Stalkers aren’t all bad

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Are stalkers ever welcome? Well… At home, I am constantly stalked by my yellow Lab, Teddy. He’s one of those canines wanting to be near me at every chance, to the point of being really annoying. Being stalked never sounds like fun, especially if a human is the stalker.


An experiment in survey design

CX Advantage Walker

Over the past six months several Walker colleagues and I have been working on an experiment. The experiment focuses on using an alternative analytical approach to achieving insights from customer feedback. And, in order to apply a different analytical approach, we had to redesign the survey instrument. Three Goals 1 – Test something new on. Continue reading. The post An experiment in survey design appeared first on CX Advantage. Customer Strategies CX Customer Strategy Uncategorized

Response Rate: A Psychological Assessment: Sitting on the Behaviorists’ Couch

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In previous blogs, we have reviewed findings-to-date, regarding what specific elements of the survey process have been shown to be influential on response rate. If we take a step back from the specifics, at the heart of the response rate issue, is respondent motivation. How do we get respondents to want to take a survey? Continue reading. The post Response Rate: A Psychological Assessment: Sitting on the Behaviorists’ Couch appeared first on CX Advantage.

Is There Value in Customer Follow-Up?

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Seems like a no-brainer, right? However, make sure this message is being communicated to account teams as a way to encourage engagement in close the loop actions. Before giving them training on the process and tools they will use to follow-up on issues and document action plans, make sure to share with them the benefits they can. Continue reading. The post Is There Value in Customer Follow-Up? appeared first on CX Advantage.

Best practice for avoiding stomach cramps…

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I remember being told as a child that swimming immediately after I eat would cause stomach cramps. I believe that it was a stated rule that 1 hour after you eat, you could safely return to the water without fear of cramps (regardless of how much you ate, it was always 1 hour). Continue reading. The post Best practice for avoiding stomach cramps… appeared first on CX Advantage. Customer Retention Programs Customer Strategies CX Customer Strategy Uncategorized Voice of the Customer

Celebrating a Decade Spent Making Lives Better in Guatemala!


On March 17, 2009, we were taking our first calls in Guatemala! Joining the Alorica family in February 2009, he still remembers that day like it. Do you remember what you were doing 10 years ago? Well WE do!

Social Customer Service: Lingering Issues to Overcome

Contact Center Pipeline

Last week’s post offered a brief look back at a couple of social customer care pioneers—two companies that led the industry in 2009 by demonstrating how customer service could be delivered through social channels.

Teleopti Foresees a Continuous Growth During Q2


Teleopti foresees a continuous growth during Q2 and for the foreseeable part of 2009, as long as we serve our customers well. And we will support our customers well


Lessons from the Upper Crust: How Domino’s Pizza Disrupted the Delivery Game and Became a Leader in Customer Delight


Tasteless, unexciting food and an all-time low in its share price, the company also ranked last in a 2009 survey of consumer taste preferences. Seven years ago, Domino’s Pizza was in the pits.

FCC Seeks to Combat Illegal Spoofed Texts & International Calls


The Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009 prohibits anyone from transmitting misleading or inaccurate caller ID [ ] The post FCC Seeks to Combat Illegal Spoofed Texts & International Calls appeared first on NobelBiz®. WASHINGTON, February 14, 2019—The Federal Communications Commission today proposed rules banning illegal spoofed text messages and international calls.

Twitter is Dead, Long Live Twitter (Ask your Customers)

The Upsell

I remember in 2009, when I joined Twitter, it was a. Twitter is dead. No one is on Twitter. Sound familiar? I’ve heard a lot about how Twitter is dying as a social media platform lately. Apparently no one is on it and we are wasting our time.

HODUSOFT’S CLIENTELE BECOMES LARGER WITH Wapic Insurace – A Leading Insurance Company in Nigeria


The Company was licensed in Ghana in 2009 and commenced business on 27th April 2009 to underwrite General Insurance. When it comes to meet the robust business communication requirements, the global enterprises or MNCs put trust in us. At HoduSoft, we have set many milestones while serving our esteemed global clientele with premium-quality, readymade VoIP communication software.

