Predictive Customer Support


In the old days – and even in modern times – if a customer wanted help or support, they picked up the phone and called for help. A (hopefully) friendly and competent customer service professional, also known as an agent or representative, would answer the question or resolve the problem. But there’s one mode of communication and customer support that hasn’t been talked about much. What I’m referring to is the concept of predictive customer support.

Proactive Customer Support


Just last week I wrote about the concept of predictive customer support. Now, we take a slightly different angle with the concept of proactive customer support. The company reaches out to the customer before the customer has a chance to reach out to the company. More often than not, the customer may not even know they have a problem. As an example, when does a typical customer find out their cable TV is out?


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Upgrade Your Customer Support Rep to a Customer Support Professional


The other day I was talking with a gentleman who was as passionate about customer service and experience as I am. He had worked with support centers and we were discussing how important the team in a customer support center is to an organization. Yet, it surprised both of us just how low paid some of these support people are. But it does surprise me that the lower-paid positions are often most responsible for interacting with customers.

Guest Blog: The Hidden Workings of Top Customer Support Teams


This week we feature an article by Robert Occanyan who shares what successful customer support teams are doing to deliver an exceptional customer experience. . This puts a lot of extra pressure on businesses to deliver exceptional customer service.

Your Guide to Boosting ROI Through Customer Service

Today’s most successful brands understand how great customer support can grow their bottom line. Having provided outsourced customer support to some of the world’s top brands, we know what works, and now we’re sharing that with you.

Guest Post: How to Nail Automated Customer Service Email Writing


Sh e provides tips and examples of how to improve the customer experience with automated support emails. Email automation is a way to keep your customers happy. With automation, you improve the quality of communication and keep customers updated in a timely manner.

The Customer Service Experience Doesn’t Begin with the Greeting


You call the customer service hotline. A pleasant customer support agent picks up the phone and enthusiastically greets you, ready to help resolve your problem or answer your question. Customer Service customer experience customer service tips customer support

27 Helpful Customer Support Tools and Resources

Help Scout

To get the most out of your customer service team, they need access to the right support tools and resources. Here are 27 to consider. Read the full article

How to Build a Successful Offshore Team for Customer Support?


So, how to build a successful offshore team for customer support? If you really want to have an offshore customer support department then you need to make sure you pick the right people for this job. Building a Successful Customer Service Offshore Team.

Guest Blog: What is Outsourced Customer Support and Why Do You Need it


This week we feature an article by Costi Teleman who writes about the importance of excellent customer support and what to look for when outsourcing your support team. Your business may have the best products and services in the industry, but without effective customer support, consumers would likely not care about your brand. The right agency would remove the burden of customer support from your administrative team or other departments’ shoulders.

The Evolution of Support: How to Manage Customer Support in an Era of Self-help

Speaker: Kristina Evey, Customer Experience Expert and Consultant

As self-service as a customer preference continues to grow, it's more important than ever that we assess the amount of support being given to our customer service reps. Is there a way to find the right balance between self-service and support?

10 Awesome Customer Support Tips and Examples

CSM Magazine

Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart famously said – “The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary” In today’s competitive business world, it’s not just sunshine and rainbows. 10 Awesome Customer Support Tips & Examples.

Charging More for a Better Customer Service Experience


It’s almost a given that every company has some form of a customer service department. Even the smallest companies – with just one solo entrepreneur – will act as if they have a customer service department. Why do people reach out to the customer service department? So, understanding that, why would a company choose to deliver an amazing customer service experience to just some of their customers and not to every customer?

What is the Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Support

ProProfs Chat

Customer service and customer support may seem like semantics; even Google does not make a difference in them. Each of these terms is customer-facing disciplines, but they cannot be used in place of the other. What is Customer Service?

How Technology Can Help Humanize Customer Support


Customers are often in need of assistance and expect smooth interactions with the company. Hence, leading businesses are focused on using technology to humanize their labels and develop service models to withstand this ever-changing business environment. Enhanced Customer Support.

Guest Post: 9 Best Tips for Maximizing Your E-Commerce Customer Service


He writes about how to best perform e-commerce customer service. Impeccable customer service helps you hit the hearts of your followers. After all, any good brand out there does not just only have customers. Offer 24-Hour Phone Support.

Bright Spots for Customer Service

Taylor Reach Group

Too often as professionals in Customer Service we report and write about lousy service, long wait times, poor follow through, weaseling phases in terms and conditions, too many steps to get satisfaction plus many, many more. Well done, Google and Dinaco, for your service.

Five Ways Customer Support Can Help Marketing Efforts During COVID and Beyond

Contact Center Pipeline

While customer support traditionally has been thought of as a vehicle for solving real-time issues, that viewpoint has been challenged in recent years.

Business Benefits of Using a Customer Support Software

Wowdesk Blog

It’s crucial to earn customer loyalty in business these days. . Loyal customers rarely shift to competitors. They share their positive experience with your company through word of mouth, it means they bring more customers to you without your direct efforts. .

How to Scale Customer Support Without Compromising Service

Help Scout

It’s possible to deliver higher volumes of customer service at a consistently high level of quality — here's how. Read the full article

The Subtle Differences Between Customer Support and Customer Service


The term ‘customer service’ evokes nostalgia for sales clerks in long aprons in country town emporiums. Some see it as the old-fashioned version of customer support. Many people can’t distinguish between terms ‘customer support’ and ‘customer service’. Customer support’ appears cooler because it has been popularized by new technologies and software. But customer service takes a comprehensive view of your customer interactions.

