Training vs. Coaching: Which Is Better?

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Training and coaching are two different approaches, but people often use the words interchangeably—and even worse, they use the tactics interchangeably. To train means to provide the learner with the tools he or she needs to function. To coach is to help the learner use those tools to achieve maximum effectiveness. […]. Training & Development agent development call center coaching contact center training

Best Practices of Great Coaches

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Coaching contact center associates to drive a differentiated customer experience that delights customers is a tall order for their managers, who must continually strike a balance between associate development and sustained business outcomes. Coaches who do this well will see results.


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Refine Your Coaching Technique with Listening and Observation

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I’ve always known that I must listen more than I speak when coaching an agent. Coaching call center agent training coaching contact center agent development listening skills

Coaching and Training: Two Keys to Delivering Excellent Contact Center Service

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Often, they don’t have the appropriate training, skills, or experience to effectively foster development. Associate development and coaching are paramount to delivering amazing customer experiences and must become top priorities for all levels of leadership within an organization.

4 Strategies to Boost Agent Productivity

Speaker: Melissa Pollock, Customer Success Officer, AmplifAI

As companies continue to seek every competitive advantage available, organizations must explore new avenues for increasing productivity. With new technologies and emerging methods, managers must be both proactive and relevant in order to keep their agents engaged. This webinar will explore 4 strategies that contact center leaders can use to keep their agents and supervisors ahead of the productivity curve.

Why Coaching? The Business and Personal Cases

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When you hear the word “coach”, what comes to mind? We often associate “coach” with a sports analogy. Historically, a coach was a horse-drawn carriage that transported important people from where they were to where they wanted to be. Isn’t that what you want to do when coaching?

Coaching Automated: Improving Agent Engagement Pays Off

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Technology agent engagement call center coaching contact center training workforce automation workforce optimizationWhen the topic of automation comes up, people often ask about the impact on agent engagement.

How to Train, Support, and Coach Customer Service Agents


While training is vital, it isn’t enough to help employees grow professionally at your company or in their careers. If you’re just starting out or are building a new team, here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re training, supporting and coaching agents. Training Tools.

Coaching and Training Social Care Agents

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Whether you decide to recruit social customer care agents from outside your center or promote from within, you’ll need to expand your coaching […]. Training & Development call center coaching contact center customer service social media trainingIf your contact center is among the many that are considering adding social media to the channel mix, one of your top considerations will be how to staff this highly visible medium.

How to Coach Your Contact Centre Agents

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If you want to facilitate an environment for your contact centre agents to succeed, you need to start coaching. Coaching is a great way to encourage, enable, and empower your agents to not only want to be better at their jobs but perform better.

What Do Your Employees Need to Provide Outstanding Customer Experiences?

Speaker: Laura Sikorski, Contact Center Consultant

Join us for an insightful webinar with Laura Sikorski where she will provide guidance on how to be sure your organization is reacting to the new digital-savvy customer. Our new world is multi-channel, omnichannel, cross-channel, and even channel-agnostic.

The Importance of Soft Skills Training Beyond the Pandemic

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Agent Development call center coaching contact center data analytics empathy real-time feedback soft skills training

Call Center Coaching Strategies


Effective Call Center Strategies | Customer Service Tips for Call Centers | Call Center Coaching from TeleDirect. In other words…it takes a great coach! But it still takes that extra push – call center coaching – to get everything on the right track.

Sales Team Coaching With Emotional And Social Intelligence

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Great sales team coaching takes specific knowledge and functional expertise to build a successful team. By adding Emotional and Social Intelligence to the coaching model, sales team coaches can discover amazing success. Emotional and Social Intelligence for Sales Coaches.

7 Sales Coaching Techniques To Elevate Trust And Sales Performance

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Saying there’s no time for coaching or that someone has already reached their potential are just two of the prominent misconceptions around sales coaching. Whether in sports, in sales or in life, a great coach helps people reach their full potential. Strategies: Coach everyone.

