Dimension Data CX Report Roundtable

Peter Lavers

Watch the video report from Dimension Data’s 2019 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report Roundtable session. Dimension Data recently released their latest Customer Experience report.

Shocking! Yahoo’s data breach

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That was over two years ago—ironically around the same time as the Yahoo Data breach. Later, when Yahoo account holders think of the brand, they will remember feeling afraid, angry and disappointed that it lost their data to hackers, where it ended up on the black market.

Hot Trends Impacting Contact Centers: A Sole Source of Data

Contact Center Pipeline

In this fifth and final post, LANtelligence CEO Martin Tracey presents his thoughts on why it’s critical to have a sole source of data in today’s dynamic, data-driven […]. Technology call center contact center data management data sources

Be warned: Is your data failing you?

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CX Data platforms are growing in popularity by those that seek to improve their Customer Experiences. These platforms can provide data management intended to optimize the Customer Experience, not only at a general level but also at a personalized level. What is a CX Data Platform?

Study: The Health of the Contact Center

And it’s true: the report data also shows that call volume. By asking the right questions and looking for answers in customer interaction data, companies can uncover. CUSTOMER DATA AVAILABLE AT THE TIME OF THE REQUEST. 10 % data-driven.

Big Data’s Big Problem

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Big data is the gigantic data sets whose analysis could reveal predictions of human behavior. Big data is big news. But Big data is only showing us a part of the big picture. The biggest part, WHY people do what they do is, as of yet, missing from Big Data. After I had googled what a Zettabyte was (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000), I realized that ignoring the big impact of not having all the big data is a big problem for organizations—Zettabyte big!

WFM Q&A: Data Cleaning

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My friend Bruce, who I met at the SWPP conference earlier this year, recently contacted me with a list of questions about cleaning raw data used in forecasting. Forecasting ACD data call center contact center forecasting WFM workforce managementThis is a transcript of that interview, which we hope may be of use to others who are just starting out with their own rules about cleaning […].

Be Warned: You Can’t Rely On Big Data!

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I’ve been reading about Big Data’s foray into “Journey Analytics.” Journey analytics seeks to improve customer experience by collecting data at each point on a customer’s journey and mapping customers’ paths – whether they lead to a purchase or not. But data can’t see this.

4 Ways Data Analytics Transforms the CX

The Northridge Group

advanced analytics Big Data Customer Experience data analyticsToday’s business environment is constantly evolving, but the consumer’s expectations are as focused as ever on the fundamentals of genuine, personalized, effortless and effective service.

Protecting your call center against compromised data


Keeping customer data safe and secure is a top priority for organizations, no doubt. Advancements in technology continue to pose challenges for contact centers to help ensure that customer data is not compromised or exposed to social engineers.

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

Data Sources; Organizations Likely Missing. In this era of big data, we collect information from more sources than ever. But having access to data and effectively utilizing that data are two. the noise by simply relying on data points they are most comfortable.

The Value of Data-Driven Insights for Contact Centers

The Northridge Group

Advanced capabilities are now possible due to data-driven insights which are valuable to contact centers for multiple reasons: Contact Center Management Customer Experience Workforce Management contact center data analytics data-driven insights workforce management workforce management solutions

10 Surveys for Actionable Data


In doing so, you gain a more holistic view of your audience and get access to more data to drive your business forward. Measuring key support metrics like Customer Effort or Customer Satisfaction can give you the data you need to improve service quality.

The Death of Unlimited Mobile Data Plans

REVE Systems

With the constant smart phone penetration and availability of 3G, 4G data network, mobile internet users are constantly increasing. According to January 2018 data by statistica.com, the global mobile population amounted to 3.7 The Reality of Unlimited Data Concept.

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GDPR is here: are you protecting your customer data?


In our data-driven world, customer data has become increasingly vital to businesses looking to keep up with rapidly-evolving customer expectations. However, many businesses have failed to appropriately safeguard customer data, leading to a growing epidemic of data theft.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

Another telco giant bootstraps service interactions with data. If Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the overall business is a red hot. topic in C-suites, AI for customer engagement is white hot. wonder professionals, who had removed AI from their resumes, are. scrambling to add it back in!

How to Avoid “Data Wrangling” in your Data Projects

Peter Lavers

Guest blogger Paul Laughlin considers how, despite the amount of media coverage for Deep Learning and other more advanced techniques, most Data Science teams are still struggling with basic data problems. We refer to this as “data wrangling” Even well established analytics teams can still lack the Single Customer View, or easily accessible Data Lake or analytical playpen, they need for their work. Create a playpen to enable play to prioritise data needed.

Setting Big Data Free


The post Setting Big Data Free appeared first on Blueworx. Blog AI Big Data Customer ExperienceArtificial intelligence, also known as AI, is woven throughout the economy.

4 Ways to Gain Customers’ Trust in Data Security

Beyond Philosophy

Home Depot is the latest big brand to suffer a large-scale data breach, affecting over 56 million payment cards. Consumers also believe that in spite of this concern about safety they must share data to have a better experience with a company.

Is Your Data Worth Protecting At All Costs?


When it comes to protecting your data, having a single strategy is often not enough. To combat the many different types of threats to your data, you should be prepared with a variety of means to protect your data. Data Center Data Protection Disaster Recovery


3 Important Things A Chatbot Can’t Do (But an IVA Can)

customers’ intent, regardless of the order in which data. Chatbot 3 Important. Things a Chatbot. Can’t Do. But an IVA Can) Does not. compute. Chatbot As brands continue to focus on improving the customer. experience, incorporating automation into customer.