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¡Celebramos una década mejorando vidas en Guatemala!


El 17 de marzo de 2009, ¡estábamos tomando nuestras primeras llamadas en Guatemala! Mark, se unió a la familia Alorica en febrero de 2009, ¡aún. ¿Recuerdas dónde estabas hace 10 años? Nosotros si!


Amazing Business Radio: Scott Walker


Before founding ethosIQ in 2009, he worked with companies like Apple, Microsoft, Ticketmaster, and Nike. Leveraging Customer Data In Real Time. Focusing on Business Intelligence and Customer Experience.

SEO and Marketing Powerhouse Boostability Chooses Talkdesk to Power Customer Service


Established in 2009, Boostability was founded on a simple business model: to create affordable and effective SEO for the small business marketplace. And it’s worked. Today, Boostability serves over 26,000 small businesses by, helping them elevate their digital presence and succeed online.

Delivering Service That Soars

Chip Bell

who served as NASA Administrator from 2009 until he retired in 2017. He was appointed NASA Administrator by President Obama in 2009. Over the holidays my wife and I visited the U.S.S. Intrepid, an aircraft carrier docked in the Manhattan harbor. The museum on the deck of the ship houses the space shuttle, Enterprise. Nearby is a tribute to Charles F. Bolden, Jr. It could be a simple historical story. But, it a story of major achievement over enormous odds with a surprise factoid.

Who Owns Customer Service?


In 2009 they paid $5.1 Customer service is what I’m all about. It is my life’s mission to help companies create a customer service experience that customers think is amazing. So, I thought it would be nice to own the domain name

Amazing Business Radio: Scott Walker


Before founding ethosIQ in 2009, he worked with companies like Apple, Microsoft, Ticketmaster, and Nike. Leveraging Customer Data In Real Time. Focusing on Business Intelligence and Customer Experience.

Guest Blog: Experience Will Set Direct-to-Consumer Brands Apart. Convenience Won’t.


A study from 2009 in the journal Psychology & Marketing revealed that when people cannot easily determine which option is preferable, they are more likely to leave a store empty-handed.

How working from home changed the way I help others


In fact, Sharon had not only an entire career before joining Liveops Nation in 2009, she was a leader in creating some of the nation’s first outsourced call centers in the 1980s. Sharon: When I came to work with Liveops in 2009, I thought it would be for a short time.

Outrageous – You’re Paying The Same For Less!!

Beyond Philosophy

In fact, the numbers show that since 2009, the rate of shrinkflation has been growing at a “staggering pace.” When you realize that something you buy often has gone up in price, how do you feel?

The New FSA Mobile Phone Recording Ruling: What Does it Mean and How Can You Comply

Customer Interactions

This constitutes the expected extension to “the taping rules” (PS08/1, effective since March 2009) that require the recording and archiving of all voice and electronic communications dealing with orders, negotiation or arrangement of transactions in the financial services industry. It’s now official. The FSA announced yesterday the expansion of its call recording requirements to cover all relevant mobile phone conversations. What does it mean?


The Most Unlikely Source Is Blocking Contact Center Transformation

Call Center Coach

The quality of leadership is one of the most important predictors of an organization’s future success (Peterson, Walumbwa, Byron and Myrowitz 2009). Change is hard, especially in the contact center industry.

Customer Success in Numbers


As early as 2009 , the number one request from customers was “better human service”, which they placed above the integration of different channels and enriched content.

B2B 114

Who Tweeted It First: Customer Success Edition


— Japman Bajaj (@Japman_Bajaj) December 22, 2009. — MaRS (@MaRSDD) August 5, 2009. — Parature (@Parature) October 27, 2009. — Michael Hyatt (@MichaelHyatt) January 7, 2009.

