracy & Accessibility Study

Certified Languages International

It’s for good reason, too — a health plan’s success on these metrics depend on the planning and preparation of their interpreting services company. We also work closely with our CMS clients and hold calibration meetings to discuss interpreter performance.

How to Set Up a Successful Telemarketing Lead Generation Pilot Program

Quality Contact Solutions

How to Identify your Telemarketing Lead Generation Goals: The first step in setting up a successful telemarketing lead generation pilot program is to know which metrics to measure and the goals you’re trying to reach. Telemarketing has outlived a wide variety of marketing strategies.

3 Reasons Why Customer Satisfaction Should Not Replace Quality Assurance

Customer Service Life

A quality score is a standard metric on most agent scorecards and therefore they’re held accountable to it. While I’d argue that customer satisfaction is most certainly a quality metric, it should never replace your quality assurance efforts. In a recent quality calibration with a client, we were reviewing a particular interaction where the agent had given an incorrect answer that would likely require the customer to call back.

Looking for an Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Partner? Keep These Tips in Your Glovebox

Quality Contact Solutions

Consider metrics such as average speed of answer, abandon rate, utilization, talk times, first call resolution, etc. It is also worth noting that it’s best to compare the formulas that make up each metric.

Escape the Contact Center Paradox: Narrow your Focus


2.Directly Connect the Priorities to Business Metrics Not all metrics matter. The BPO industry has become so technical and advanced that metrics are multiplying rapidly. Over time, contact centers can get bogged down by the magnitude of efficiency and quality metrics. Identifying the most important metrics and translating the data into intelligent insights and actions is where many companies fail. Escape the Contact Center Paradox: Narrow your Focus.

Ten Reasons You Should Never Outsource Your Call Center


You Do Not Understand Call Center Metrics. If that person does not have a lot of experience understanding call center metrics, it can become very confusing and frustrating to understand the terminology that different vendors are trying to tell you.

Closer to the Customer

Service Agility

These metrics are used to drive improvement activities, evaluate agent performance, and portion out incentive compensation at all levels throughout the organization. While you need to be careful about over-reacting to a single instance, the value of listening to the transaction is that it encourages a response much more effectively than a single low rating in a satisfaction report.Group calibration sessions. The one metric that matters.

What to do with a ‘Watermelon Customer’?


To identify a watermelon customer, the metric that would help you the most is instead the Customer Intent Score. The Customer Intent Score is a metric that measures a visitor’s willingness to accomplish a conversion goal, for example- a request for further information.

BPO Vendor Management Part One: Top 5 Tips for Better KPI Performance

Outsource Consultants

Otherwise, you’re fighting for metrics that don’t drive business results for your brand. Sometimes one KPI will inevitably lower another, and KPI cannibalization is the act of setting success metrics that pull in opposite directions. Call Center Tip #5 — Collaborate and Calibrate.

How to Make KBA’s Work for Your Contact Center


It’s an informative metric that can reflect the impact of agent training programs as well as organizational processes and resources. A more efficient authentication process is one that is capable of calibrating the authentication requirements based on the desired action of the caller.

How Important is Training for Call Center Supervisors & Managers?

CSR Inc.

QA Tools for Managers & Supervisors Monitoring, evaluating and follow-up training & coaching are the tools at which managers and supervisors need to excel in order to ensure that their organization: Implements clear performance standards Improves calibrations & scoring among Evaluators Improves quality, sales and retention performance There are numerous other benefits for your company, as well.

Creating A Customer Service Quality Assurance Form Doesn’t Have To Be Scary (Here’s How)

Customer Service Life

Here are some of the benefits of a great quality tool: Effortlessly create forms and calibrations. Once the form is created and in use, it’s important to regularly calibrate as a team to make sure everyone is grading the same way. What metrics matter most in your organization? This article was originally published on the MaestroQA blog on December 2, 2018. Click here to read the original post. Creating a quality form for your customer service team can be a scary task.

From RFP to Go-Live: A Roadmap for Implementing Your Outsourced Customer Care Program


If that suite doesn’t include the specific metrics that align with your goals, now is the time to get started on developing custom reports. That RFP process is a grind, eh?

6 KPIs to Guarantee Success from Your Outsource Call Center

Outsource Consultants

This includes ensuring the agents receive the proper training, quality management, and calibrations to drive high-level performance. 4) Conversion Metrics. Set up a metric that shows whether or not the agents are converting leads. Prepare a quality scorecard to manage call quality on all parts of the call and utilize that card to manage your quality metrics.

Customer Churn During a Pandemic: What SaaS Companies Need to Know


Review the metrics that go into building your customers’ health scores , such product usage and adoption, license utilization, business results, engagement, and advocacy, and ensure they are properly calibrated for the current environment. A crisis is a time for Customer Success teams.

