Customer Journey Mapping: Apply Insights Everywhere


Customer Journey Mapping: Apply Insights Everywhere. Customer journey mapping is a big investment in most companies, and money is being left on the table. And you're aligning the company to focus on value that's rewarded by customers.

8 Effective Questions to Ask For Customers Journey Mapping

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If you are looking to grow customer experience – this is important to think like your customer. Easy to understand their point of view and mindful of them at every step of the customer journey. This is where customer journey mapping comes into the state.

Journey Mapping: Focus on the Customers’ Experience


Journey Mapping: Focus on the CustomersExperience. Customer journey maps are all the rage. DO THIS: Ask customers about their end-to-end experience regarding the solutions in your category. Comments are Customer Experience Gold.

Drive Real #CX Change with Journey Maps

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Are journey maps a waste of time, or can you really use them to drive CX change? Done right, you can drive real CX change with your journey maps! Customer experience is a journey. Only you hold the map.

Moving Customer Service to Customer Experience and How It Benefits Your Business

Speaker: Kristina Evey, Customer Experience Strategist, The Customer Experience Podcast for Business Leaders

This webinar will do a deep dive into the mindset, processes and methods of building a successful Customer Experience. The psychology behind consumer behavior and experiences will be addressed as a foundation leading to the methods to build connection with customers to drive loyalty.

B2B Customer Journey Maps: New Wisdom


B2B Customer Journey Maps: New Wisdom Lynn Hunsaker. Use these factors to apply new wisdom to your customer experience journey mapping. Segment customers per natural patterns in the data. 3-Step Approach to B-to-B Customer Journey Mapping.

6 Steps From Journey Maps to Outcomes

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Did you know that journey maps are more than a tool? Journey mapping is a creative and collaborative process that allows you to understand – and then to redesign – the customer experience. This diagram outlines the six-step journey mapping process I advocate.

From Journey Map to Experience

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Customers are yearning for better experiences. But what are you doing to design a better experience? How do you know what your customers’ expectations are? Are you listening to customers? Are you mapping their experiences? What is Journey Mapping?

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Customer Journey Mapping

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Consider your experiences as a consumer. In every case, we’re looking for a business whose customer service model is simple, effortless, fast and accurate. Customer Experience business process improvement customer journey mapping

Have You Digitized Your Journey Map?

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age courtesy of Pixabay Do you know why it's important to digitize your journey maps? In the past, I've written about some of the myths of journey mapping. One of those myths was: Without a digital mapping platform, I can't even begin to map. Get mapping!

Customer Experience Journeys: Map for Actionability


Customer Experience Journeys: Map for Actionability. How actionable are your customer journey maps? One of the appeals of journey maps is they look sexy. Yet I've noticed that many customer journey maps aren't really designed to get full mileage from them. How can you get your whole organization engaged in making a significant positive difference to customers, and subsequently to cash?

6 Bonus Myths of Journey Mapping

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Image courtesy of Pixabay Get the journey mapping process right, and you'll reap the rewards for a long time to come! It was a great hour, during which I busted five myths about journey mapping and interviewed a panel of experts on their experiences with journey mapping.

5 Questions to Ask When Creating Customer Journey Maps


Helping your customers begins with taking their point of view. As more and more brands adopt a customer-centric attitude, many are also discovering the value of creating customer journey maps. By analyzing data as well as feedback from both customers and employees, your company may develop maps that reflect customersexperiences, feelings, and motivations as they interact with your brand.

5 Basic Journey Mapping Principles

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There are five basic principles that journey maps must adhere to. Once upon a time (and still today), journey maps were created on butcher paper with post-it notes. Mapping tools had to evolve. Because nothing was being done with the maps. I mapped.

From Theory to Practice – Ten Steps for making customer journey mapping happen

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Customer Experience Management is a hot topic in many companies, who have realised that they are no longer ‘in control’ of all the channels, media or messages that their customers utilise to engage with their brand. End-to-end Experience. For each Journey.

Cracking the Code on Customer Journey Mapping

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Image courtesy of Crack the Customer Code Have some questions about journey mapping? I recently sat down with Jeannie Walters and Adam Toporek for a Crack the Customer Code podcast on one of my favorite topics: journey mapping. A journey is like marriage.

Journey Mapping Your Way to Better Customer Communications

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Communication is important to any relationship, and it's no less important in the relationships that businesses have with their customers. Sadly, communications are often an overlooked piece of the customer experience and the overall customer experience strategy.

5 Myths of Journey Mapping

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Journey maps are a catalyst for change. But the problem is that so many people don't map correctly, and they end up with useless "documents" that aren't actionable. I focus on the myths of journey mapping and discuss several that I think are key. You'll have to watch to get the details behind each: I've mapped; I'm done. One map applies to all customers; all customers are the same. Marketing has the same mapping needs as CX.

The Most Important Rule of Journey Mapping

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Creating a customer journey map is an important first step when it comes to your customer experience transformation. Notice the word that I used a couple times in that sentence: "customer." Through validation, we confirm that these are the customers’ steps.

Telling Your Customer Stories through Journey Maps

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And do you use it in your customer experience transformation efforts? One of the my favorite tools available to develop and to tell the customer story is journey mapping. customer experience employee experience journey map journey mapping storytelling

One-Page Journey Mapping for Contact Centers


I recently did a webinar with CRMXchange on one-page journey mapping for contact centers. In today’s hyper-modern world, understanding and managing the customer journey is a best practice for staying competitive, yet journey mapping can be time-consuming and complex and overwhelming at first. In this workshop, I provided a simple mapping template and presented consumer research about the shopping journey. Improve customer experience”.

