Manage Information Overload Successfully with a Knowledge Base


You’re a customer service agent and it’s 8:00 am in the morning. Knowledge Base Customer Service

6 Ways Your Knowledge Base Can Improve Customer Experience


Things are no different when it comes to client expectations regarding customer service. Deploying an effective online knowledge base is one way to ensure that your customers are delighted every single time when they approach your customer support.

Common Knowledge Base Pitfalls

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Overcoming Knowledge Management Challenges Knowledge management (KM) should be the hub of an organization. We understand that without an effective knowledge base, employees would struggle to address many complex situations which arise during customer service.

Building a Customer-Centric Knowledge Base


Most customers would rather solve problems themselves than go through the hassle of contacting customer service. According to Forrester Research , 91% of customers surveyed would use a knowledge base if it were customized to their needs.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

topic in C-suites, AI for customer engagement is white hot. As a pioneer in AI for contact center customer service and customer. companies to transform—not just improve—customer service and. center customer service. Guide search and service.

Authentication Myths | Knowledge Based Authentication Works


To be fair, there was a point in time where knowledge based authentication questions (KBAs) were an effective form of identification. Loyalty is not derived from treating your customers like criminals.

Professional Knowledge Base Versus SharePoint


Knowledge is an essential part of every organization. As an organization grows knowledge that is essential to the functioning of the organization is acquired. Customer Service Knowledge Management

Knowledge Base Integration With Live Chat – the Best Recipe for Customer Support

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How important is good customer support for your business? It may seem like a no-brainer, but a surprising number of businesses have failed to deliver when it comes to ensuring that their customers are happy. Good customer support is not an option anymore.

Building the Perfect Knowledge Base Template Article


Creating a knowledge base is a great way to offer quick solutions for your customers and ease the strain on your customer service team. The main purpose of a knowledge base is to show customers how to do something with your product or your website and solve a need.

Why Is It Important to Have Customer Service Knowledge Base Software?

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Why Is It Important to Have Customer Service Knowledge Base Software? Customer service is a defining quality of almost any business nowadays. Articles customer service customer service knowledge base software self service

From Knowledge Base to Virtual Agents: The Shift to AI-powered Self Service


Customer self-service refers to customer-initiated interaction technologies that enable customers to access information and perform routine tasks without requiring the assistance of a live customer service representative. You may not realize it, but every time you change your password, track a package, or pay a bill without calling the company for assistance, you are performing a self-service task. Drivers for customer self-service.

What Is a Knowledge Base and Why Is It Useful?


As companies everywhere see growing customer demand for self-service functionality in addition to their core service or support channels, knowledge bases play a large part in helping organizations to meet this need. Internal Employee Knowledge Base.

Are These 4 Things Missing From Your Knowledge Base CRM Integration?


A good knowledge base CRM integration should empower agents to do their jobs more efficiently. It should also enable customer self-service and, by doing so, positively impact customer service KPIs like ticket deflection , mean time to resolution, and customer satisfaction (CSAT). The question, however, remains: Is your knowledge base CRM integration all it can be? Insights Into Customer Behavior.

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Knowledge Base Template: 5 Easy Steps to Create Your Own from Scratch


It turns out the company’s customer service portal has a section called “ Building Instructions ” where customers can search for manuals based on their set number, theme, and year. A knowledge base offers your customers 24/7 support.

Knowledge Base Examples: 6 Tips for Clean, Professional KBs


One way to achieve customer service consistency is to create a knowledge base as a single, infallible point of knowledge for customers or even for your staff. Knowledge Base Best Practice: Make your main categories and search bar front and center.

What do I Need to Know to Create a Knowledge Base?


A knowledge base is a great way of communicating with customers. When written well, it helps direct customers straight to the information they need so customers don’t have to contact the customer support team. Who Owns the Knowledge?

How to write a knowledge base article


The main aim of a knowledge base article is to show your customer how something can be done, either on your website or with your product. You want to give your customers the means to handle a problem on their own through self-service.

Millennial Generation Customer Service – The Ultimate Guide


This penchant for technology has shaped their consumer behavior and preferences, and brands must tailor their customer service strategies to suit Millennials’ attributes. Key preferences to consider in Millennial generation customer service: Text me, I don’t like to talk: Millennials prefer to communicate over text messaging and rarely make phone calls. They demand highly convenient and fast service. Cloud-based, omni-channel CRM solutions.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Customer Experience with a Knowledge Base

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Creating a memorable customer experience (CX) is not every brand’s cup of tea. Only a few brands ensure great customer experience throughout the customer journey. What is self-service? In fact, millennials prefer using a self-service portal to talking to a support agent.

