Why Digital Transformation Means That Contact Center Solutions Are for Everyone Now


social media Contact Center Customer Experience Chat start-ups Digital Transformation SME’s ecommerce voice CCNG Customer Contact CentralEvery day, start-ups and other innovative businesses are coming up with new business models that highlight how digital transformation is changing sales, marketing and customer service in all industries.

Get your customer service ready for the digital-first generation

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The New Customer Service Mandate - It’s No Longer Socially Acceptable To Not Be Social

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Customer service teams are facing a dilemma that may bring back high school nostalgia - if you want to be one of the cool kids, you need to be social. But simply being present in the social scene doesn't automatically make you hip to the digital customer. In our recent report , we discuss the new reality of social customer service, and outline tools you should adopt for social workforce optimization. Social. Social media. contact center.

Start Planning To Provide Social Customer Support Beyond Twitter and Facebook

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7 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service for E-commerce [INFOGRAPHIC]

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With the rise of social media contact channels, e-commerce companies need to undestand, embrace, and innovate with these new customer communication methods.

5 CRM Features Your Company Needs To Recharge Customer Experience

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Contact Management. The ability to manage contacts is one of the most fundamental features of CRM tools. Your CRM tool should enable your sales team to pull up all of your contact data, organize your contacts into groups, and display them in any form you prefer.

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3 Ways Contact Centers Help Maintain Positive Brand Image

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In order to get these reviews, companies need to ensure a solid customer journey and experience that creates happy customers who feel compelled to spread the good word about the brand through social media and other online outlets. 3 Ways Contact Centers Help Maintain Positive Brand Image. Contact centers can send these emails and monitor responses. Social Media: There is almost nothing more powerful in branding than social media.