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10 Key Metrics to Evaluate your AI Chatbot Performance


They remain your main source of analysis to evaluate the impact of an AI chatbot on your company’s results. Therefore, we have gathered the top 10 key metrics to monitor when measuring your chatbot’s performance. Only real interactions will provide you with valuable knowledge about this channel and how to continuously improve it.

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Three Ways Call Centers Can Reduce Average Wait Time


Low call scores can also be validated by customer effort scores (CES), which measure how much effort a customer had to put in to get the resolution they were looking for. Many help desk CRMs and support platforms like Intercom, Drift, HubSpot Service Hub, Freshworks, and Netomi come with built-in support chatbots.


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AI & CS: Innovate or stagnate


Reduce support tickets A quarter (25%) of support cases are opened for topics already addressed in the support site and/or knowledge base. Leveraging AI in customer support can significantly reduce customer effort. Integrations from Totango + Catalyst further enhance these capabilities.

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How to Boost your Digital Customer Experience


Customer interaction management to the rescue. Self-service tools such as chatbots, knowledge management, and search engines have become very common and most customers are now used to interacting with these online. Applied to customer interaction management solutions, NLP can do wonders. Clarified customer journey.

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5 Tools That Help You Deliver A Great Customer Experience


WotNot – no-code AI chatbot. Customers have great experiences when they face no roadblocks while using a product or receiving a service. The go-to solution, in this case, would be chatbots that will keep the lights on 24/7 at minimal costs. Help Scout – center for knowledge base articles and help docs. Tool: vcita.

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How to Craft a Winning Customer Service Strategy Using Self Serve

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Can it be handled by automation, BOTs, a knowledge base, or an agent? Can it be handled by automation, BOTs, a knowledge base, or an agent? How emotionally distressed is the customer? Determining Customer Effort [High – Low]. How difficult would it be for the customer to resolve it?

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What is Omnichannel Customer Service?


The most popular channels for omnichannel support include: Live chat: Live chat allows customers to connect with agents through a familiar chat interface on the web or integrated within a mobile app. 73% of customers prefer live chat to connect with companies over other channels. With the question “what is omnichannel customer service?”