How to write a knowledge base article


The main aim of a knowledge base article is to show your customer how something can be done, either on your website or with your product. You want to give your customers the means to handle a problem on their own through self-service.

How to Use Internal Knowledge Base and Why is It Worth It


For new employees, talking with customers on chat can be a real nightmare. Not only do they need to get to know the product as fast as you can, but also need to learn how to deal with impatient customers. We’ve created Internal Knowledge Base you can install in the LiveChat application.

How to Use Decision Trees for more Efficient Customer Service


This is particularly challenging when handling multiple customer service channels, applications and agent turnover. Knowledge Base Customer Service Knowledge ManagementManaging internal information and projects has become increasingly complex.

Six Ways to Improve e-Commerce Customer Service

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The popularity of e-commerce has exploded in recent years, and with the increased demand has come increased competition from more companies offering online shopping options to their customers. Social media is becoming a popular way for customers to contact businesses as well.

Customer Service Starts With Healthy Employees

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Customer service is one of those areas where it’s either great or terrible with little or nothing between the two extremes. The representatives are either knowledgeable about their products and services or they don’t have the first clue what they’re doing. Knowledge Base

Email Etiquette for Effective Customer Service

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You simply cannot succeed in a business without excellent customer service. All aspects of customer service should project a professional image of your company. This is even more important when communicating with customers through email. Knowledge Base

Why Is Customer Services So Important in Legal Services?

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Whilst American author and former guru Seth Godin has established himself as a true authority on the concept of marketing, it’s his approach to revolutionizing customer service that has really wowed businesses across the globe. Knowledge Base

Why Customer Service Will Always Be Prevalent in Financial Services

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Technology has played an enormous part in making financial services more accessible. For example, can it replace traditional customer service? There’s the business perspective to consider too; financial services need clients to not only approach them but return for business too.

Impatient consumers demand fast, reactive customer service


They demand fast, reactive customer service that’s highly responsive and resolves issues in record time, without demanding anything from in them in return. Contact center leaders also understand how easy it is for a fraudster to impersonate a customer over the phone.

5 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

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Regardless of the industry that you operate in, the number one priority of any company is its customers. An unhappy customer leads to a limited, fractured relationship and a loss of any potential brand loyalty and future sales. Customer Feedback. Knowledge Base

5 Expert Tips for Customer Service Recovery

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Service recovery is a necessity in every organization regardless of the niche of business. Good customer service involves preparing and planning service issues the organization faces. Hence, customer service recovery is as important as service delivery for any business.

Why Using a VPN Service Is Crucial for Customer Service Professionals

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What you might not know is that using a VPN is just as crucial for customer service professionals. A great deal of these interactions take place online, and customer service professionals often have access to customers’ sensitive data. Knowledge Base

How Contactless Payment Has Changed Customer Service

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Within smaller spend transactions, one of the key areas affected has been customer service. Suddenly, cash was readily available 24/7, which ultimately meant the customer expected to be able to access cash as and when they desired. So, what does this mean for customer service?

Why Investing In Good Customer Service Will Boost Your Business

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Overlooking the importance of exceptional customer service is a grave mistake to make in the business world. Unfortunately, it takes just one bad experience for consumers to double down on efforts and quickly spread the word of the bad service they have received. Knowledge Base

How Parcel Delivery is Centered Around Customer Service

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This has put a lot of pressure on businesses making deliveries who have to take steps to make sure that they can satisfy customer demands and offer a superior delivery ser-vice to the competition. High-Quality Customer Service. Knowledge Base

How Software Development Improves Enterprise Customer Service

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Top Tips to Improve Inbound Customer Service

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As a successful business, you probably put a lot of effort into improving your customer service. In fact, 81 percent of Americans report that they are either satisfied with customer service or the service exceeds their expectations. Knowledge Base

Providing Customer Service to Those With Varying Needs

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There’s no one right way of providing good customer service. Because people are so different, complex and unique, dealing with each customer requires a different set of skills and considerations. Here’s how to provide the best customer service to those with varying needs.

How Contact Centres are Improving Customer Service

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In fact, call centres as a whole face an incredibly difficult task as the first point of contact for an extensive range of customer queries, from key sales calls to serious complaints. Knowledge BaseThose who have worked in a call centre will know how tough a job it is.

5 Strategies for Creating a Customer Service Culture

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One of the most common challenges I hear from managers and business owners is how to get staff to provide better service. Over the years I’ve observed that the organizations who nurture the best service behaviors use these five strategies. Turn Service Stars into Owners.

Why the Property Sector Relies on Customer Service

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On first consideration, the property sector requiring good customer service might not quite seem so obvious. Only then will customers perceive them to be trustworthy enough to oversee the process of purchasing or investing in property. Exclusive service. Knowledge Base