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The Playbook for Customer Service/Support AI

Contact Center Pipeline

On the surface, applying chatbots as virtual assistants for agents and directly for customers, and artificial intelligence (AI) in general, can seem like a daunting and overly complex undertaking.

Call Center Quality Assurance: Importance, Best Practices, and a Modern Solution


Agents and managers reap the benefits of having a call center quality assurance process. Quality assurance (QA) is critical to any thriving call center. Without it, you have no way of knowing how agents are truly performing, and your customers won’t receive top-notch service.


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Traditional Chatbots vs. Conversational AI


Automating customer interactions with conversational chatbots offers a range of benefits. Chatbots can increase employee productivity, enabling service to more customers in a shorter time window.

13 Customer Success Manager Skills to Look for When Hiring


Hiring team members with the right customer success manager skills is critical for the effectiveness of your CS team and strategy. Here we’ve identified the 13 most essential qualities to consider when hiring a CS manager.

The State of Customer Experience 2023 Research Report

The Northridge Group’s State of Customer Experience 2023 research report reveals a surge in preference for online agent chat versus phone amongst 18-35-year-olds—the first time online chat has eclipsed phone! Download the new report for more CX insights.

Call Center Security: A Guide to Keeping Your Data Safe


The great migration of contact centers transitioning from on-site to hybrid work environments isn’t slowing down–and an air-tight call center security strategy has never mattered more.

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Five ways to improve customer satisfaction in the digital age


Optimizing customer experience in the digital age requires a process of continuous improvement. Read on to learn more about making the most of your CX strategy

Adding a Chatbot: Trust a Pro or Build it Yourself?


Conversational chatbots are one of the top market disruptors in call center automation. Beginning in 2017, the use of chat bots in call centers grew in popularity and became widely utilized.

Top 15 Tips for Customer Service in Real Estate to Thrive Your Career


Real estate is the field where customers expect top-tier service all around the clock. They are looking for a place to live, sleep, dream, work, and build their future. You can’t stress enough the importance [ … ].

100+ Customer Experience Stats to Prepare for 2023


Less than half of CX execs trust their company's ability to deliver great experiences. Here are over 100 customer experience stats and trends for you to discover. 99% of Customer Experience and Success leaders believe CEM has a positive impact on their business.

CCNG 195

Create Engaging Scenario-Based Training on ANY Budget

Speaker: Tim Buteyn - President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions, Inc.

In this webinar, Tim Buteyn of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions will explore how to optimize learner engagement with scenario-based training. You'll learn what makes up scenarios, how they benefit the learner, and why this is important to your organization. You'll also dive into real-world examples across a wide range of budgets and look at how typical training content can be completely transformed.

Uncover the Value of Digital Self-Service CX

Contact Center Pipeline

Today, brands must differentiate the experience they provide their customers or risk losing them to competitors.

Incredible! Why So Many Organizations Are Missing This Massive Opportunity!

Beyond Philosophy

This newsletter issue is the second of a series based on a podcast we did with Beyond Philosophy’s own Zhecho Dobrev ( @ZhechoDobrev ), author of The Big Miss: How Organizations Overlook the Value of Emotions.

CallMiner to highlight new Experience Management capabilities and solutions at LISTEN 2022


Join us for LISTEN in Miami, Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, to hear about our product roadmap and how we're supporting experience management use cases, including customer, product and brand experience

Why Customer Experience Is Key to Scaling Revenue Growth


It’s no secret that customer experience is key to a company’s success. But what may be surprising is that as businesses compete more and more for customers, customer experience is becoming the new competitive battleground. . What does this mean for companies?

CCO + CMO: A Winning Partnership for Accelerated CX Growth

Find out how collaboration between a CMO and CCO can enhance the customer experience and drive business growth in this new ebook.

Rise of the Chatbots

Contact Center Pipeline

A little while ago I recalled a former agent telling me how excited she was about her new role as a chat agent. She later went on to tell me about this story she had using chat solutions. When a member logged in to the company’s portal with their assigned credentials they saw details about […].

Incredible! Why so many organizations are missing this massive opportunity!

Beyond Philosophy

Organizations need to embrace that emotional side of their experiences. Not only to design an experience that surprises and delights their customers, but also so their Artificial Intelligence works to provide useable insight.

