Essential Technologies in Call Center Workforce Management

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Improved agent efficiency and productivity turn call centers from a cost into a profit. While agents hold the keys to your company’s success, they are also the most expensive resource you have – accounting for 60% to 70% of expenses in a contact center.

Inspiring a new type of call center workforce


With Millennials soon making up half of all call center workforces, organizations need to plan how to train, inspire and retain telephone agents in an industry where the average turnover rate is an astonishing 33%.

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Is Your Call Center Workforce Management Optimized?

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Is Your Workforce Management Optimized? As you determine what makes your contact center successful around workforce optimization, do you measure Service Level, Staff Utilization, or a combination of both? The question becomes how do you achieve consistent Service Levels?

Cisco Brings the Power of the Cloud and AI to Contact Centers with Release 12.5

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“I need the business agility, flexibility, and speed of new feature delivery that cloud offers while protecting my contact center investments.”. “I I need to modernize my customer and agent experiences to remain competitive.”. “I Innovative AI-Powered Self-Service.

Why you need guardrails for your contact center

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Formula one driving has a few things in common with a call center. There are important elements to racing that apply to running a contact center. So where are the boundaries in a contact center? in the all-important Moment of Truth called the contact center interaction.

Is Your Contact Center “In the Zone”?

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So, are contact centers more than a feeling? Is Your Contact Center “in the Zone?”. Thanks to new AI models, the “rhythm” or patterns of reality developed in the contact center are becoming more predictable and proactive. The post Is Your Contact Center “In the Zone”?

Artificial Intelligence Translational Services Use Cases in Cisco Contact Centers

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Artificial Intelligence and Translational Services. Narrowing the Call Center Gap. With new generations of new consumers speaking their mother tongue language when calling a contact center, the translation problem will not disappear anytime soon.

Join Our On-Demand Webinar: Best Practices for Moving your Contact Center to the Cloud

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Transitioning your on-premises call center to the cloud creates enormous opportunities for growth and innovation. According to our recent global survey, 62% of contact center executives plan to implement a cloud contact center within the next 18 months.

An Easy Approach to Managing Contact Center Peak Times [Slideshare]


Peak times tend to be a touchy topic for call centers. Almost every center experiences them, and most don’t know how to handle the volume without adding more agents. Every contact center is different, which means that peak times can take on various forms.

Should you outsource your customer service?


WHY YOU SHOULD OUTSOURCE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Customer service is a vital part of any business, but the question is, should it be kept in-house? There are a lot of benefits to be gained when you outsource your call centers. Most businesses have found out that outsourcing their customer services has been the best fit for their business, so why don’t you do the same? Outsourcers are expert service providers.

Head to the Big D May 14-17 for the Verint Engage Customer Conference


It’s the Verint Engage global customer conference, and registration is underway for this year’s event at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel May 14 – 17. Hear from Holland American Line, PlumChoice, NRG Energy, Allianz Worldwide Partners, Premier Bankcard and Navy Federal Credit Union on how they put Verint solutions to work to better serve their customers. Share your perspectives on doing business with us in the Customer Experience Zone. Inspiration. Professional growth. Networking.

Countdown to Verint Engage!


The annual Verint Engage global customer conference will convene on Monday, May 14 at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. Conference attendees can learn, network, and get inspired by a roster of speakers that include Verint customers, industry analysts, and Shawn Achor, motivational speaker and bestselling author of Big Potential. They can also share their perspectives on doing business with us in the Customer Experience Zone. It’s less than a month away!

Facing the Future of Contact Center Employee Engagement


At the end of 2016, I conducted 20 interviews with customer service professionals who were members of the National Association of Call Centers (NACC). The question was, “What’s keeping you up at night when you think about your contact center in 2017 and beyond.”. The responses were remarkably similar—18 of the 20 customer service professionals I interviewed voiced their concern over what can be broadly categorized as employee engagement.

When Elite Plumbers Wished They Had Workforce Management


Two brothers, Joseph and Henry Pendleton, started Elite Plumbers with the vision of delivering concierge-level plumbing service to serve upscale neighborhoods. Field personnel were backed with an equally professional call center. They picked an affluent southern community and quickly attracted hundreds of customers, many of whom lived in elegant but aging homes. Whenever a deep freeze occurred and the water stopped flowing, customers panicked.

Call Center Statistics You Should Know


Call centers , in particular, represent just one facet of a large and varied international outsourcing industry. However, the world’s call centers are arguably the most public examples of companies’ outsourcing efforts, facing customer directly in one-on-one interactions.

Consistent Performance

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If your organization is seeing call center workload patterns that are somewhat different than in similar historical months and years, you’re not alone. And the reasons – the economy, changes in customer behavior, etc. – That … Call Center Workforce Management Brad Cleveland Contact Center Customer Service ICMI

3 Key Soft Skills Every Call Center Agent Must Have

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Concrete customer feedback metrics, KPIs and CRM systems can be considered as the ‘science’ behind call centers, but the soft skills of call center agents are considered as the art. Here are the top 3 soft skills successful call center agents should possess.

How to Best Implement Modern Workforce Engagement Management Solutions in Your Call Center

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Contact center employees face a number of challenges during their workday. As a manager, you are in the perfect position to implement modern solutions to improve morale in your call center. Blog Workforce Management

How You Can Improve Efficiency of Your Call Center Using Workforce Management

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According to Forbes, engagement is the key to effective workforce management. With estimates claiming that only 30% of employees are engaged, managing the workforce becomes a lot more difficult than it used to be. Understand the Millennial Workforce. Customer rating.

2017 Call Center Trends

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First some good news: call centers aren’t going away this year (well, not exactly – but more on that later). And while call centers are expected to see an uptick in staffing in 2017 ( did you know that 4% of working Americans – about 5 million – already work in a call center ?)

Contact Center Business Master Plan: 5 Steps to Follow

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It doesn’t matter what category of call center you are planning to set up. This is important to remember setting up call center requires a considerable investment of time and money. Set up a contact center for your business is an investment of both time and money.

Top 10 Technological Contact Center Trends

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Top 10 Technological Contact Center Trends Cloud: Cloud-based infrastructure is the fastest growing area in the call center industry, which DMG predicts will almost double between 2013 and 2015. Social Media: Social media has fundamentally disrupted the call center.