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How to Build a Customer-Centric Culture for Highly Effective Teams

The Petrova Experience

When we look at how to build a customer-centric culture , we must look inside the organization first. True customer centricity happens when an organization masters group dynamics to harnesses the power of strong teams that collaborate on the common goal of meeting and exceeding customer needs.

The in-person work office design that will bring your employees back

The Petrova Experience

According to PwC 95% of company executives still believe employees need to be in the office to maintain strong company culture. Like we have said before, the return to office and in-person work office design is not only about communications, processes and technology.


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2021 Customer Loyalty Strategy – Relationships over Transactions

The Petrova Experience

According to the Salesforce Connected Customer Report , 90% of consumers expect companies to clearly demonstrate their values and 66% expect brands to demonstrate empathy. In other words, when thinking about customer loyalty strategy, you need to understand that customers want you to CARE.

3 Challenges of Hybrid Working and How to Overcome Them

The Petrova Experience

According to a Gallup study , 53% of Americans expect to work in a hybrid arrangement in 2022 and beyond. This number is significant enough for corporate America to get hybrid working right today. Unfortunately, early indicators show we are on the wrong path.

How Mature Are Your Digital Experiences? A Step-by-Step Guide to Improved CX

Read about Verint’s Digital Maturity Model, where we share real tactics and strategies to improve CX, based on what has worked for our clients around the world.

2021 Customer Experience Trends and Tactics

The Petrova Experience

As we begin Q4 of an eventful 2020, it’s time to look out for the 2021 customer experience trends and tactics for creating exceptional experiences in increasingly complex environments.

The Great Re-onboading: How to Bring Back Your Employees

The Petrova Experience

Re-onboarding is the next employee experience organizations need to tackle. Since March 2020, leaders have encountered pandemic shutdowns, remote workforce transitions, and the Great Resignation.

How to approach Return-to-Office Resistance

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There is a general resistance to return to office. People do not want to go back to the pre-pandemic office routine, particularly to a 5-day-a-week, in-office schedule. Out of ten thousand Goldman Sachs employees, only half showed up to the office when CEO Solomon called them back.

5 Tips to Create Great Customer Experience Design Strategy

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A customer experience design strategy that is sustainable and successful starts by having a vision and knowing who your customer is. This launching point enables you to design customer experiences that connect with your customer and bring to life your vision.

Service Design vs Customer Experience 2021

The Petrova Experience

Customer experience design as a discipline is relatively new. Service design vs customer experience design adds another layer of confusion. For starters, CX design is not yet popular enough to be part of school curricula. Many industries do not even have the notion of customer experience.

5 Elements for Building a World-Class Agent Coaching Program

Speaker: Francoise Tourniaire - Founder of FT Works and Omid Razavi - Chief Advocacy Officer at SupportLogic

In this presentation, we will discuss the five elements of building a real-time coaching program using AI-infused workflows that will allow managers and agents to continuously engage and drive more constructive dialogue, resulting in reduced agent burnout and increased employee satisfaction and retention.

Top CX Design Challenges in 2021

The Petrova Experience

Customer experience design challenges in 2021 remind us of the overall challenges that face organizations in a year marked by changing expectations and demands.

Top 5 Customer Experience Design Principles in 2021

The Petrova Experience

Customer experience design principles are difficult for organizations to understand and apply. Time and again, we see this in organizations, even though we encounter customer experience design principles in our daily interactions with the environment.

Return to Office – how to get it right in 2022?

The Petrova Experience

Last week, the CEO of, Vishal Gard, made the news again. This time, it was for the executive’s massive blunder of firing 900 people via Zoom.

What is the Real Cost of Employee Experience?

The Petrova Experience

There are two types of leaders (and organizations) that stand to benefit most from improving employee experience. The first kind have 40% or higher turnover and think their frontline employees have a culture problem.

Top Industry Secrets for Successful Contact Center Scripting

Speaker: Colin Taylor, CEO & Chief Chaos Officer at The Taylor Reach Group, Inc

Scripts have been around as long as contact centers. Scripts attempt to set out an ‘ideal’ path to success on the call, whether that's a sale, a resolved inquiry, or a closed case. While some scripting attempts have failed, AI and Agent Assist technologies can help.

Digital Customer Experience Strategy – Top Three Mistakes

The Petrova Experience

How many of you have interacted with financial and insurance institutions who seem to have forgotten the invention of the world wide web and applications design?

End to End Customer Experience – How to Get it Right

The Petrova Experience

When we think of travel, we often think of the flight experience. But the end to end customer experience is complex, and includes all modes of transportation that get you to and from your destination. Because of this complexity, customers rarely enjoy great end to end travel experience.

Customer Journey Mapping Tools in 2021

The Petrova Experience

Before we dive into customer journey mapping tools, we must keep in mind that, by itself, journey mapping is not a customer experience product or service. A journey map is a visual representation of your end-to-end customer experience. Think of a journey map as a diagnostic tool.

Bad Travel Experience

The Petrova Experience

As we come to the end of the summer season, it is time to talk about travel – good and bad travel experience. And how the sharing economy has both democratized the act of travel and elevated customer expectations.