CallMiner Product Innovation Series: October 2022


CallMiner's VP of Product Management shares highlights from release 2022.10, including Coach enhancements, new Solutions Catalogue language support, and screen capture ingestion and playback

The Echo

Shep Hyken

There are many definitions of the term brand. One of my favorites is this: A brand is a promised delivered. . Is what you’re known for delivered consistently? Consider Ace Hardware, whose brand promise is The Helpful Hardware Place. When you visit an Ace Hardware store, do they keep their promise?

Drips, Bots, and Blogs: A Non-Traditional Approach to Learning Reinforcement

Speaker: Shannon Tipton, Chief Learning Officer, Learning Rebels LLC

Today's work culture requires giving people the ability to control when and where they participate in their professional development. Learn how you can provide valuable, self-directed bites of learning content (and strategies to make that content stick) in this webinar!

Is your giant ego is crushing your customer service?

Inside Customer Service

"Who was it?! Who's making us look bad?!" The employee was furious at her coworkers, and she let everyone in the customer service training class know it. I was facilitating the class. The night before, I had completed a mystery shop on five random employees at the client's request.

Getting to the Heart of Knowledge-Centered Service


Customer service is steadily turning from a subordinate division into one of the key forces in client-facing businesses. The availability and quality of customer service have become one of the decisive factors in customer engagement [ … ].

Our Relationship with Time Management at Work with Mike Vardy

Russel Lolacher

In this episode of Relationships at Work, Russel chats with productivity expert and author Mike Vardy on our relationship with time management in the workplace and how we can look at it differently.

3 Tips to Help You Prevent, Detect and Recover from Ransomware Attacks


The Current State of Ransomware. Many cyberattacks involve ransomware, a form of malicious software or malware, designed to deny access to a computer system or data until a ransom is paid and a decryption key (commonly called a decryptor) is given to the victim.

Leveraging Data Analytics to Optimize the Customer Experience

Speaker: Nathan Hart, Mary Kane & Imran Mohammed

Join The Northridge Group for an exploration into how a data-driven root cause analysis of Contact Center First Contact Resolution (FCR) issues can lead to actionable insights to resolve FCR problems, improve Customer Experience, and reduce costs!

Create Seamless Contact Center Experiences with AI Application Integrations

Upstream Works

When customers have great experiences with agents, they don’t have an inside view of the orchestration that takes place in the background to make it so seamless.

How to Add a Chatbot To Your GoDaddy Website


Last Updated on October 17, 2022 The article that follows will walk you through the process of creating and adding a chatbot to your GoDaddy site using Kommunicate. What is GoDaddy? GoDaddy is a website-building platform, domain registrar, and web host.

Guest Blog: 10 Chatbot Features That Make Your Bot More Helpful to Customers


Chatbots are quickly becoming a long-term solution for customer service across all industries. A good chatbot will deliver exceptional value to your customers during their buying journey. It boosts customer engagement because it’s quick, simple, and puts the user in the driver’s seat.

Effective Event Ticketing Strategy for a Conference

Joe Rawlinson

Conferences are essential to career development and business networking for all industries. Bringing together people from all over the world in the same industry to learn and share is crucial to innovation.

Customer Preferences: How Community Can Deliver a Simplified Experience

Your customers want a simplified customer experience. Make sure you give it to them with community. Download the whitepaper to learn more!

5 Do’s and Don’ts for Call Center Appointment Setting

Quality Contact Solutions

Appointment setting is a key step in the sales process and converting leads into customers. However, it is time-consuming, particularly when handled by a sales team. Many businesses look to call centers to handle this vital business process. What Is Call Center Appointment Setting?

The three golden rules of a customer-centric subscription business


This article was originally published on . Customers’ expectations are changing. Not in terms of how much they expect, because customer expectations have always been high—but in terms of what they expect.

Three Common Traps to Avoid in Your First Contact Center

Transparent BPO Outsourcing

Common Missteps Continually Threaten Successful Implementation By Scott Newman, CEO, Transparent BPO The time has come – you’ve grown to the point that it’s time to outsource your contact center. It wasn’t an easy decision, but you’ve exhausted all your options.