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Voice Quality Validation for At-Home Agents


In the face of COVID-19, many organizations have had to shut down their contact centers, and send agents to work from home. One of the big concerns with at-home agents is whether they have the right environment to effectively handle calls.


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Hiring Work-at-Home Agents After the Coronavirus Crisis: What’s Next

Contact Center Pipeline

Chances are you have pivoted toward remote agents, and maybe not by choice: Most organizations were forced into work-from-home situations. You scrambled and had little choice.

Keep Your Call Center At-Home Agents Engaged


Working from home gives employees a break from the constant office noise along with the opportunity to embrace a more flexible schedule that improves their work-life balance. Global Workplace Analytics recently reported that businesses would save an average of $11,000 per remote employee if they worked from home at least half of the time. Contact centers especially struggle with how to train, manage, and engage agents properly. Hire the right agents.

Call Center Software Tips for the Best At-Home Agents


Before we get too far into our call center tips for at-home agents, I’d first. The post Call Center Software Tips for the Best At-Home Agents appeared first on TCN. Agent Efficiency Cloud Call Center Software

The Future of Remote Agent Call Centers

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Are remote call center agents a part of your future plans? In a short time, businesses that rely on call center agents found their teams dispersed across remote home offices. Call Center Trends for Remote Work in 2022.

The At-Home Agent Model is Here To Stay – What You Need to Know

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For the call center industry, it’s becoming apparent that the at-home agent model is here to stay. The Current State of the At-Home BPO Model. Employee preferences for flexibility and convenience have grown the prevalence of at-home models.

Contingency Planning With At-Home Agents

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Many companies have already instituted work from home policies, and those that haven’t are either configuring the logistics to do so or developing a plan in case it’s needed in the future. First, call volumes are on the rise. Utilize remote agents.

Working From Home—A Growing Necessity

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When you think of working from home, several benefits come to mind. And, if you usually eat out for lunch, you can save money by eating home-cooked meals. Working from home can also improve one’s work-life balance and help reduce the […].

Tips on Training Work-At-Home Agents


Agents who work from home present different benefits and challenges for call centers. Workers who are physically in the call center have the opportunity to learn from walking around the center or listening in on a neighbor.

4 steps to ensure ‘at home’ agents stay engaged with the call center

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Remote work is increasingly becoming the norm in many industries around the world, including contact centers and customer service departments. The benefits are clear and proven for both remote call center agents and the companies they work for. Learn how to keep call centre agents engaged and delivering great customer service in our latest blog.

The Gig Economy: Why At-Home Agents Perfectly Complement Your Outsourced Customer Service

Advantage Communications

In fact, some innovative outsourced call centers, such as Advantage Communications , are making the most of stay-at-home agents to enhance the world-class customer service they are providing on behalf of their clients. The gig economy is booming, allowing companies to hit workforce targets in a market where skill shortages are a huge concern.

The 3 “I”s to Empower Your Call Center Supervisors in 2021

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But for call center leaders it’s been a year of tirelessly onboarding new tools and deploying new strategies catered to remote work. Luckily, 2021 is projected to be a promising year for call centers , with agents performing at a high level.

The New Trend in Outsourced Call Center Solutions: 6 Ways At-Home-Agents Benefit Your Customer Service

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Contact CenterToday, we live in a connected world where workers are able to work for the brands they love from any corner of the globe. That’s why the contingent workforce, which is made up of contractors, freelancers and consultants, now makes up a staggering 30 percent of the entire US Workforce.

Work at Home Agents: How the Right Tech Makes it Work


Working from home has become an acceptable and appealing option for call center agents.

4 Reasons the BPO Industry Can Be Thankful

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From leaders, managers, and agents on down, the entire industry scrambled to transition to a work-from-home model. The topics of these inquiries may have shifted, but the demand for agents to handle them remained largely unchanged. At-Home Agents BPO Industry Customer Service

From Brick & Mortar to At-Home Agents: The Challenges, Process and How to Get Started

EPIC Connections

The benefits of a home-based agent model are undeniably exciting. From cost savings to reduced attrition, the work-at-home agent model is attractive to say the least. However, deploying it in a way that is successful for both business and agents can prove challenging. The first question you should ask yourself is: Why do you want a home-based model? There are two main challenges contact centers face when deploying this model: 1.

Important post-COVID strategies for the call center


It’s too early to brush COVID-19’s sweeping impact aside, but call center leaders are already looking for ways to proactively ready themselves and their teams for the next crisis—or the second wave of this one. A real strategy for sudden increased call volumes.

Onboard, Train and Engage Remote Agents with Gamification

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Contact centers have been hiring increasing numbers of work-at-home agents in recent years and it looks like this trend is expected to grow. According to the National Association of Call Centers, over 50% of contact centers in the United States tout that some percentage of their agents are now working from home. Remote employment affords many benefits to both agents and employers. Include at-home agents in team traditions.

The Outsourcing Shuffle: 4 Ways COVID-19 is Changing the Face of the BPO Industry

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COVID-19 makes it nearly impossible to predict the future demands of call center organizations. The traditional call center powerhouses with weak work-at-home solutions are hurting. . How are your outsource call center partners performing?

Columbia Sportswear Takes Customer Service to the Cloud

NICE inContact

As their customer support inquiries increased, Columbia Sportswear knew they needed a new contact center solution to support seasonal call volumes, e-commerce, and their unique brands. Searching for the Ideal Contact Center System. Offering outstanding customer support is a primary mission for outdoor apparel manufacturer, Columbia Sportswear, but their PBX-based system had long been a bottleneck for their contact center and IT teams.