Sales 88

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

implementing new coaching and training within. training to drive. New Study Reveals Reliance on Too Few. Data Sources; Organizations Likely Missing. Opportunities to Meet the Real Needs of.

Whisper Coaching to Train Remote Employees


Training call center agents in-person can be challenging and mentally draining. However remote training can make you feel like a poorly equipped manager at times. What is whisper coaching? How whisper coaching can help train remote agents?

Call Center Training Tips: 51 Expert Tips on Training Technology, Agent Onboarding, Ongoing Training & Coaching, and More


Call center agent training is a continuous process; it doesn’t end once the onboarding process is complete. Call center supervisors must continue to monitor metrics, measure results, and tailor ongoing training to ensure that agents’ needs are met and that call center activity is in line with broader business objectives. From training technologies to effective […].

Why coaching beats training in support teams


Who loves training sessions? Support reps get a lot of training sessions from the moment they start their job: for product training, new feature launches, soft skills and communication. But at some point, training starts to become less and less effective. These can’t improve through training alone. That’s where coaching comes in. Too much training hurts. Training by itself offers diminishing returns. It trains them as negotiators.

The Link Between Coaching Skills For Sales Leaders and Sales Coaching Maturity

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Effective sales coaching yields results, and sales leaders intuitively seem to understand this. You don’t have to look far to find another article or blog post talking about the importance of coaching in the workplace. The Sales Coaching Paradox.

5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Agent Training

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When trying to meet and improve service level agreements, reviewing agents’ performance and providing adequate training is imperative for success. Unfortunately, making time for agent training doesn’t always seem possible. Training & Development agent training call center coaching contact center learning & development

What is Call Center Coaching?


Call center coaching is a quality management tool that offers agents feedback, examples, and performance assessments in order to improve their performance and wellbeing. It is important to differentiate between call center coaching and agents’ performance reviews.

Coaching: The Radical Next Steps

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Remember when “coaching” was represented by reports shoved in front of agents with lots of red circles accompanied by motivating messages like, “Good quality, but you need to get that adherence rate up to speed!”? Coaching call center coaching contact center performance improvement training

How Can A Coaching Culture Attract (and Keep) Top Talent?

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A high-performance coaching culture can separate your firm from the pack and become a powerful differentiator when you’re competing for top players. How a Coaching Culture Attracts (and Keeps) Top Talent. The best players want to play for the best coaches. The reality is, regardless of their skill level or knowledge, few people rise to the top of their game without having coaches to guide, encourage and challenge them. These coaches: help people become their best.

The need for excellent customer service training

Peter Lavers

Amongst all the hype of customer experience, AI, chatbots and real-time personalisation, don’t forget that staff still need excellent customer service training – no matter how successful your company is right now! When customer support representatives start at a company, they usually get a bit of training upfront. All this upfront training serves to give employees a great leg-up to start their jobs feeling prepared to solve problems and provide the best support possible.

Learning the Benefits of Virtual Training

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Benefits of Virtual Training. For clients, flexibility of delivery is a benefit of virtual training delivery. Less time out of the field – Virtual training reduces time out of the field by 50% (to/from traveling). So, virtual training has many benefits.

4 Easy Ways to Make Call Center Training More Fun


When you think of the phrase “call center training”, does the word fun come to mind? After all, workplace training has a reputation for being dull with endless PowerPoint presentations and the occasional role-playing exercise. What does this mean for call center training?

Use Storytelling to Provide Impactful Learning in the Contact Center

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Over the past decade of providing call center coaching and training, my observation has been that trainees will recall a story I’ve told or an example provided in a story format versus any […]. Coaching development people storytelling training

New Frontline Leaders: Coaching Skills Are Critical

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Coaching is a key role for frontline supervisors, yet few newly promoted contact center leaders receive formal training in coaching techniques. New supervisors who haven’t been instructed in the whys and hows of coaching often make the mistake of focusing on an agent’s quality monitoring results and trying to coach individuals to improve the score […]. Supervisor Development agent development coaching leadership supervisor training

Guest Blog: Customer Service Training Ideas to Help Build Brand Advocacy


This week we feature an article by Kristin Erikson writes shares great customer service training tips and ideas that will help your company build brand advocacy. Remember customer service training is not something you di, it’s something you do. – Shep Hyken. Customers service training ideas for better brand advocacy. Train your sales team using the right technology.

