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Building a Great CX Team

CX Accelerator

Customer Journey Mapping. CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING Being able to map customer journeys with your organization is a skillset unto itself. One of the most important things a good journey map can do is connect the employees of an organization to the customer. Project/Program Management.

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Top 5 Customer Service & CX Articles for the Week of August 28, 2023


We’ve consulted top experts in the industry to uncover the crucial factors that can either make or break a company’s brand in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. This short article emphasizes that with several strategies, one of which is worth highlighting, which is to understand the journey your customer takes to loyalty.


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A Dozen Crazy Customer Touchpoints Translated


Do you have a customer journey map? More importantly, where did it come from, and does it represent the true journey of your customers? The most useful customer journey maps are created in-house by the very people delivering the real experiences. Learn more about Customer Journey Mapping Workshops.

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What's in Your #CX Budget?

CX Journey

By that I mean that they have no allocated financial resources for improvements to be made as a result of the learnings from surveys and other listening posts, journey mapping, and other customer experience strategy exercises that become the catalyst for onstage customer experience or behind-the-scenes process improvements.

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"Follow the Leader", Featuring Jeannie Walters

Call Center Weekly

Jeannie Walters is a customer experience and patient experience speaker, a writer, and a consultant with more than 15 years experience in assisting all types of companies, including Fortune 500. Specialties include in-depth experience evaluations, customer journey mapping, user experience analysis, and leading workshops and trainings.

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Customer Experience Research Firms: How to Get Inside Your Customer’s Head

Interaction Metrics

Our methods include workshops, customer service evaluations, and a wide range of surveys. If you’d like a free customer experience consulting session, get in touch. Read about this and register for a consulting session here. Interaction Metrics is a customer experience research firm.

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How to Know if Your CX Strategy Is Fake


CX Strategy by Journey Mapping. Journey mapping is the answer! I’m a big believer in mapping the experience. Hold a workshop! Produce a beautiful map and get everyone in the company to appreciate it by going on a roadshow with it. Customer journey mapping is not the problem.