How to Use Your Customer Journey Map to Increase Business Productivity


This shift requires the centralization of customer data and the usage of a customer journey map as a key indicator of productivity. Centralize customer data across departments. Centralizing your customer data will help you identify redundancies across teams. With a CRM like Salesforce, you can effortlessly track every customer-business interaction and cut down on needless—and potentially harmful—interactions. Customer Experience How To

Get Ready for Your Customer Journey Mapping Workshop!

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You’ve got buy-in and commitment … all the right people in your company are on board to map your customersjourneys. They realize the importance of walking in the customer’s shoes in order to understand the experience before they can fix it.

Why Do I Need Data in My Journey Maps?

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Image courtesy of Pixabay Are you adding data to your journey maps? You Got Your Metrics in My Journey Map! In it, I advocated for mappers to add data to their journey maps. In order to be that catalyst, maps have to be actionable.

CX Journey™ Musings: The Problem with Journey Maps

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Image courtesy of Pixabay There's a problem with journey maps? Well, not with the maps themselves but with how people talk about them. I also knew that attendees would be more confused than ever about what journey mapping really is.

How to Create a Customer Journey Map and Improve CX


This article is part two of a series on customer journey mapping. This second one explains how to plot a successful customer journey map and how to use it to your business’ and your customers’ advantage. Identify customer touchpoints.

6 Key Advantages of Customer Journey Maps


Understanding your customers’ needs begins with taking their perspective. Many brands are turning to customer journey maps to gain insights into the customer experience and devise innovative solutions for making it better. A comprehensive look at your company’s current practices as well as the feedback of customers and employees can help you shape the experiences your customers wish to have. Understanding customer feelings.

Why You Need to Start Customer Journey Mapping


This article is part one of a two-part series on customer journey mapping. Customer journey mapping is a tool to holistically improve your customer experience and your bottom line. What is customer journey mapping?

How to Create an Omni-Channel Customer Journey Map in Retail


Creating an amazing customer experience through omni-channel customer journeys that engage your prospects where they are and help shuttle them through your sales funnel. In this post, we’ll explain how to create an omni-channel customer journey map for your retail business—and how you can use it to improve your customer experience. What is a customer journey map? Why create a customer journey map?

Ask Me Anything about Customer Journey Mapping

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I was honored to be asked to join MindTouch CEO Aaron Fulkerson for an AskMeAnything podcast on journey mapping; I could talk about that all day! Journey maps are such important tools to have in your CX toolbox. The main reason to journey map?

Using Journey Maps to Tell the Customer’s Story

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Customer experience professionals use storytelling to gain buy-in and commitment from their audiences (typically executives, as well as employees) and to deliver impactful emotional and rational perspectives and messages, thereby capturing both the hearts and minds of the intended audience. They end up taking the audience on a journey, the customer's journey, and it humanizes the customer experience for the audience. What’s journey mapping?

Journey Maps: Not an Exercise in Futility

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One of the arguments against journey mapping I often hear is that it's an exercise in futility: You map. You map because you need to understand the customer experience; you know that you cannot transform something you don't understand.

5 Key Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping


Taking the perspective of the customer is essential to understanding his experience with a brand. For this reason, many companies are using customer journey mapping to study the user experience and learn where improvements can be made. Here are five key benefits of customer journey mapping. Understanding customer emotions. As a customer moves from one touchpoint to another, a map may indicate how easily he is able to do so.

Journey Maps: "Binding Agent" for Mergers and Acquisitions

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Did you know that journey maps can help you design, redesign, and manage both customer and employee experiences through these challenging times? Let's face it: mergers and acquisitions are hard for everyone living through them, employees and customers alike.

Have Your Journey Maps Failed You?

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Image courtesy of GMC Software Have you gone through some journey mapping exercises, only to find that the maps don't deliver what they experts said they would? Have your maps failed you? customer experience journey mapping

What's the Difference: Journey Map or Lifecycle Map?

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What''s the difference between a customer experience lifecycle map and a customer journey map? I''ll start with the customer experience lifecycle map. The lifecycle map shows the phases of the customer''s relationship with your company.

Hey! You Got Your Metrics in My Journey Map!

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At the time, I suppose they were two things that we traditionally didn’t believe went together (yea, right!) – a bit like how many think about metrics and journey maps. In order to be that catalyst, maps have to be actionable. customer experience data journey map metrics

Validating Your Journey Maps for #CX Design Success

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In a post from earlier this month , I wrote about the most-basic and most-important rule of customer journey mapping: maps must be created from the customer viewpoint. This is a must; otherwise we perpetuate inside-out thinking that is anything but customer-centric.

Your Journey Maps Ought to be Eye Opening!

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How are your journey mapping efforts coming along? You are mapping, aren't you? (If And you're following all of the key principles of mapping while you're doing it, right? Your maps tell the customer story accurately?

Are You Using Journey Maps for Product Design?

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Image courtesy of hayley.vallejo Can you use journey maps to develop a new product or service? A question similar to that was posed to me on Twitter several months ago after I published my post on The Most Import Rule of Journey Mapping. Find that customer.