Why Performance-Based Training Requires Automation Now More than Ever


The survey of managers and executives responsible for training revealed a mad rush to deploy technology, with 68% of respondents investing in better training delivery via virtual and collaboration meeting tools and 30% investing in better eLearning utilization.

CCNG 195

Why Are Contact Centers Cancelling Supervisor Training?

CX Global Media

So, they are not eliminating supervisor training, they are just cancelling supervisor training classes and implementing a more modern approach of blended learning. I got a chance to learn more about the “training class” topic with Master Contact Center Trainer Penny Reynolds on the webinar How Do Your Call Center Supervisors Measure Up? While I would love to go out and stand for two days and interact and do the classroom training – you know I missed it actually.

How Northridge Performance Coaching Drives Instant Results

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Coaching and Training mystery shopping performance coachingConsumers are facing an explosion of choices. In the 1990s, the average grocery store carried 7,000 items. Today’s grocery stores carry 40,000 items. The internet allows consumers to compare car insurance rates in seconds, discover a new makeup product by watching a social media star on YouTube, or get recommendations for plumbers from 500 of their closest friends.

Put Me in Coach: Why Agent Training is Crucial in Your Contact Center


Love him or hate him, few football fans will contest the savvy of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belicheck. Clearly, the franchise is more than the sum of its parts and, ultimately, the team’s success must in some part be credited to the structure, discipline, and routine that comes from Belicheck’s coaching. When it comes to investing in your contact center, you cannot afford to forget about agent training.

How to Get the Greatest Agent Training ROI

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Contact center agent training can be a very big expenditure for a lot of organizations. Regardless of your turnover situation, one thing is certain, the ROI (Return on Investment) on agent training is very important. Because of the importance of agent training ROI you will find a large variation of ways that organizations actually conduct their initial or on-boarding agent training strategy. This is going to make training ROI and even bigger issue.

How to Train Remote Agents


Proper training and onboarding for support agents not only helps them get up-and-running faster and more efficiently, but it can also be the difference between an average and a great customer experience. Interactive Training. Leveled Training and Targeted Coaching.

10 Sales Coaching Articles Your Sales Leadership Needs to Read

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Being a coach for sales teams has never been more important. Here are 10 sales coaching articles that can inspire new thinking, motivate your sales leaders and ultimately move the needle on your sales team’s performance. We often associate “coach” with a sports analogy.

Building a Training Strategy

Call Center Weekly

By Elaine Carr, CPLP Several years ago while interviewing for my job at ICMI, an employee asked me, “What’s the biggest training obstacle for contact centers?” When I answered, “Getting people off the phones to do training,” the interviewer threw her hands in the air indicating I scored a touchdown. One thing that will help, though, is having a training strategy. To create a training strategy, begin by understanding your business. CCW Strategy & Planning Training

Frontline Coaches: Ask Don’t Tell

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Despite the critical role that they play in employee satisfaction and retention, frontline supervisors often are not provided with the training on how to drive engagement through coaching. New supervisors tend to approach agent coaching with the notion that the agents who are underperforming can be “fixed,” says Christine Frishholz, managing director of The Cicerone Group, […].

Does Your Sales Coaching Strategy Need a Reality Check?

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To develop your sales coaching strategy, you first need to understand where your organization’s level of coaching is right now. Figuring out your sales coaching strategy has become a hot topic in business today, and for good reason. Many organizations now recognize that coaching is critical for building skills and capacity. As a result, a vast majority of sales managers don’t coach—or don’t do it well. Sales Coaching Strategy Step 1: Know Your Proficiency.