Call Deflection strategies in the age of self-service


Call deflection is the process of routing a customer enquiry to an alternative service channel. The goal is both to ensure customers receive the answers they are seeking in the most efficient manner and to reduce the number of inbound calls routed to human agents.

Why Self-Service is the Future of Customer Support


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How to Write Self-Service Support Material


When done right, self-service support material help your customers complete tasks on their own. But for self-service support resource to work, they need to be easy to read and understand. As a result, you’ll deliver far better customer experience.

The Route to Fully Autonomous AI Self Service Starts at your Contact Center


We still read periodic scare stories about the rise of self-aware machines that could suddenly decide to put an end to humanity. Why the crowdsourcing of expertise is at the core of deep learning-powered self-service tools. Milestones on the road to autonomous AI self service.

The Evolution of Support: How to Manage Customer Support in an Era of Self-help

Speaker: Kristina Evey, Customer Experience Expert and Consultant

How to Ace Self-service support with a Helpdesk Software


Are you still in two-minds about whether your business really needs self-service support since you already cater to most of the channels such as an email, voice and even social media to some extent? Self-service usage increased from 67% in 2012 to 76% in […]. The post How to Ace Self-service support with a Helpdesk Software appeared first on Ameyo.

3 Ways Digital Twin Technology is Transforming Customer Support


Applying the digital twin model to the technical support domain will be truly transformative, with its ability to revolutionize the role of the on-site/field technician. Technical Support in the age of Digital Twins. Self-Service.

5 Web Self-Service Essentials


If your customers want to pump their own gas, you let them. The same goes for self-service. If your customers prefer to solve issues on their own (as it turns out, they very much do ), you need to enable them to do so. Executed well, a web self-service experience can be your 24/7 customer support department. Support cost reducer. There are various ways to make your web self-service experience easier.

Customer Self-Service and the Role of Cloud Contact Centers

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The customer service landscape is changing, with technology allowing customer service to shift from call centers and direct contact solutions to self-service technology. . The Rise of Self-Service. Customer Preferences and Self-Service.

Top AI-Powered Self-Service Innovations to Watch at MWC Barcelona 2019


This year’s theme, “Intelligent Connectivity,” focuses on highly contextualized and personalized experiences , delivered when and where customers want them. Mark your calendars with these “can’t miss” sessions and exhibitors and prepare to witness the future of mobile self-service technology.

How to Set Up a Self-service Customer Support System to Improve Customer Experience

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That may very well be the motto for a very large number of today’s customers. self-serviceWe want help, and we want it now.

What is a Web Self-Service Portal?


Among the many challenges facing customer service departments, cost is near the top of the list. Things like high ticket volume and agent turnover can be among the most costly; but high-effort customer service experiences tend to be the multiplier. This helps explain the (relatively) recent emergence of web self-service portals as an effective way to improve the customer experience and defray customer support costs.

Digital Transformation for Customer Support Part 3: Self-Service Support as a Strategy

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An Insider View on Customer Support Strategies with Lindsay Willott

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Every brand in the market wishes to revamp its customer support strategies after a certain period of time. No wonder we come across so many articles online that speak of various strategies that organizations can implement to improve their customer service.

What’s the Ceiling on Self-Service?


Headlines featuring “AI” and “chatbot” have dominated the discussion in the customer service space for the past year. Self-Service vs. Human-Assisted. Movements from the human realm to the self-serve realm is harder. VPs & Directors of Customer Experience.

From Knowledge Base to Virtual Agents: The Shift to AI-powered Self Service


Customer self-service refers to customer-initiated interaction technologies that enable customers to access information and perform routine tasks without requiring the assistance of a live customer service representative. You may not realize it, but every time you change your password, track a package, or pay a bill without calling the company for assistance, you are performing a self-service task. Drivers for customer self-service.

Five Trends Accelerating Customer Self-Service Demand


The customer support field has undergone a renaissance during the last five years. A flood of technological innovation has improved support experiences to bolster renewal rates and customer loyalty. As such, there’s been a perfect storm of market forces driving growth in self-service support. Five primary trends are turning customer self-service into a multi-billion dollar market opportunity. File a support ticket?

The Truth Behind Why Your Customers Prefer Self-Service Support


As you already know, your customers now prefer web self-service to any other channel of support. Odds are that your company has, or plans to have, some form of self-service support in place. But if we dig into why your customers prefer self-service, it might have you rethinking why and how you offer your customers self-service. These things help explain the trend towards online self-service.

4 Benefits and 3 Challenges of Self-Service Customer Support


Self-service customer support has been a major part of the recent transformation of the company-customer relationship. The modern customer expects a personalized experience when they reach out to businesses. Self-service can take many forms.

Guest Blog: The 8 Elements of Customer Support Quality


This week we feature an article by Pascal van Opzeeland who writes about the quality of customer support and what it takes to provide great customer support. – Shep Hyken. What makes a customer support interaction good or bad?

Self-Service Automation and the “Shift-Left” Model


While there are many trends helping to transform self-service customer support, few garner as much conversation as automation. Automation will make traditional customer support roles obsolete , they whisper. Yet there is another, more tempered view that has gained traction over the past few years: automation is not likely to steal every last customer support job; but it will transform these roles significantly.

5 Self-Service Pitfalls That Increase Customer Effort


Self-service for the sake of self-service just isn’t enough. Because the truth is, your self-service experience probably isn’t as good as it could be. And hidden sticking points could be leaving customers dissatisfied, frustrated, and hampering your aspirations for blockbusting, show-stopping ticket deflection. What follows is a list of common self-service fails to avoid. Let’s start simple: good self-service content is written well.

