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Self-Service for Contact Center: The Definitive Guide


This makes the contact center business or department inefficient and unable to promptly solve more serious issues by generating long call queues and ramping up the wait time. The basic philosophy of self-service is that individuals should be empowered to achieve their goals rather than relying on contact center agents for assistance.

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The Power of Self-Service for Contact Centers: A Guide to Success


This renders the contact center business or department inefficient and unable to properly solve more serious issues in a timely manner by generating long call queues and ramping up the wait time. What is Self-Service for contact centers? In short, yes, self-service is cheaper. Here’s the simple math.


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COVID-19: How Knowledge Base Management Enables Call Center Continuity

bold360 Blog

COVID-19 has caused massive disruption in the customer service and contact center space, on both the supply side and the demand side. Investing in self-service and digital support benefits your service agents, customers and organization. Centralize and Scale Your Knowledge Base.

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Guest Post: How To Reduce Customer Support Tickets And Enhance CX?


This week we feature an article by Soumya Juttukonda, a content developer & digital media strategist at Knowmax , an AI enterprise knowledge base solution to enhance customer service. Create self-service solutions. She shares how you can reduce customer support tickets and enhance customer experience.

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The Ultimate Guide on Self Service Customer Service


In this guide, we will look at how you can improve your self service customer service and leverage its holistic benefits (for the customer and the business). Mobile self-service: With the rise of mobile devices, more and more customers are using their smartphones and tablets to access self-service options.

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Linking Self-Service to your Knowledge Base

Insite Managed Solutions

Today, more and more customers expect self service options, and an effective knowledge management system can empower this. This is why it’s important to understand efficiency and gaps within your knowledge management system as customers prefer to service in the most convenient way for their persona.

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Empower Customers With Self-Service Blog #2

Enghouse Interactive

In our first blog, we explored how customer expectations are rapidly changing and what organizations should consider as part of their Self-Service strategy. This blog will continue that exploration with some insight into some of the benefits we’ve seen in organizations that have implemented Self-Service.