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How To Use Gamification To Improve CX In Your Contact Centre

Call Design

Gamification changes the game in the agent training space. While gamification is designed primarily to improve the engagement of agents, its effects upon customer service quality have already been illustrated. A recent study has shown that companies enjoy a 700% conversion rate when using gamification within their workplace.

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Boost Productivity with the “Right” Contact Center KPIs and Gamification

Noble Systems

Are agents making calls during times the schedule says they are available? Do they start their shift on time or take breaks when scheduled? Measurement of schedule adherence is important, and ongoing feedback to agents is essential to improving productivity. Gamification motivates employees to stay on track.


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Adapting to a Global Workforce: Managing Remote Teams Effectively


” Before bringing in an automated solution for scheduling, many call and support centers may have had entire teams dedicated to managing schedules, adherence, time off, and other complexities that come with managing a remote workforce and global teams.

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WFM ROI: Why You Need Workforce Management Software Now


For contact center managers, this phrase rings in their heads each time they create a forecast, build a schedule, or track schedule adherence. . All of these have a significant impact on an organization and the bottom line, but you can find savings through schedule optimization. Making things fun with gamification.

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Appriss Tackles the World’s Toughest Problems Upgrading to Cloud Contact Center Technology

NICE inContact

CXone Workforce Management Pro automates forecasting and scheduling, which has improved both schedule adherence and service levels. Then Appriss moved to cloud CX platform and solutions. Productivity and efficiency are up significantly.

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A Beginner’s Guide On An Effective Inbound Call Strategy


We’ve seen businesses improve agent engagement by making individual performance stats available on agent dashboards and by the gamification of specific agent behaviors. Some companies even use call center gamification as an incentive system for performance. This may help them with benchmarking and goal setting.

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12 Call Center Best Practices You Need to Be Doing Right Now


The metrics you should prioritize are those which measure service level, call resolution, average handle time, agent schedule adherence, call abandonment, average hold time, and call abandonment. You have many metrics at your disposal; be sure you only focus on what matters. Avoid Negative Language.