Keep Your Call Center At-Home Agents Engaged


Working from home gives employees a break from the constant office noise along with the opportunity to embrace a more flexible schedule that improves their work-life balance. Contact centers especially struggle with how to train, manage, and engage agents properly.

6 Common Sense Practices to Share with Work-at-Home Agents

Contact Center Pipeline

After more than 20 years in the on-demand contact center industry, I’ve come across some great work-from-home practices. Whatever the workstyle or workspace, an agent needs to be efficient and productive. While remote work from home is free range, it isn’t a free-for-all.

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Are Work at Home Agents Much Happier?

Insite Managed Solutions

Are Work at Home Agents Much Happier? Many people believe that working at home will make them much happier as the convenience is second to none. For a 100 agent center with a 40% attrition rate, the annual attrition cost exceeds $100,000.

How to de-risk your at-home agents


How can US health insurers boost their agility by hiring more at-home agents to handle calls - without compromising data security? Forward-thinking companies have found the answer

The Gig Economy: Why At-Home Agents Perfectly Complement Your Outsourced Customer Service

Advantage Communications

In fact, some innovative outsourced call centers, such as Advantage Communications , are making the most of stay-at-home agents to enhance the world-class customer service they are providing on behalf of their clients.

What are some best practices for at-home agents?

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Question: What are some best practices for at-home agents? Answer: Here is a list of several best practices for contact center operations that include home-based agents: Invest time in hiring qualified agents. Ensure supervisors are comfortable using the technologies that help them manage remote agents. Provide regularly scheduled feedback on agent evaluations, reflecting both strengths and opportunities.

The New Trend in Outsourced Call Center Solutions: 6 Ways At-Home-Agents Benefit Your Customer Service

Advantage Communications

Today, we live in a connected world where workers are able to work for the brands they love from any corner of the globe. That’s why the contingent workforce, which is made up of contractors, freelancers and consultants, now makes up a staggering 30 percent of the entire US Workforce. Contact Cente

Onboard, Train and Engage Remote Agents with Gamification

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Contact centers have been hiring increasing numbers of work-at-home agents in recent years and it looks like this trend is expected to grow. Remote employment affords many benefits to both agents and employers. Leverage gamification for at-home agent onboarding.

From Brick & Mortar to At-Home Agents: The Challenges, Process and How to Get Started

EPIC Connections

The benefits of a home-based agent model are undeniably exciting. From cost savings to reduced attrition, the work-at-home agent model is attractive to say the least. However, deploying it in a way that is successful for both business and agents can prove challenging. The first question you should ask yourself is: Why do you want a home-based model? Hiring the Right Agents. Not all agents are good candidates for the at-home model.

Record Calls from Remote Users, at-Home Agents and From a Mobile Device: Numonix Debuts RECITE for Allworx

Natalie Petouhof

In addition to Internal and PSTN call recording, RECITE has the unique ability to record calls from remote users and at-home agents and from a mobile device via the Allworx Reach™ client,” said Chard Johnston, VP of Product Management at Numonix. Proven software-based RECITE solution, which seamlessly integrates with Allworx at hundreds of end-user locations nationwide.

Overcoming Obstacles of a Remote Workforce

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There are so many distractions in people’s homes, we couldn’t possibly expect them to be productive while not directly in our line of sight” is a common argument. Set a core “hours of availability” for your team so they are online at the same times.

Columbia Sportswear Takes Customer Service to the Cloud

NICE inContact

They also couldn’t easily adjust agents to different queues resulting in some customer service teams being overwhelmed while others sat idle. inContact’s Agent Interface automatically provides all the information they need to be the voice of any brand.”. With inContact, Columbia can manage agents in multiple buildings, states, and even multiple countries on a single platform regardless of physical location, team size, call volume, or other normal constraints of a PBX-based solution.

Top 5 Posts in January

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A look at the common characteristics shared by award-winning contact centers; tips to help work-at-home agents stay productive and focused; and an update on the state of remote work in […].

Insurers how to de-risk your home-based agents.


How can insurers boost their agility by hiring more at-home agents to handle calls without compromising data security? For forward-thinking companies there is an answer

New Ebook Explores ACI’s Home Advantage Contact Center Service

Advantage Communications

Advantage Communications is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new ebook, which looks at the benefits of stay-at-home agents and how they can be the perfect complement to an organization’s existing brick-and-mortar contact center solution.

This Week in Enterprise Tech with inContact

NICE inContact

Rajeev Shrivastava, Chief Strategy Officer at inContact, recently sat down with Fr. Robert Ballecer for This Week in Enterprise Tech at Enterprise Connect 2016. They want to scale up, scale down, they can bring in work-at-home agents and remote agents. We at inContact have only been in business for the cloud and that is a model which has worked well for us.” – Rajeev Shrivastava, CSO at inContact.

