Imagine if Every Company had a Chief Customer Officer

Beyond Philosophy

Now, I propose they make a little more room for the latest addition to the leadership: The Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Today, we differentiate ourselves in new ways , the most important being how the Customer feels about their experience with you. The CCO’s priority is protecting the Customer Experience, from start to finish. When a department is Siloed, they are not seeing the whole Customer Experience, but instead just their part of it (e.g.,

McDonald’s Appoints Manu Steijaert as Global Chief Customer Officer

CSM Magazine

Manu Steijaert, McDonald’s Executive Vice President and Global Chief Customer Officer. McDonald’s Corporation has appointed Manu Steijaert, a McDonald’s veteran, as its first Global Chief Customer Officer. Customer Service News


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The Evolving Chief Customer Officer: Identifying Value, Authority, Scope, Responsibilities, and Strategic Direction Within the Enterprise

Beyond Philosophy

In the past decade, we’ve seen the number of companies with an individual in the role of Chief Customer Officer (CCO) – nicely defined by Wikipedia as “the executive responsible for the total relationship with an organization’s customers” – grow from under 100 to thousands today. They are; Customer Experience and Value Optimization. Customer Insight, Data and Action Generation. Customer Relationship-Building. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

After the Consultants Leave

Taylor Reach Group

The decision to engage a contact center consultant is not made lightly. We’ve found four main reasons for long-term lack of success after a consulting engagement: Lack of Knowledge. By the time of the final report, then, contact center leadership and the consultants are aligned.

Customer Experience + Marketing: Pro’s & Con’s


Customer Experience + Marketing: Pro’s & Con’s. What happens when the Chief Marketing Officer doubles as Chief Customer Experience Officer? How Executives Think of Customer Experience. Executives tend to think of customer experiences as something happening at the periphery of the company. Marketing, sales, and service are typically most in-touch and in-tune with customers, compared to the other business functional areas.

ChurnZero Partners with ESG to Offer Digital Customer Success Strategy Consulting Services


ChurnZero Partners with ESG to Offer Digital Customer Success Strategy Consulting Services. ESG is now offering a Digital Customer Success Starter Pack to augment ChurnZero customers’ bandwidth. Onboarding stage workflows for up to four customer segments.

ChurnZero’s 10 Customer Success Leaders to Watch in 2022


As the demand for Customer Success surges within SaaS, so too does the need for effective leaders to spearhead this expanding function and steer its strategy and success. Over the course of the pandemic, Customer Success has cemented itself as a central business driver of growth and profit.

Guest Post: Top 5 Ways to Support Your Customers in 2021


This week we feature an article from Veronika Filipkova, a professional content editor and Chief Customer Officer at SupportYourApp. She shares different channels and strategies for creating the most convient customer support experience for your customers.

ChurnZero’s 10 Customer Success Leaders to Watch in 2021


Against the backdrop of wild economic uncertainty, Customer Success has been the failsafe of SaaS businesses that were blindsided by pandemic-induced churn and contraction. Staci Satterwhite, Chief Customer Officer, Khoros. Customer Success Around the Web.

CS Career Guide: Customer Success Job Titles, Descriptions, & Salary


With Customer Success being one of the top emerging departments in software companies around the globe, you might be considering a career in this industry, but you also might be wondering which role is right for you. . Chief Customer Officer. Customer Success Manager.

Senior Executives from SAP, Oracle, LinkedIn and Gainsight Join Newly-Formed Advisory Board at CSM Practice

CSM Practice

CSM Leader Optimizes Customer Success Strategies and Processes in collaboration with top thought leaders in its industry. Members of the CSM Practice Advisory Board are some of the most respected thought leaders in the field of customer success. Customer Success Strategy

Big Controversy: Should We Stop All Certification Now? Join the Debate…

Beyond Philosophy

We know from industry research and personal experience that despite all the attention on it, Customer Experience is either stagnating or not getting the results CEO’s desire. I am also disappointed in the frequency of bad experiences I have had lately, despite the focus on Customer Experience.

50 Customer Service Experts You Should Be Following (even if you’re not on Twitter)


Staying on top of new customer service trends can be exhausting. Having a well-rounded collection of sources can help your team identify new opportunities for improvement and up your customer service game. We’ve got quite a few friends in the customer service world who inspire us.

Top 50 Customer Success Influencers 2022


Thanks to the untiring zeal of its passionate community, Customer Success has grown to become the phenomenal force that it is today. So, without further ado, here’s SmartKarrot’s Top 50 Customer Success Influencers for 2022 (presented in no particular order).

