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Beat Long Wait Times & Misdirected Calls: Skill-Based Routing in Insurance


Beat Long Wait Times & Misdirected Calls: Skill-Based Routing in Insurance Just imagine yourself as a customer calling an insurance company for some work. Read on to know more. What is Skill-Based Routing? How Skill-Based Routing Work? Ideally, an organization’s FCR rate should be above 75 to 80 percent.

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Despite what industry experts may profess, customer service isn’t getting any better. While customers expect immediate answers to their inquiries, efficient order processing, and fast shipping, there’s no indication that fulfilling these expectations is improving customer service. Jump on a customer service call.


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When Good Isn’t Enough: Developing Customer Care that Exceeds Expectations


A dedication to understanding your customers ensures that every interaction is personalized and purposeful, alleviating the pain of lengthy wait times and ensuring each conversation is met with effective, personalized assistance. Failing to invest in customer care risks customers seeking it elsewhere.

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Charging More for a Better Customer Service Experience


It’s almost a given that every company has some form of a customer service department. Even the smallest companies – with just one solo entrepreneur – will act as if they have a customer service department. Why do people reach out to the customer service department? based customer support rep.

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The State of B2C Complex Customer Care


When it comes to complex B2C customer care, the customer is anything but a faceless number in a sea of consumers. B2C brands had their worlds turned upside down by the pandemic, but what does complex customer care look like now things are leveling out? But that’s shifting—and fast.

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How to Develop a Customer Service Strategy for Your Contact Center


No matter how great your product or service is, the success of your contact center largely depends on the customer service you provide. Ultimately, if customers don’t have a good experience, they’re likely not going to call back. The Secret Sauce for Increasing Customer Happiness. Improving inbound call wait times.

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Customer Care Today: The top 4 things consumers want you to know


Customer service has long been the subject of jokes, comedy skits, and memes. Whenever the topic of customer service comes up, everyone has a story to tell–and there is no holding back. consumers to see what they like when it comes to customer service. So what exactly do customers want?