Winning Solutions to Keep Contact Center Agents Engaged

Speaker: Adam Saad - Founder & CEO, Tech Stack Advising

In order to keep agents both satisfied and engaged, we must develop a plan that both mitigates these concerns with current agents and halts any potential issues that may arise with new hires. These plans must also take into account the different environments and locations your agents may be working in.

What is Customer Experience Transformation?

The Petrova Experience

To meet the needs of the empowered 21st Century consumer, most companies, especially larger enterprises, need to embark on a customer experience transformation. Imagine a car manufacturer that does not allow any vehicle customization, or a retail bank that with no app-based self service.

How to Build Customer-Centric Culture

The Petrova Experience

Before we address how to build customer-centric culture , let’s examine the terminology: what culture is and what it is not. Culture is not executives talking about high level strategy. Equally, it is not your Brand Book.

Web Experience is Having a Comeback

The Petrova Experience

In the third quarter of 2020 US e-commerce sales went up 36.7% compared with the same period in 2019. Websites have come back to center stage. However, we are not seeing an equivalent shift in web experience that matches the shift in today’s consumer behavior.

What is Journey Mapping?

The Petrova Experience

Although we have published more than 130 articles on customer experience , we still have not dedicated an article to journey mapping. Journey mapping is the most widely recognized customer experience design and management concept. It is also the most poorly executed customer experience tool.

How to Inspire and Empower Contact Center Agents Through Collaborative Coaching

Speaker: Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

Collaborative coaching truly guides agents to connect authentically to customers better each time. Join Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ & Author of Leading Morale to understand how call center agents get the most out of collaborative coaching.

Contactless and Self-Service are Here to Stay

The Petrova Experience

Our 5th 2021 customer experience trend highlights contactless and self-service experiences across industries. Before we dive into this topic, let’s take a moment to define what contactless and self-service mean to us.

How to make work at home work?

The Petrova Experience

Post-COVID employee experience is a top priority of every HR executive. Most executives I know are losing sleep. They are challenged to design the optimal way to bring employees back to the office and/or keep remote work employees engaged.

Think Strategically about Telehealth in 2021

The Petrova Experience

Today, we examine telehealth strategy for an in-depth look at this 2021 customer experience trend.

Even the US Government is Jumping on the Customer Experience Train

The Petrova Experience

As we get ready for 2021, we have been diving in to the top customer experience trends we see on the horizon. So far, we have looked at why customer experience is more important even though customer experience programs demonstrate how CX is still a mystery.

Sustaining Employee Engagement in the Contact Center

Speaker: Paul Ellis, Contact Center SME & Business Consultant for One You Love Homecare LLC

Join Paul Ellis, Contact Center SME & Business Consultant for One You Love Homecare LLC, for best practices and leadership strategies to fortify an economy of compassion and genuine empathy in the contact center.

A Customer Experience Strategy will Define Your Success in 2021

The Petrova Experience

While there may not be a magic pill to guarantee the perfect customer experience, there is one thing that every organization needs to transform into a customer-centric business. And that is a customer experience strategy.

Customer Experience is More Important than Ever

The Petrova Experience

Last week we published eight Customer Experience Trends to look out for in 2021. Today we are diving deeper into the first one: Customer Experience is more important than ever to consumers. . Post-COVID Customer Experience.

How Facial Recognition Works for Your Customers?

The Petrova Experience

One of the hurdles for Customer Experience Consultants like us is proving the business case for bringing us on board. Leaders often think that if they talk about being customer-centric at their all hands meetings, their companies will automatically transform into customer-led organizations.

How to Build Your Customer Experience Roadmap?

The Petrova Experience

This summer, The Petrova Experience conducted a Customer Experience Preparedness Survey. One of our questions assessed brand maturity in terms of customer experience strategy. Only 28% of the respondents had a well defined customer experience strategy.

CCO + CMO: The Unstoppable Duo of Business Growth

Speaker: Rachel Orston, CCO of SmartRecruiters & Latane Conant, CMO of 6Sense

Join Higher Logic and two leading executives, Latane Conant, CMO at 6Sense, and Rachel Orston, CCO at SmartRecruiters, to get a firsthand look at how marketing and customer success teams can effectively partner to enhance CX and drive growth.

What is Customer Experience Strategy?

The Petrova Experience

In our last article we talked about the importance of strategic thinking. Today, we build on this topic and walk you through the nuts and bolts of customer experience strategy. Customer experience strategy is often missing in organizations.

Leadership During the Pandemic: Guest Post by Rachel Dreyfus

The Petrova Experience

This is a guest post by Rachel Dreyfus, President, Dreyfus Advisors , who researched leadership during the pandemic. How has Covid19 influenced leadership over the past three months? Research results show leaders are making changes yielding positive outcomes.

Are You Thinking Strategically?

The Petrova Experience

Today, we are elevating our conversation to thinking strategically. The Petrova Experience is in the strategy creation business. So, we frequently encounter the difficulty businesses have anticipating, let alone defining, the tangible outcomes of a strategy engagement.

Airport Experience: Are You Letting Down Your Precious Travelers?

The Petrova Experience

A month and a half ago, as part of our ongoing conversation about airport experience, we introduced the concept of revenge travel. We pleaded with the public to trust us aviation professionals and airport experience designers and fly again… SOON. Now is the Time.

Customer Service De-Escalation Techniques

Nobelbiz Guide: Customer Service De-Escalation Techniques