Contact Center Transformation: The Next Act

DMG Consulting

Driven by elevated customer and employee expectations, technical innovation, increasing globalization and scale, operational opportunities and the cloud, contact center executives are rethinking their strategies and reimagining the future of these essential customer-facing departments. DMG expects contact centers to undergo wholesale changes that position them to deliver a proactive and personalized service experience to an increasingly demanding customer base.

You’re Doing CX All Wrong

CSM Magazine

While the former claims the inner strengths of a business will lead to success, the latter is guided by the belief that optimizing the customer experience throughout the customer journey is most important. The first step is to make CX — and therefore, customers — a priority.

Customer Experience Influencers You Must Follow – Part 1

Customer Guru

Customer experience (CX) is the relationship of a customer with a business at all touchpoints during the period of the customer journey. It is widely said that customer experience is the next battleground for organizations. While there are many experts on this field, we have created a list (in alphabetical order) of customer experience influencers (experts, speakers, consultants, and authors) who are leaders.

Top 50 Customer Success Influencers 2021


The evolving field of Customer Success owes its origin and rapid rise to a passionate community of pioneers, proponents, and practitioners. Without further ado, here is presenting to you our Top 50 Customer Success Influencers for 2021. Customers are nothing but normal people like us.

The State of Customer Experience: 3 Important Stats You Need to Know

Answer Dash

I’m excited to share that I’ve partnered with Oracle on a research study that takes a cross-generational look at customer preferences, behaviors, and expectations. We’ve included plenty of stats and insights to help you understand this journey and build appropriate strategies to accommodate your varying customer needs. there are tons of companies that reinvent their operations to meet customer goals.

To Get Loyal Customers, Start with Loyal Employees

Beyond Philosophy

These new perks revolutionize how all Hilton Honors members can use their Points, senior vice president and global head of customer engagement, loyalty and partnerships Mark Weinstein said in a press release. This is a great example of a company listening to its customers and giving them what they need and want out of a rewards program. But rewards programs alone – no matter how good – aren’t going to create customer loyalty. Blogs Customer Experience

ChurnZero’s 10 Customer Success Leaders to Watch in 2019


At ChurnZero, our mission is to be the best Customer Success platform out there – and Customer Success teams sit at the heart of this goal. Since the field of Customer Success is still maturing, we feel it’s key to learn from others in the industry. There are Customer Success leaders out there who are always looking at things a little differently, who are ahead of the curve and who are continually learning and pushing innovation. Customer Success Around the Web.

20 Business Leaders Share How Call Centers Can Address Increased Customer Vulnerability


More customers are vulnerable today than ever before, in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has led to increase in health and financial crises. Identifying vulnerable customers so that agents can take the appropriate course of action.

Top 10 Customer Success Newsletters


A collection of some of the best newsletters to stay updated on the latest in the customer success space. Lincoln Murphy is a leading customer success consultant, keynote speaker, and author. 2 Keep THE CUSTOMER. by Customer Thermometer. 6 Enlightened Customers.

Top 20 Customer Service Blogs You Have to Read in 2020


Which customer service blog posts helped to shape the last decade for you? . When we look back at the customer support industry in 2010, we see a very different beast to the one we work in today. Here, we cover the 20 best customer service blogs and influencers to follow in 2020.

8 BIG RYG Speakers to Follow on Twitter


Twitter can be a goldmine for discovering the latest Customer Success trends and strategies. Get excited for the BIG RYG Customer Success Conference by getting to know some of our individual speakers. . Ready to learn about Customer Success from the experts?

8 Ways to Tell Whether Your CEO Supports You

Beyond Philosophy

Over the 13 years I worked on Customer Experience, I learned the tell-tale signs of authentic commitment. How to Check the Commitment of Your CEO: Count the number of times the CEO mentions Customers in any communication. If you don’t hear your CEO talking, emailing, or meeting about Customers, he or she isn’t focused on them. Keep track of how much time is devoted to Customer issues in meetings. If you don’t see Customers there, they didn’t make the cut.

Recorded Customer Success Webinar: 5 Strategies of Top Performing Customer Success Teams


ClientSuccess hosted Jamey Jeff, Managing Director of Customer Success Solutions of Coastal Cloud , for this month’s customer success webinar series: 5 Standout Strategies of Top Performing Customer Success Teams. These 5 standout strategies are backed by data and research found in the 2018 Customer Success Industry Report. Jamey Jeff, the webinar presenter, is a former Chief Customer Officer with over 20 years experience as a client services executive.