Improving Brand Reputation Through 24/7 Customer Support


The best way to improve your brand reputation is to provide exceptional customer service to anyone who works with you. While it would be nice to handle all the customer service on your own, this is just not possible.

Guest Post: Improving Employee Experience for Your Customer Service Team


She shares a 3-step guide on how to improve the employee experience while maximizing customer engagement. Where would a business be without a customer service team? There’s no denying that without an effective customer service team , a business would fall apart.

Guest Blog: Customer Support Chatbots ? Striking The Right Balance


This week we feature an article by Ayush Chaudhary who writes about the social media customer support experience. Social customer service allows you to take the interactions with your customers to an even higher level. – Shep Hyken. If you’ve not been living in a cave, you’ve probably heard by now numerous projections about how chatbots are destined to take over customer support. Think of it as a telephonic IVRS analog for customer support.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of November 2, 2020


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. If Customer Service Reps Were Honest [Spooky Edition]: The Scary Reality Your Customer Service Agents Face Every Day Plus How You Can Help by Veronica Krieg. Sharpen) If your customer service reps were honest, here’s a look into what they’d say – and tips you can use to help them during this spooky season and beyond.

When Customer Service Creates Customer Validation


Many people think of customer service as a department. If you’ve been following me, you’ll know my belief is that customer service is a philosophy , not a department. With that said, the focus on this topic is on what many consider to be the customer service and support department – the people who have contact and interaction with the customer. It can be the traditional customer service team who fields questions and complaints.

Customer Support Through Whatsapp – How It Works?


Customer support through Whats App is just one of the great customer support services offered by IBM. For instance, if one needs to exchange queries and solve problems with IBM customers, then they can do so through this portal.

3 Ways Digital Twin Technology is Transforming Customer Support


Applying the digital twin model to the technical support domain will be truly transformative, with its ability to revolutionize the role of the on-site/field technician. Field tech support has already begun merging the digital and physical worlds by utilizing immersive technologies – such as augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) or virtual reality (VR) – to manipulate real-life objects. Technical Support in the age of Digital Twins. Self-Service.

7 Ways to Celebrate Customer Support Week


We all need to make more effort to show up in other people’s lives in ways that are supportive and enriching. If you work in a customer support segment you’re probably familiar with the celebration of Customer Support Week. Happy Customer Service Week!

A Doctor’s Prescription for Good Customer Service


This reminds us that having a good system with good people who understand how to take care of their customers is the backbone of a good service experience. The guest or customer wins because of the great service. When your system works, and you have competent people who make good customer-focused decisions, everybody is happy. Shep Hyken is a customer service expert, keynote speaker, and New York Times bestselling business author.

The 3 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make with Customer Support

Myra Golden Media

In my multiple interactions with the company, they made three critical mistakes in the customer support experience. These are the same 3 mistakes you can’t afford to make with your customer support experience. Managing expectations at the onset will get customers and the company on the same page and will minimize frustration later on in the process. If you know your business is experiencing a backlog, let your customers know.

Difference Between Multichannel & Omnichannel Customer Support

ProProfs Chat

Remember when your business had limited platforms, mostly email, mail, and phone support, to help customers reach your brand? No wonder customers today are more concerned about how their customer support experience might turn out with a brand. Customer Support cha

5 Steps To Providing Good Customer Service!


This week is Customer Service Week – an international celebration of the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis. Here are our 5 steps to creating a truly customer-first team.

How Tone of Voice Affects Customer Service


Studies have proven that tone of voice in customer service is even more important to a successful interaction than the specific words that are being said, and that an agent’s energy will translate to their customer even without face-to-face interaction.

8 Customer Service Mistakes That Can Severely Harm Your Business

Select VoiceCom Blog

While it’s true that having excellent products or services should be of utmost importance, there is another crucial factor that will help drive your […]. Customer Handling Customer Support Uncategorized customer service

Part 1: Omnichannel Self Service for B2B Customer Support


Self-service is still good customer service. Offering an option for customers to help themselves can give your customer support reps more time to focus on improving the big-picture aspects of your service strategy.

B2B 83

4 Powerful Strategies to Deliver Superior Customer Support

Wowdesk Blog

Customers are the foundation for every successful business. Considering the importance of customers and addressing their needs efficiently ensures the long-term growth of an organization. . Strategies to improve customer service standards. Provide multi-channel servicing.

Guest Blog: Why Knowledge Base Integration with Live Chat Is Important for Better Customer Support


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Jason Grills, writes about the importance of good customer support and the impact it can have on your business. Customer support agents must understand just how important their roles and responsibilities are to the customer experience. Consumers today expect to receive high-quality service when doing business with various brands, so meeting their customer needs should be one of your top priorities.

Free Webinar: Redefining Customer Support Experiences

CSM Magazine

Reuters Events are excited to announce their next free service & experience webinar: ‘Redefining Customer Support Experiences’ featuring senior leaders from LinkedIn, GoDaddy & Intercom! Nikhil Kelkar, Senior Director Customer Support Strategy, LinkedIn.

Part 2: B2B Customer Support Transformation Imperatives


The 2021 Customer Support Transformation report examines current trends in Support delivery and offers tangible guidance for Support and Service professionals to meet growing expectations of both customers and company executives.

B2B 61