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Net Revenue Retention: The New King of CS Metrics

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To illuminate your team’s effect on strategic expansion, we suggest wielding a mighty metric that packs a real punch – one that even Wall Street uses as a shorthand way to evaluate the health and vitality of a company. Why are we crowning NRR as the new king of CS metrics? The only CS metric your board of directors cares about.

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Why Retention is the Most Important Metric We Look At


In a world seemingly obsessed with hyper-growth, this may sound like heresy, but when evaluating a B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, the most important metric we look at is retention. The Different Types of Retention Metrics. cross-selling, upselling, etc.) They are the opposite sides of the same coin.

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11 Key Sales Metrics and KPIs to Track for Sales Success


In this blog, we'll run you through all the important sales metrics and KPIs you need to assess for optimum results. . Measuring your sales metrics and KPIs is a healthy exercise for improving overall sales performance. But, weighing every other metric under the sun means you're in for a waste of your precious time.

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7 B2B Upsell Strategies that Work Wonders


In the dynamic realm of B2B, where every move counts, mastering the art of upselling is no longer a mere choice but a strategic imperative. In this discourse, we’ll unravel seven B2B upsell strategies that, in my experience, work wonders for boosting Net Revenue Retention (NRR) and fortifying customer relationships.

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CSM Team Performance Metrics That Matter

CSM Practice

The answer varies for different companies, but the customer success team performance metrics below are an excellent place to start. As a customer success team leader , these metrics provide a solution to demonstrate the value of your customer success team to top executives and other teams. Customer Financial Metrics.

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11 Customer Service Metrics to Start Measuring


Here’s a look at the top 11 customer service metrics you should start measuring today. Customer Happiness Metrics. These three metrics correlate with customer loyalty and retention more strongly than support efficiency metrics. At face value, NPS is a pretty simple metric—one score per customer, one overall score.

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5 Facts to End the ROI Debate on Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

Here are some of the most comprehensive facts and figures that I’ve come across: A recent study of the Value of Customer Experience amongst two $1 billion+ businesses published in Harvard Business Review (HBR) managed to quantify the effects of good customer experience. Your existing customers are far easier to upsell.