Call Center Agent Feedback: Tips & Best Practices for Providing Effective Agent Feedback


Providing feedback to agents in your call center is entirely needed to maintain and improve a quality facility. The right encouragement, or even criticism, could dramatically alter agent performance, both for on-site employees and at-home agents. Lack of Confidence: Some managers are great at meeting metrics and making schedules. Many of the tips are those from experts directly in the call center industry.

COVID-19 and the Contact Center: Horror, Heartache, Humanity and Hope

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Has anyone besides me noticed how many contact center industry work-from-home (WFH) experts there suddenly are? That would be Michele Rowan and I wrote about her in my April column (“On-Trend: At-Home Agents”).

3 Emerging Call Center Markets to Consider in 2021

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A strong intercontinental georedundancy strategy, coupled with leveraging at-home agents, is more important than ever. Selecting markets on the rise allows call center leaders to maximize the ROI of their outsourced call centers.

Effectively managing home-based call center agents is possible. Here’s how.


Looking into flexible scheduling options is one way to offset call center agent turnover. For some, this might mean allowing your workers to select shifts that best support their home lives. Learning how to train, manage and motivate agents is challenging.

5 Benefits of Blended Call Center You Should be Aware of


Utilizing the time of agents is currently one of the most challenging aspects of the call center industry. Often, call center supervisors can be seen distributing and redistributing resources repeatedly to different departments and operations. As a result, precious time is wasted doing these arduous tasks thereby, affecting the overall productivity of the related call centers. Blended call centers. What is a blended call center?

Top 5 Posts in January

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It’s not surprising that contact center predictions for 2018 accounted for two of the most popular posts in January. A look at the common characteristics shared by award-winning contact centers; tips to help work-at-home agents stay productive and focused; and an update on the state of remote work in […]. Featured 2018 predictions award-winning call center call center contact center remote work technology work-at-home

The Rising Risk of Call Center Agent Burnout in the Age of COVID-19


For so many organizations, survival has depended on whether their employees could even do the job remotely and how quickly they could be back up and working from home. When the pandemic hit, most North American companies did everything in their power to transition to remote call centers.

The Impact of and Opportunity for Virtual Agents on Call Center Outsourcers


Even before the global pandemic, Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) were facing new headwinds and competitive pressures. Amazon, Google, Microsoft) and well-funded start-ups are selling the value proposition of bots, virtual agents and AI to their enterprise customers.

Noise in multi-channel contact centers


Today, some of the legacy call centers are being converted to multi-channel contact centers. In addition to taking phone calls, the agents also provide service via other non-voice channels like: live-chat, social media and emails. Noise removal for at-home agents.

10 Tips for Handling the Holiday Returns Rush in Your Call Center


A new wave of callers surely already hit your call center – the holiday returns callers. Recruit agents from other departments. If your frontline of call center agents is scrambling to meet the needs of holiday returns callers, recruit them some backup. Ask agents from other departments to field frontline calls. Leverage at-home agents. Utilize call center software with integrated business tools.

25 Tips & Best Practices for Identifying the Best Call Center Services


Outsourcing a major part of your business is never an easy decision, but operating a contact center requires a significant investment in technology and staffing. For some companies, outsourcing call center services makes sense, while others are better served by keeping call center functions in-house. When it comes to choosing a call center service, that choice becomes even more difficult. based, consider hiring a center located in the U.S.

3 Ways Cloud Contact Center Solutions Benefit Agents

Upstream Works

Momentum remains strong for cloud contact center solutions, with most deployments still in their early stages. There is another stakeholder group that benefits from the cloud – agents. Cloud makes work-from-home an ongoing option for agents.

The role of quality inside the home-based coaching and agent relationship


When it comes to call center leaders and their teams, is quality weaved throughout the relationship? That being said, high standards are especially critical when it comes to the team who is having conversations with the customers on a regular basis—your call center agents.

Ten Dumb Things Smart Contact Center Executives Do

Taylor Reach Group

There are a lot of smart — very smart — individuals managing and directing Call and Contact Centers today. This is my top ten list of really dumb things that smart call and contact center executives do. Contact Center staff is one of the most expensive and important assets within the Contact Center. It is important to invest in on-going professional development at all levels within the Contact Center.

Get Our First E-Book to Help Train Your Remote Agents

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With more at-home agents today, your service teams need training now more than ever. That’s why The Call Center School has created its first e-book, “ Agents at Home: How to Start Your Online Training Program.”. Remote work isn’t the future.

Is social engineering damaging your contact center?


Due to the pandemic, 2020 has been the year where many organizations have transitioned to a work-from-home (WFH) model to ensure employee safety. In some cases, organizations saw themselves dealing with more calls while transitioning to a WFH practice.

How biometrics can keep fraudsters at bay


With the recent shift to a stay-at-home world, there is a significant increase in fraudster attacks against call centers – testing for vulnerabilities by directly attacking work-at-home agents, or [.]

Work from home programs are no longer a reward system


Over the past few months Aspect customers have been reaching out to discuss their plans to implement a work from home strategy for their engagement centers (contact centers), and it has inspired me to share more globally what we have seen in the industry, and what’s driving this interest. So, what is driving the desire to offer more work from home opportunities for customer service agents? . Agent preferences. Define the Agent Profile.

Chat in the Contact Center – an Expert Panel Weighs in – Part 3/3

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Chat in the Contact Center - an Expert Panel Weighs in – Part 3/3. Recently, our expert panel of Contact Center Consultants had a discussion on the role of chat in the Call Center. This discussion examines chat in the Contact Center, highlights the many advantages of Live Chat, presents some caveats and looks to the future of this technology in the Call Center and Contact Center. Chat at Transaction Points. Endless Agent Options.