This Holiday Season will Belong to the Creative Contact Center Staffers

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In a recent webinar , he explained that his company overcomes a shortage of local travel agents by “going where the talent is.” The U.S. Job market is on fire!

Ten Dumb Things Smart Contact Center Executives Do

Taylor Reach Group

It is important to invest in on-going professional development at all levels within the Contact Center. After all why would we want home agents, speech recognition, higher quality or better staff morale and management? Not giving agents the authority to make any decisions.

Offering Employees a F-L-E-X-I-B-L-E Work Environment


The schedule then fills, empty slots are revealed, and the silver team members get a shot at selecting the next available options. Or the worker might be most productive during the hours their kids are at school and finish the shift in the evening when the children are asleep.

Intelligent Call Routing


Platform28 Intelligent Call Routing ensures the highest degree of accuracy in allocating inbound calls to the right agent at the right time. Shared-agent pools. Allows fine-grained control in shared-agent pool scenarios.

Back to School: Will Your Customer Experience Make the Grade?


Managing and Training Work-from-Home Agents. The new, more cost-effective answer to the need for additional staff is work-from-home agents. With the cloud, supervisors can give feedback to agents regardless of their location.

Work from home programs are no longer a reward system


Over the past few months Aspect customers have been reaching out to discuss their plans to implement a work from home strategy for their engagement centers (contact centers), and it has inspired me to share more globally what we have seen in the industry, and what’s driving this interest.

5 Benefits of Blended Call Center You Should be Aware of


Utilizing the time of agents is currently one of the most challenging aspects of the call center industry. A blended call center is one where agents both make and receive calls to meet the demands of strategic dictate. e)Agents Extensions. g)Support for Work-at-Home Agents.

5 Helpful Contact Center Tools for Managers

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Are your agents prepared to answer customers’ questions? Are customers satisfied with the solutions given by your agents? Managers are able to break down the calls being recorded and filter out data that is relevant at the time (i.e. Are you scheduling the right agents at the right time? This is often a struggle for a number of organizations because many are still using Excel spreadsheets to forecast and extract data for agent scheduling.

10 Tips for Handling the Holiday Returns Rush in Your Call Center


Recruit agents from other departments. If your frontline of call center agents is scrambling to meet the needs of holiday returns callers, recruit them some backup. Ask agents from other departments to field frontline calls. Leverage at-home agents.

Contact Center Leaders and Technology Experts Talk Challenges and Solutions for Better CX


Yesterday, at the Austin Contact Center Alliance ’s Emerging Technologies for CX event, Serenova and more than 30 contact center executives and technology thought leaders discussed customer experience (CX) challenges and how emerging technology can help.

25 Tips & Best Practices for Identifying the Best Call Center Services


If your company is struggling with call center efficiency , outsourcing some or all of your call center operations can help to accommodate growth or free up your in-house agents for certain types of calls, such as those requiring specific expertise. Choose between dedicated or shared agents.

Scheduling in the Gig Economy


Amazon is supplementing their USPS deliveries at times of peak demand using drivers contracting directly with Amazon in a program called Amazon Flex. The driver selects a block, and at the designated time, goes to the local pickup location to start deliveries.

Call Center Agent Feedback: Tips & Best Practices for Providing Effective Agent Feedback


Providing feedback to agents in your call center is entirely needed to maintain and improve a quality facility. The right encouragement, or even criticism, could dramatically alter agent performance, both for on-site employees and at-home agents.

Workforce Management Tools Enable Successful Telecommuting


Jim Reidy spoke about telecommuting at the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2016 Employment Law & Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. Some suggest the distractions at home are different from the office, but still exist as a drain on productivity.

The Top 3 Contact Center Talent Priorities in 2018


These initiatives are all supported by the Talkdesk Enterprise Contact Center Platform , illustrating our overall dedication to improving agent effectiveness. Leveraging intelligent staffing tools like Teleopti help to optimize customer experience, agent retention and efficiency.

Top 10 Technological Contact Center Trends

Insite Managed Solutions

Home Agents: Cloud and IP telephony developments have given rise to the virtual call center, and 41% of enterprise contact centers plan on employing work-at-home agents in the near future.

Chat in the Contact Center – an Expert Panel Weighs in – Part 3/3

Taylor Reach Group

Chat at Transaction Points. Dedicated Chat Agents vs. Blended Agents. Endless Agent Options. Google translator is imperfect and French Canadian friends may laugh at some of the translations, but each interaction is better and I think eventually that is where live chat will go. There is also this false idea that through live chat, you can multitask and handle multiple inquiries at once. Chat at Transaction Points. Endless Agent Options.