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How to Power up Your B2C Marketing Strategies with Surprising B2B Secrets


As has been claimed for decades, there are differences between B2C marketing strategies and those of business-to-business (B2B). Understanding the Landscape of B2B vs. B2C Marketing At the heart of all effective marketing strategies lies the principle of satisfaction and connection.

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4 Gold CX Metrics for CX Leaders


4 Gold CX Metrics for CX Leaders Lynn Hunsaker Concentrate on just 4 CX metrics and you’ll see greater progress in more than 20 growth metrics. This article is a continuation of 24 CX ROI Metrics for Your Chief Customer Officer Prosperity Playbook. Let’s explore the 4 gold metrics that drive every CX metric.

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Customer Experience Strategy: Paradigm Shift!

Interaction Metrics

Companies seem inordinately invested in their customer experience (CX) strategy. If you misunderstand the customer experience, any strategy to improve it will fall short. This definition accounts for two critical reality checks. They send surveys, analyze touchpoints, and build out customer personas. brands declined.

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Call Center Metrics: Examples, Tips & Best Practices


Depending on your call center’s primary functions, certain metrics may prove meaningless and unusable in a practical sense, while others can be pivotal in assessing performance and improving over time. Following are a few metrics that matter for inbound call centers: Abandoned Call Rate. Types of Call Centers.

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Understanding Customer Health Score: 6 Metrics To Track


Understanding a customer’s health will let you examine any account at any given time and understand where the relationship is. Metrics That Indicate Customer Health It is essential to track multiple metrics to provide the needed information about how customers interact with your company. What is a Customer Health Score?

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7 Metrics to Measure Customer Satisfaction

ProProfs Blog

They are the unshakable foundation on which you build concrete strategies to help your business achieve profitable goals. There are multiple customer satisfaction metrics that your business can use to get answers to questions like “Is my customer satisfied?” What are Customer Satisfaction Metrics? That’s not all.

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Sales Training Metrics That Matter

Integrity Solutions

Here are the sales training metrics you should be using to measure your success. Let’s take a closer look at how you can pinpoint the metrics that will be useful and tell an accurate story of your sales training ROI. How to Determine Sales Training Metrics.

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