The Business Case for Active/Active Data Centers


The discussion around active/active data centers can dovetail into a great number of conversations, from business processes to facilities management. Data Center

The CIO’s Data Breach Response Plan for 2019


Data breaches and identity theft are becoming commonplace in today’s society. As individuals and companies race to secure their data, hackers are devising new ways to steal it. The Identity Theft Resource Center reported a 126% increase in exposed consumer data in 2018. The post The CIO’s Data Breach Response Plan for 2019 appeared first on Business VoIP, Customer Experience, Sales & Marketing Content - Nextiva Blog.

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Guest Blog: Improving Customer Experience Using Employee Feedback Data


however, collecting data is not enough. The post Guest Blog: Improving Customer Experience Using Employee Feedback Data appeared first on Shep Hyken.

How to build a better customer data management strategy


Comprehensive and easily accessible customer data is a big part of your company's competitive advantage. It helps your team craft better customer experiences and streamlines their ability to work effectively with one another. customer service Customer Support

Artificial Intelligence and the Customer Experience

data have been weighted to reflect the composition of the. AI+CXArtificial Intelligence and the Customer ExperienceHow comfortable are consumers interacting with AI for customer service? AI AIAI AI AI Artificial Intelligence: Helpful or Harmful for CX?

Data for the Sake of Data? Never!

CX Journey

Image courtesy of Pixabay "Data is just data until you do something with it," right? Today, on a webinar with Logi Analytics , I am sharing tips on moving beyond data for the sake of data (and dashboards for the sake of dashboards).

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: Is It Time to Modernize Your Data Center?


Hyper-converged infrastructure is one of the fastest-growing trends taking over data centers today. Let’s begin with an explanation of the traditional data center design and what differentiates hyper-converged infrastructure from it. Data Center Infrastructure


Are You Getting the Most Value from Your Data?


As invaluable as technology is to marketers, solving business problems with data science is ultimately a human-centric endeavor. 3 Ways to Get Better Data. Almost every business question can be answered using an appropriate statistical model and the right data. Behavioral segmentation through cluster analysis can help companies utilize their first party data to better understand what affinity groups exist. The post Are You Getting the Most Value from Your Data?

3 vital B2B findings from Dimension Data’s 2019 CX Report

Peter Lavers

Three key subjects from Dimension Data’s 2019 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report that are vital for every B2B company to take a long, hard look at itself about. Dimension Data kindly gave me direct access to the data so I could slice and dice the results by sector and region.

B2B 130

The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

Are they equipped to integrate and analyze new data sources? technology, data sources and. 30% say it is from data or. ON THE SAME JOURNEY S E C T 2 The contact center is a hub of data that spans across channels— voice, text, email, social, chatbot and more—yet many companies.

5 Survey Tips for Getting Better Customer Data


Today, to collect the best customer data you must ask the right questions while also providing the ideal customer experience. . The importance of collecting great customer data. Customer data can have an enormous impact on the success of a business.

Big Data Boom: How to Capture and Leverage Insights

The Northridge Group

To make it worse, the pace of this information continues to increase; data (lots of it) is being produced more rapidly than ever before. How can you capture this data and use it to help you and your organization make informed decisions, and ideally to predict future behavior and events?

Use Your Live Chat Survey Data to Improve CX


You’ve completed your live chat survey implementation and now you’re receiving valuable live chat survey data. Gathering live chat survey data . Next, let’s look at how GetFeedback uses live chat survey data to improve overall customer experience.

Getting the most out of your Data Science team, pitfalls to avoid

Peter Lavers

Have you noticed how many companies these days are seeking to implement Data Science? In the light of this my thoughts have turned to getting the most out of your Data Science team. Don’t keep your Data Science team in a backroom. Don’t neglect developing your Data Scientists.

The Top 3 Ways to Forecast for Your Contact Center

2 1 3 For all three of the above metrics, it’s important when forecasting to: • Leverage real-time and historical data, from a time span as short as a few weeks. to as long as one year depending upon your needs and the data available to you.

4 Ways to Gain Customers’ Trust in Data Security

Beyond Philosophy

Home Depot is the latest big brand to suffer a large-scale data breach, affecting over 56 million payment cards. Consumers also believe that in spite of this concern about safety they must share data to have a better experience with a company.

Effectively Using Customer Data to Achieve your 2018 Customer Experience Goals


We are swimming in data. For the past couple decades, the amount of data that organizations have been collecting and storing data has grown exponentially. Much of this data is customer related data. petabytes of data.

Data Protection: The Key to Customer Confidence


As data breaches become more prevalent, it’s more critical than ever to assure customers that their personal information is safe. Here are five steps your company can take to protect customer data and win their confidence. Telling your customers how their data will be used is a critical first step. In your terms of service, clearly outline where their data is being stored and how it will be handled. Put data in the right hands. What inspires customer confidence?

Data ethics and the impact on customer service

TELUS International

Discover the growing link between data ethics and excellent customer experience, along with key strategies for building consumer trust

The Health of the Contact Center: Are You Ready for 2019?

And it’s true: the report data also shows that call volume. By asking the right questions and looking for answers in customer interaction data, companies can uncover. CUSTOMER DATA AVAILABLE AT THE TIME OF THE REQUEST. 10 % data-driven.