Digital banking entrants wary of losing the human connection


In their drive to be digitally relevant and hold market share, both traditional and digital banks run the risk of losing customers by reducing human interaction.

Firstsource Leverages Analytics to Set New Benchmarks


In a recent article , Firstsource’s Aparajita Gupta, senior vice president, digital support and analytics, describes how using Verint Speech and Text Analytics helped the India-based business process outsourcer analyze huge volumes of data and—importantly for its customers—find root causes to a variety of challenges.

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Why Adopting Speech Recognition Technology in Your Call Centre Is Easier Than You Think

CSM Magazine

As well as changing the face of the consumer market, voice recognition can also have huge benefits for businesses. Innovations such as automated compliance monitoring, emotion detection and biometric security functions are able to help call centres by making existing processes more efficient.

Avaya Enabling Hundreds of Thousands to Work Remotely in the Face of COVID-19 Challenges

CSM Magazine

A multi-national bank that provides people, companies and institutional investors with a wide range of financial products is enabling business continuity by empowering 15,000 agents to work from home.

Nearshore Spotlight: Colombia

Outsource Consultants

Selecting a call center partner is a time-consuming effort where real business consequences are at stake. Businesses must consider best-fit call center options to tackle high costs, employee attrition and poor customer service that can plague traditional contact operations. banks.

Better Business Growth, Superior Customer Service & More: How a Call Center Benefits Your Business


From effortless business growth to streamlined customer service, an expertly outsourced call center is the ideal tool to boost productivity. While most firms lack the internal resources to effectively implement and manage a customer contact center, today’s business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions – including TeleDirect’s highly flexible, affordable call center platform – provide exceptional performance across a wide variety of industries. Business Solution

Cloud Solutions Are Rising in the Contact Center

DMG Consulting

The future of contact center applications is in the cloud, as chief information officers (CIOs) and business leaders are in agreement and on board with the benefits of adopting this model for contact center infrastructure and other contact center systems. The increased reliability, flexibility, and security of some of the offerings are convincing IT and business leaders in financial services to give them a try, particularly now that cloud-based vendors are driving market innovation.