The Massive Gap Between Customer Expectations and Organizations’ Ability Post-Pandemic

Beyond Philosophy

Only half of the organizations around the world feel prepared to support customer engagement post-COVID. When I read that headline from Verint, an organization specializing in the Voice of Customer, it struck a chord with me—a minor one with lots of extra dissonance.

Watch Jeanne Bliss’s Webinar: How to Provide Customer Service That Would “Make Mom Proud”


Customer experience expert Jeanne Bliss joined us for a webinar where she spoke with us about her new book ‘Would You Do That to Your Mother’, and how businesses can provide customer service that would quite literally “make mom proud!”. Make Mom Proud” companies give customers the treatment they desire, and employees the ability to deliver it. She is one of the foremost experts on customer-centric leadership and the role of the Chief Customer Officer.

CX Lessons from Jeanne Bliss Part 1 – The Dorchester Hotel Collection

Enghouse Interactive

Five-time Chief Customer Officer Jeanne Bliss is an industry expert in customer-centric leadership and a noted author and speaker. The book is based on the simple idea that you need to take how you are treating customers personally if you want to elevate the experience. So, when taking customer service decisions, imagine your mother as your customer.

6 Customer Experience Lessons I've Learned as an Experienced CCO

Answer Dash

Here are 6 most important customer service lessons I've learned during my career as a CCO in numerous enterprise ventures. You will find these lessons amazingly helpful if you are also a major in customer service industry. Leading a customer experience transformation is a lot of work! Jeanne Bliss is the Founder and President of CustomerBliss, and the Co-Founder of The Customer Experience Professionals Association.

How Can Your Company and Customers Profit Most from Higher Employee Commitment?

Beyond Philosophy

Whenever this is surfaced, it’s useful to ask some relevant questions with regard to ultimate enterprise value, particularly the employee experience vis-à-vis the customer experience. What takes precedence, employees or customers? While these last two important questions may never resolve, the role of employees in leveraging customer loyalty behavior is far simpler to understand. We’re not saying choose your people over your customers. Blogs Customer Experience

Does Company Culture Affect Customer Satisfaction?

Satrix Solutions

Shaping your company’s culture starts at the top and requires everyone in your organization is working with the same purpose and passion – to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Steve, what role does company culture play in companies that lead in the area of customer experience?

Has Marketing lost its way or is it just changing? A perspective by Bernard Page


Where does Customer Experience (CX) ‘sit’ in an organisation? Some say the correct answer is ‘Customer Service’ Some say ‘with the CEO’ Some might say under the responsibility of a ‘Chief Customer Officer’, or a ‘Chief Experience Officer’ Others might say ‘Marketing’ The debate rages on globally – is there a right answer to the question? My book, ‘Customer What? –

Decoding the QBR myth-Interview with Mary Poppen


We hope to give a fresh perspective regarding the QBR process which will take your customer success efforts to the next level. Mary Poppen is the Chief Customer Officer, Glint at LinkedIn. How does it help your customers?

Understanding the Joint Success Plan: A Tool for Outcome-Based Customer Success Management


This is a guest blog post by Jay Nathan, Chief Customer Officer at Higher Logic. A J oint Success Plan is a simple but powerful tool for outcome-based customer success management. The range of responsibilities of Customer Success Managers (CSM) in the industry is dizzying.

Dec 24 – Customer Success Jobs


Director, Customer Success Location: New York, NY, US(or remote in the East Region) Organization: Box As a Sr. Director of Customer Success, you will lead a team of high performing, geographically dispersed CSMs. Managing customer expectations to ensure successful outcomes are reached.

The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Customer Service

Help Scout

With access to fewer resources and generally leaner teams, small businesses need to be more creative and tactful in their approach to customer service. The importance of customer service for small businesses. So why exactly is customer service important for small businesses?

Top Customer Success Leaders to follow in 2022


With the grace of a number of Customer Success communities, we have come a long way to 2022. Where now we see a new avatar of the emerging customer success, with the rise of customer advocacy and expansion putting in greater emphasis on customer onboarding.

SaaS 52

ANNOUNCING Listen or Die: 40 Lessons That Turn Customer Feedback Into Gold


After months of brainstorms , meetings, late nights and deadlines, I am thrilled to announce that my first book, Listen or Die: 40 Lessons That Turn Customer Feedback Into Gold , will be available for purchase on Amazon starting Tuesday June 19th, 2018. These easy-to-use best practices provide CX leaders with the tools needed to build exemplary Voice of Customer programs that deliver ROI, turning customer feedback into gold. and Chief Customer Officer 2.0.