The Tribal Knowledge Base – Sharing the Wisdom in Customer Service


This results not only in high costs for recruiting and training new agents – $7,500 per employee – but also the loss of knowledge when experienced staff leave. This gap in experience and knowledge is exacerbated by rapidly rising levels of issue complexity in the Smart Home era. The generational knowledge gap in field services. The contact center is not the only work group suffering from a decline in experience and knowledge. Tapping tribal knowledge.

Why Your Contact Center Knowledge Base Needs to be Visual


Although 91% of companies have invested heavily in contact center knowledge bases, very few are seeing real ROI. Most knowledge bases are hindered by poor usability. Proactive knowledge suggestions. Incorporating proactive search functions into contact center knowledge bases can enable them to deliver the right information faster, by cross-referencing individual customer histories. Creating a visual contact center knowledge base.

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Top 10 knowledge based software must-haves


Top 10 knowledge based software must-haves. Knowledge Base


What is a Knowledge Base?


Knowledge is the lifeblood of a business. Knowledge Base Knowledge ManagementIt is the sum of everything that the business has been able to accomplish over its existence, as well as the collection of less important information that relates to the specific functionalities of products/services or general business operations.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

engagement hub which consolidates omnichannel interactions, knowledge, AI, analytics, and administration into one platform. is based on intelligent understanding of the problems faced by the. based on incomplete information or ambiguous circumstances, and.

Knowledge Base Security


Knowledge Base Contact Center SecurityIn the past few years the need for data security has continued to grow in importance. There are now too many to count stories of data breaches that have ended up costing companies millions, even billions in revenue and lost reputation.

9 Best Knowledge Base Software in 2020


Quality help center starts with the best knowledge base software. Check these 9 knowledge base tools to choose the best one in 2020. The post 9 Best Knowledge Base Software in 2020 appeared first on HelpCrunch blog. Customer service

What is an AI-powered knowledge base?


Whether it’s a finicky software product or a purchase from a company with a complicated return policy, most consumers have turned to a company’s knowledge base in an attempt to get their questions answered faster. On top of that, knowledge remains tribal in the contact center, traditionally a high-churn environment , where critical knowledge leaves with the agents that hold it. What are the key characteristics of an AI-powered knowledge base?

How to Write a Great Knowledge Base Article


Writing a great knowledge base article is a lot of work. Knowledge Management Customer ExperienceI’m not going to lie. Your writing must be precise, concise, and easy-to-read.

Five Types of Badly Written Knowledge base Articles (with examples)


A knowledge base article is like an apple. Knowledge Base Customer Service Knowledge ManagementA fresh, crisp apple makes a wonderful snack, bakes a delicious pie, and brightens a green salad. But a mushy, flavorless apple makes a dreadful snack, bakes a tasteless pie, and ruins a green salad. To improve the dish it’s added to, the apple must be delicious itself.

How to Build a Helpful Knowledge Base


One of the greatest things about a good knowledge base is that it places you in a very proactive position.You do not wait for the customer to call you, write an email or raise a [ … ]. The post How to Build a Helpful Knowledge Base appeared first on HelpCrunch blog. Customer service

Four Ways to Fix a Bad Knowledge Base Article


Maintaining a knowledge base full of well written articles is as difficult as keeping a preschool playroom tidy. Knowledge Base Knowledge Management Contact CenterHere’s why.

Knowledge Base Benefits For Call Centers


Knowledge Base Benefits For Call Centers. Decision Trees Knowledge Base Knowledge Management Picture Guides

Benefits of a Knowledge Base


Here we will discuss the benefits of a professional knowledge base. Knowledge Base Knowledge ManagementWhen considering a new solution to add to your company portfolio, the top items to consider are “What are the benefits and return on investment this solution will bring to my organization?”

Knowledge base Definition and Benefits: What is it all about?


Knowledge base is the new customer support favorite. The post Knowledge base Definition and Benefits: What is it all about? Believe it or not, customers love it when they can serve themselves. Given a choice between a complex rigmarole of “for technical issues, press one, for financial [ … ]. appeared first on HelpCrunch blog. Customer service

The High Costs of a Badly Written Knowledge Base Article


A badly written knowledge base article is like the tainted clam in the linguine. Knowledge ManagementIt probably won’t kill you, but you aren’t going to feel very well after eating it.

Benefits Of Having An Internal Knowledge Base At Enterprises


Benefits Of Having An Internal Knowledge Base At Enterprises. Customer Experience Knowledge Base agent experience Agent Learning Employee Onboarding knowledge base

Common Knowledge Base Pitfalls

Insite Managed Solutions

Overcoming Knowledge Management Challenges Knowledge management (KM) should be the hub of an organization. We understand that without an effective knowledge base, employees would struggle to address many complex situations which arise during customer service. A business’s core knowledge base is one of their most invaluable assets, yet still, we meet so many clients who have overlooked important metrics to understand its effectiveness.

4 Challenges of Implementing a Knowledge Base


Implementing a knowledge base can bring substantial long-term improvements. Knowledge Base Knowledge ManagementBut introducing new software requires careful planning in advance. Here are four common pitfalls companies fall into and how to avoid them.

Guest Blog: Why Knowledge Base Integration with Live Chat Is Important for Better Customer Support


If you provide your target customers with a centralized web-based knowledge base of information, helping them find the solutions to their pain points on their own, without the hassle of phone calls to your contact center, you need to make sure they receive the best customer support within your knowledge base. You can effectively accomplish that by integrating your knowledge base with live chat software.

Who benefits from an AI-powered knowledge base?


In my previous blog , I took you through the key characteristics of a true AI-powered knowledge base. Now, we’re going to dive into the different stakeholders within and outside of the contact center who will benefit from this evolution of the traditional knowledge base, and how you can use it to transform your customer experience. . A true AI-powered knowledge base benefits: Customers. Knowledge Base Administrators.