SaaS 64

9 Contact Center Best Practices for 2020 (and Actionable Tips)


You’ll improve customer experience metrics like average handle time and first call resolution. Calibrate regularly. Metrics Focused on Customer Experience. Contact centers that adopt customer experience metrics that drive loyalty and service win.

9 Contact Center Best Practices for 2020 (and Actionable Tips)


You’ll improve customer experience metrics like average handle time and first call resolution. Calibrate regularly. Metrics Focused on Customer Experience. Contact centers that adopt customer experience metrics that drive loyalty and service win.

Q&A Part 2: the startup’s guide to Customer Success


In fact, one of my earliest mistakes was building a customer health score that was too complex to the point where I was spending more time tracking and calibrating the score rather than pushing the customer success objectives forward.

101 Call Monitoring Parameters for Quality and Coaching


When you experiment with different metrics and track improvement over time, you set yourself up for success. Good parameters are measurable and clearly defined (something you can test through calibration sessions with management, supervisors, and reps – post on this coming soon). Too many metrics, especially if they’re complex or vague, gets confusing and often builds resentment in your team. Hope you don’t mind the bonus metrics!

Put The “Custom” In Customer Service: Enhance & Share

24-7 InTouch

By focusing on our team members’ experience , we improve results from a retention and employee engagement perspective, while also driving core contact center metrics such as CSAT, AHT, and attendance. Type: Determine what the most important metrics are that tell the full story.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Agent Scorecards


The key metrics you track are objective. Instead, the objective metric is a hard data point you use to quantify pieces of your agent’s performance. DO weigh different metrics appropriately. Not every metric is equal. DO calibrate often.

25 Call Center Leaders Share the Most Effective Ways to Boost Contact Center Efficiency


Metrics, Measure, and Monitor – Make sure your metrics and associated goals are clear and concise while aligning with efficiency and effectiveness. Make each metric public and ensure everyone knows why that metric is measured. Monitor each metric and make performance accessible to all so goals are transparent and everyone can contribute to reaching milestones. Jeff Greenfield is the co-founder and chief operating officer of C3 Metrics.

4 Reasons Your Quality Management Stinks

Customer Centric Support

I recently witnessed a presentation in which a quality team touted their massive improvement in QA metrics. Many of us work hard on this concept of “calibration,” which in QM world is training people to give a similar score for recurring behaviors. Tips for creating a customer-centric quality management program. When implemented well, a Quality Management program has the potential to revolutionize both the agent and the customer experience.

4 Tips to Get Value From Contact Center Quality Scores

Customer Service Life

That’s time consuming and difficult for quality teams to calibrate with one another on for consistent grading. I absolutely believe that quality is a key metric on the agent scorecard and it’s something agents need to be held accountable to but perhaps it doesn’t belong in the coaching session. Another option I’ve seen is to discuss metrics in a separate meeting with agents and the quality metric is one of several that they review on a balanced scorecard.

The Ultimate Guide To Implement Customer Retention Software For Your SaaS Business


From the last couple of weeks, we’ve been writing about the importance of customer retention , key metrics to track and how Customer Success can help you drive retention, and whether your organization is ready to implement Customer success software. .

Agent Attrition: Time for a Change

Service Agility

When supervisors receive little formal leadership training, and are never evaluated on metrics like the engagement levels of their team and the quality of the coaching that is done, it is easy to see why agents get frustrated. It seems that we need to re-calibrate our approach to find any annual attrition rates in double digits (or more) to be a red flag. Originally published in the Contact Center Pipeline, September 2014 “Well, you know, it is a call center.”

Treating employees as customers

Connecting the Dots

Metrics to enhance success and prevention. The following are nine metrics you should consider using to move from firefighting to a preventive/value-add mode of service. CCMC ~.

Resolving the Riddle of Retention

Taylor Reach Group

Calibration too often devolves into a debate of rationalizing a 6 versus a 7, which doesn’t add any real value to the process. Poorly aligned KPI’s and metrics create dissonance and confusion in the center. By: Colin Taylor. The downside of a strong economy is low unemployment and job shortages. A strong economy doesn’t directly cause contact center attrition, but it does provide employees and agents options that may not exist in a weaker economy.

5 Must-Haves for a Successful Call Center Quality Program

CSR Inc.

Guidelines should also be in sync with your company’s goals and key performance indicator (KPI) metrics. It is important to understand how often the vendor will review progress and use your goals and success criteria to calibrate your firm’s call center efforts to consistently stay on target. An effective call center quality program is vital to keeping your call center running at peak efficiency. But making sure the program itself is also high quality is just as critical.