SaaS 70

Customer Experience: Keep it Simple Stupid

Beyond Philosophy

Looking at data since 2009, the portfolio including the simplest brands outperformed the major indexes by 170%.

Make This Small Change For Big Results

Beyond Philosophy

Thaler and Sunstein, 2008, 2009). We all have a Status Quo Bias when it comes to decision making. Also called Status Quo Inertia, the Status Quo Bias is our preference to keep things the same or maintaining a previous decision.

Making emotional connections with customers is key to excellent NPS and VOC results

Robert Davis

In The New York Times, Stephanie Rosenbloom explained why footwear sales in October 2009 reached $1.5 By Brad Baumunk, President and COO, Robert C. Davis and Associates.

Power Countless Customer Experiences with inContact


Our customer, Hoveround Corporation , a leading provider of power chairs, electric scooters and other mobility solutions, chose inContact for its inbound contact center solution in 2009.

Guest Blog: In the CX world, tracking these metrics is a way of life!


seconds in 2009! This week we feature an article by Bikash Mohanty about how important customer experience metrics are to your business. Companies that track and measure their customer service have a competitive advantage.

Military Experience and Love of People Lead to Success for Irving Williams


Shortly after starting at SYKES in 2009, Irving enlisted in the Navy Reserves. Irving Williams credits two things for his rise from call center agent to site director at the SYKES Malvern call center: The first is that he is good at call center work.

4 Powerful Rules to Create Employee and Customer Word-of-Mouth Programs That Work

Beyond Philosophy

For instance, a 2009 social media use study by MarketingSherpa found that, among customers, learning about special offers and sales was a prime motivator for consumers to connect with companies through social media. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

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VW To Buy Back Cars And Learns Cost Of Lying

Beyond Philosophy

This buyback agreement, described by Reuters as a framework deal, includes the Jetta Sedan, the Golf compact and the Audi A3 models sold since 2009. The latest in the “Hoaxwagen” scandal reveals the price you pay for lying to consumers. Hint: it’s not cheap!).

Guest Blog: Instant Customer Service – Just Add Text Message


He did – and in 2009 Zingle was born as the first two-way, business-and-customer communication platform. This week we feature an article by Ford Blakely about text messaging which can provide that instant, convenient and low-friction customer experience that delivers delight.

Amazon Backs Out Of New York City

Branch Mesenger

Retail Sales Biggest Drop Since 2009. ?? Retail sales drop the most since September 2009 | Via: percent, the largest decline since September 2009 when the economy was emerging from recession.

Customer Experience Articles


1 2009 Customer Experience Maturity Monitor, Peppers & Rogers Group. 2 2009 Customer Experience Management: Engaging Loyal Customers to Evangelize Your Brand, Aberdeen Group. 3 2009 Customer Experience Management Benchmark Study, Strativity Group.

How AI-based self-service can transform the customer experience


hours per day online , up from just 3 hours in 2009. hours per day online , up from just 3 hours in 2009 Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2018 Author: Pascal Gauvrit How AI-based self-service can transform the customer experience. Published on: June 20, 2018.

8 Tried and Tested Methods For Improving Employee Engagement

Customer Guru

In a survey by McKinsey Quarterly in 2009, praise from immediate supervisors and attention from company leaders were found to be just as important or more important than financial rewards. “Customers will never love your company until your employees love it first.” ~ Simon Sinek.

Microsoft Recovers From the Electric Slide

C Space

To see how it can be done, let’s go back in time to November, 2009. The Microsoft of today is not the same Microsoft of 2009. Microsoft Recovers From the Electric Slide. In the fashion world, there’s a term that gets used from time to time: effortlessly chic.

Getting to the “Why” of CX Design: Measuring Effort to Drive Change


In September 2009, Simon Sinek stood in the middle of a stage in a cozy theater in Puget Sound, Washington and delivered one of the most iconic TED talks to date.