Knowledge base: How to create one for customer service?


Knowledge base: How to create one for customer service? Bot Training Decision Trees Knowledge Base Picture Guides Self service

4 Must Have Features in your CRM Knowledge Base Integration


Your CRM and knowledge base are the two main sources of information for customers. Knowledge Base Knowledge Management Salesforce

CRM 40

3 reasons to use a Knowledge Base with Salesforce Lightning


Salesforce is the top CRM system today but in order to best serve your customer across all channels, your company’s internal knowledge has to be accurate, up-to-date and easy to find. Ensure all three with a knowledge base. Knowledge Base Knowledge Management

CRM 48

Authentication Myths | Knowledge Based Authentication Works


To be fair, there was a point in time where knowledge based authentication questions (KBAs) were an effective form of identification. The post Authentication Myths | Knowledge Based Authentication Works appeared first on Pindrop. But that time is gone. It’s likely that more personal information about each and every one of us is available on the web than anytime before in history, and the growing amount of cybersecurity incidents each year aren’t helping.

Manage Information Overload Successfully with a Knowledge Base


Knowledge Base Customer ServiceYou’re a customer service agent and it’s 8:00 am in the morning.

Is a Professional Knowledge Base Worth the Investment?


A professional Knowledge Base is usually an investment into a new software product that aims to improve processes for a certain department. This article will outline a possible impact that a professional knowledge base can make in a contact center environment. Knowledge Base Knowledge Management

7 Step Checklist for Choosing a Knowledge Base


You’ve determined a new knowledge base is necessary for your organization. Knowledge Base Knowledge ManagementSo naturally, you want to start the vetting process and go about selecting some potential vendors. But with most solutions, it’s hard to know where to get started if you aren’t familiar with the field.

6 Ways Your Knowledge Base Can Improve Customer Experience


Deploying an effective online knowledge base is one way to ensure that your customers are delighted every single time when they approach your customer support. This cloud-based knowledge repository is an online library that contains all the information on various aspects of an organization from its policies to its products. These FAQs can be generated with the help of knowledge base customer service software.

Assess the Health of your Company’s Internal Knowledge Base


We’re here to help you understand and assess your current knowledge setup When’s the last time you’ve had a one-off question at work? Maybe you were looking for a specific slide to include in your pitch deck. There was some ambiguity about a complex product feature update and you needed to review the breakdown. Or you just needed a refresher on how to connect to the office speakers so that you could bump the new jams you’d found over the weekend.


Professional Knowledge Base Versus SharePoint


Knowledge is an essential part of every organization. As an organization grows knowledge that is essential to the functioning of the organization is acquired. Organizational knowledge can range from the very basic, knowing the vendors with whom the organization does business, to more complex. Customer Service Knowledge Management

Building a Customer-Centric Knowledge Base


Learn how to optimize your knowledge base for your customers' needs. Arming your customers with self-service content saves everyone time and energy. Articles

From Knowledge Base to Virtual Agents: The Shift to AI-powered Self Service


In the early days of self service, companies implemented static channels such as FAQs, how-to videos, troubleshooting guides, and knowledge bases. The post From Knowledge Base to Virtual Agents: The Shift to AI-powered Self Service appeared first on Techsee.

Building the Perfect Knowledge Base Template Article


Creating a knowledge base is a great way to offer quick solutions for your customers and ease the strain on your customer service team. However, a poorly designed knowledge base can cause more problems than it solves, by tying your team up in pages that are difficult to read, or a navigation system that’s time-consuming to use. The main purpose of a knowledge base is to show customers how to do something with your product or your website and solve a need.

Building a Customer-Centric Knowledge Base


According to Forrester Research , 91% of customers surveyed would use a knowledge base if it were customized to their needs. But in order to achieve that goal, you need to create a customer-centric knowledge base so that the customers can find the answers they need. 8 Tips on Knowledge Base Creation. When you are writing your knowledge base content, consider how this persona would use your product and how she might describe a problem.

Is Your Knowledge Base Optimized for Mobile?


Testing, One, Two … The question remains: is your knowledge base optimized for mobile? Some simple web analytics will reveal the percentage of mobile visitors to your knowledge base site. Pick up your phone (chances are, it’s no farther than five feet away ), navigate to your knowledge base site, and start playing around. It shouldn’t take long to get an impression of the mobile experience on your knowledge base.

Does Your Knowledge Base Really Answer Your Customers' Questions?


Online knowledge bases are becoming more and more of a ‘hygiene factor’ for consumer tech brands. It’s almost unheard of to encounter a consumer tech brand in 2018 that doesn’t offer a comprehensive online knowledge base where customers can check out the best ways to use their gadgets and go for troubleshooting help


Boosting Case Deflection with Knowledge Base Surveys


Maintaining a knowledge base gets exponentially more complicated as a business grows. That's where knowledge base surveys can help. Articles

Linking Self-Service to your Knowledge Base

Insite Managed Solutions

Today, more and more customers expect self service options, and an effective knowledge management system can empower this. This is why it’s important to understand efficiency and gaps within your knowledge management system as customers prefer to service in the most convenient way for their persona. If you know you have a consistent knowledge base, perhaps it’s time to take it a step further to enable self-service options.

CXNext Live: Today’s Biggest Knowledge Base Challenges and Opportunities


Here it is nearly 2020, and knowledge bases are still a hot topic. In fact, Forbes and CIO Review recently published articles about why knowledge bases (KB) are the next big thing, and how AI can help CIOs make knowledge management (KM) systems more impactful, respectively. Why is a knowledge base important? Now with AI on the scene, the importance of a knowledge base is even more of a hot topic because now it’s a hot opportunity.