5 Ways to Avoid Agent Burnout Through Customer Self-Service


Despite the proliferation of new support channels and technology, agent turnover remains the number one problem for contact centers. It’s not a problem to be ignored: agent burnout can diminish call center morale and negatively impact customer support KPIs like CSAT and NPS. Traditionally, customer support centers have tackled agent attrition by hiring the right people, investing in better onboarding and training programs, and improving agent productivity.

What is Contextual Self-Service Content?


Today’s customer support landscape is ruled by the companies that rule direct customer engagement. Whatever the reason, be it Mobilegeddon or life at the speed of the latest page refresh, our customers expect us to meet them wherever they are throughout the entire customer journey, from pre-purchase to post-sale and everything in between. Blink and that customer might be gone, probably on to the next micromoment.

Self-Service Strategies for Elevating CX at Your Contact Centre

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Have you ever visited one of those palatial buffet restaurants with dozens of assorted fresh dishes in self-serve stations, with the crowds and people walking (seemingly) aimlessly with their plates in search of the pasta or the dessert cart? In a way, self-service in the contact centre is kind of like a buffet: You need a strategy, or you might overeat or miss all the best dishes. It seems like self-service options are everywhere these days.

Guest Blog: The 8 Elements of Customer Support Quality


This week we feature an article by Pascal van Opzeeland who writes about the quality of customer support and what it takes to provide great customer support. – Shep Hyken. What makes a customer support interaction good or bad?

How Should Your Customer Support be in 2019?

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One month has passed in 2019 and we are already witnessing how the game is changing in customer support across industries. Businesses can’t deny the significance of customer support, as it has the power to make or break your business. Customers have become “smart” today.

Internal Customer Service: Will AI Offer Employee Self-Service a Lifeline?

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The same holds true in the world of Employee Support for things like IT and HR questions. When something goes wrong at work, chances are you need to get it solved ASAP – and waiting around for the next available support person is not an option. So after you’ve exhausted all “self-help” resources you log a ticket or send an email. Employee self-service is nothing new — searchable knowledge bases have been around forever.

Which is the Best Customer Support System for your Company?


Your customers are the heartbeat of your company. If you are not attending your customers efficiently your business effect badly. But to handle your customers effectively, a reliable system of customer support is needed. Social Customer Support.

Analysts Establish AI-enhanced Self-Service as a Category and Name First-Ever Leaders


But as more and more companies are turning to conversational AI solutions to enable self-service automation over voice and chat, the analyst community has identified the need to create a distinct category for these cloud-based virtual agent solutions that mimic live agent behavior.

Self-Service is the Answer to Scale Customer Service Experiences

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With growing online customer numbers and demands, self-service is an untapped option, because hiring additional customer support agents isn’t scalable or financially viable to providing customer success. Summer has barely started and retailers are already beginning to anticipate the back to school season – but are customer support teams ready to scale? Communication Customer Experience Technology

Adding Self-service Content To Your Agents’ Day-to-day Is Easier Than You Think


Whether you’re playing in the B2B or B2C leagues, self-service—useful content about your product or service contained in a branded knowledge base —is the name of the game. It’s how customers prefer to troubleshoot issues syncing their fitness tracker with your app, for example. And it helps global businesses scale smartly via a knowledge-centered model of customer support. For a self-service initiative to succeed, workstreams will, indeed, be modified.

Verint Launches New Intelligent Customer Self-Service Capabilities


Last week Verint announced new customer self-service capabilities, including intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) and enterprise chatbots powered by an open, modular Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine. The new capabilities enable Verint to deliver strong AI-based self-service solutions across both voice and digital channels.

The Blueprint to Scale Your Customer Support Operations


You’ve got a product or service people love, and you’re getting new customers all the time. Five customer support agents may no longer be enough, and it’s time to expand the team to double digits to meet the demand of tickets and phone calls. Customer Support

Are You Adapting Omni-Channel Customer Support?

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Customer support was originally handled through three information channels: telephone, letter or in person. As technology advanced, however, the available communication tools evolved, moving toward digital and cloud services. Is your current service reactive or proactive?

Why Customer Self-Service Will Improve Your Support Strategy


Due to becoming more mobile and more tech-savvy, customers have increasingly high standards when it comes to customer service. The emergence of customer self-service is a reflection of an evolution of customer expectations. Rescue your support agents.

Why Self-Service is the Future of Customer Education


These days, the definition of customer education is expanding. More specifically, customer preferences are shifting —across the entire customer journey—toward self-service. What Is Customer Education? In a nutshell, customer education encompasses all the efforts a company puts toward creating a more informed customer. But the extent and availability of customer education resources can certainly impact sales, revenue, and rate of renewal.

The Need for Page Speed in Mobile Self-Service


Especially if I’m using my smartphone for self-service. Let’s apply this to a mobile self-service experience, where your website visitors are likely visiting you out of necessity, not convenience. They need support, information, answers. Bounce these users from a slow-loading knowledge base article, installation tutorial, or—heaven forbid—siloed PDF user guide, and they’re a tap or two away from calling your customer support team to open a case.

How Self-Service Creates Understanding and Actionable Data


A self-service experience is the key enabler of understanding: for both customer success , buyer success, and your company’s insights into the needs of each. As seen in the video below, Gainsight understands the value in analyzing the entire customer journey, from pre-sale through to the customer success phase. They have a ton of documentation to support their products. This small self-service insight is invaluable to the company.

4 Tips to Improve Customer Effort Score Using Self-Service


If you’re banging your head against the wall, wondering what the cause of your lackluster customer effort scores (CES) is, good on you. You care about your customers! The answers you’re looking for, though, could be hiding in a place you haven’t thought to look: your self-service strategy. Listening to our customers’ stories , we hear time and time again that good self-service strategy is central to lowering customer effort.