Contact Center Software for Transportation Industry


Recently, we served the ready-to-use HoduCC- omnichannel Contact Center Software to GUO Transportation Ltd. GUO Transportation Company Ltd. GUO Transport Company Ltd. The post Contact Center Software for Transportation Industry appeared first on.

Via Transportation Selects Talkdesk to Support fast-growing customer service operations


Talkdesk customer Via Transportation, Inc. is a transportation network company and real-time ridesharing company headquartered in New York City. The post Via Transportation Selects Talkdesk to Support fast-growing customer service operations appeared first on Talkdesk.

Five Ways PSIM Can Bolster Public Transport Safety and Security

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Over the past decade public transport has readily embraced technology aimed at making operations safer and more secure, with very good reason. “Most major transit systems have intercoms strategically placed on platforms so passengers can summon help if they need it,” explains Tom LaBarbera, Regional Vice President for the Transportation Sector, NICE Security Americas.

Sensors Do Not A Smart City Make—Part 3


Verint solutions provide tools such as communities and forums, voice recording and analysis, feedback management, and desktop and process analytics that can help add this rich seam of information about citizens’ issues and concerns—and how various service elements are captured, processed and resolved. Public Safety Transportation Mobile Government Public sector Government and Public Sector Internet of Things Citizen Services citizen engagement smart cities local government IoT

Sick of Waiting in Line? Video Analytics can Improve Customer Experience

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You see, in addition to being a frequent traveler, I’m also an expert of sorts – in video analytics applications. You’ve probably heard of video analytics being used to detect intruders, as a virtual fence, or to identify suspicious luggage or vehicles. But here’s something you might not know – video analytics isn’t just about security. As a frequent international traveler, I spend a lot of time in airports.

4 Contact Center Challenges and How to Solve Them

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Customer Experience System Integration agent effeciency customer experience data analytics system integrationIn previous years, the contact center was seen as an operational necessity, an important but non-strategic wing of an organization. That has changed.

General Motors is Investing $500M in Lyft – Just The Beginning of the Sign Of Changes in 2016

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We both see the future of transportation through a network versus ownership, and this is a step in that direction.” Tweet The Digital Disruption Is Here. The digital disruption is showing up in a very traditional industry, the auto industry. General Motors, with the $500 million investment in Lyft, is creating a wider-ranging strategic partnership that will include a rental program for drivers of the car-sharing service and the creation of an on-demand autonomous car network.

Local Motor’s Self-Driving Vehicle Taps the Power of IBM Watson

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It is enabling the natural interaction with the vehicle via the cloud-based cognitive computing capability of IBM Watson IoT to analyze and learn from high volumes of transportation data produced by more than 30 sensors embedded throughout the vehicle.

Top 4 Reasons Why Call Recording is Critical to Contact Center Success

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For many contact center recording is not a matter of choice due to industry regulations, while others record for quality, analytics, and coaching purposes. Call Analytics. Without call recording, there are no call center analytics !

The Secret to Success in IoT: Microsoft Partner ICONICS Shares It’s IoT Cloud Experiences

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Powerful data analytics. ICONICS works with Microsoft to deliver cutting-edge tools for infrastructure, mobility and analytics, on a Microsoft Azure cloud platform that reduces capital investment and dramatically expands data storage and processing capabilities. They’re successfully transforming themselves through greater operational visibility and efficiencies using our HMI/SCADA, mobility, and analytics tools for cutting-edge energy and sustainability solutions.

Guest Blog: Live Chat Simplifies the Customer Journey


Known as ixibaba, the live chat helps travelers plan a trip through live conversation, allowing them to find the best flights, hotels, and transportation. 4. Employs live chat analytics to better understand prospective buyers.

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John Grasso of Windstream on Cloud Contact Center Software

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The company supplies core transport solutions on a local and long-haul fiber-optic network spanning approximately 125,000 miles: About Us Page.

AI Customer Service: Today’s Most Transformative Technologies


Emotion analytics. Emotion analytics analyzes an individual’s verbal and non-verbal communication in order to understand their mood or attitude. Emotion analytics can be used to classify a customer’s mood with the right priority and route it to the right agent.

Fintech and the Potential of a Cashless Society

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Moreover, payments-based analytics are helping businesses consolidate payment data and monitor customer transactions. Luckily, payment analytics software can assist with this and is expected to be a high-investment market as fintech popularizes.

Security Tech Crosses Over to New Frontiers

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Security technologies (video surveillance, video analytics, and PSIM) are also crossing over into new frontiers. Public transportation has been using video surveillance footage in a variety of ways through the years. An early adopter of video surveillance, public transportation is now innovating new operational uses of the technology. Technology always seems to evolve in ways that we cannot anticipate.

On-demand Economy Drives Customer Service as a Service – From Home…


This on-demand model is revolutionizing commercial behavior and has been rapidly adopted by consumers everywhere, transforming industries such as ground transportation (think Uber or Lyft), travel (think Airbnb), grocery (think InstaCart or GrubHub), and freelance labor (think Upwork or Fiverr). of the workforce—work from home at least half the time, Global Analytics Workplace reports, many of them in customer service roles.

CX FORUMS: 2018 Key Note Speakers


Topic: ‘Using Analytics to improve Customer Experience’. Steve Mitchinson | General Manager of Driver and Vehicle Services | Department of Transport. of Transports Customer Experience Steering Committee.

SECURE-ED: A model in collaborative security

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Massive investment in public transportation helps to address this urban accessibility problem while balancing the need to protect historical heritage. While public transport is a great option, passengers’ surveys have shown that ridership is tightly linked with their sense of safety and security. de Transport Bucure?ti). The continent of Europe is made up of 45 different countries. In the EU alone there are 23 official languages spoken.

It’s Time To Get Emotional About Your Customers


You only have to play a certain piece of music and your emotions are fully engaged, transporting you to a certain time or place, along with the associated positive or negative feelings. By: Colin Dean, UK Account Director, Clarabridge. Being a customer is naturally a very emotional experience.

Comeback Kid: Toys R Us Makes A Return

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Predictive Analytics For Retail: What Lies Ahead? | When Uber was pitched to investors more than a decade ago, the transportation startup's ability to morph into delivery was something that wasn't mentioned until the last two slides.

IoT and Transforming the Customer Experience with Jeffrey Jacobs


We can foresee how some of those expectations in how you manage subscriptions are going to find their way into the industry, whether the construction, mining, or the energy and transportation industry. Caterpillar is making the move from a production company, to a service provider, while still producing products.

Can security technology be a ‘game changer?’

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This can be achieved through: Automatic sensing tools that smartly alert to evolving situations Better collaboration between command center and field personnel First, let’s consider an example from the operational side – the challenge of transporting throngs of fans to a large sporting event. Automatic sensing (via video analytics) can play a role in this early awareness. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Is VoIP a Reliable Service for Your Business?


Transporting some of these “packets” takes more bandwidth than others. Some popular features include: Real-time analytics. Very few businesses can operate without a phone presence.

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Technology is the Enabler not the Disruptor (So Stop Using it as an Excuse)


Transport. How many manufacturers will survive as the market for personalised road transport collapses? ” (See their diagram on the right) In it they highlighted ChatBots, Big Data analytics, Mobile customer support and messaging Apps.

The Impact of AI in Financial Services


AI has shaken up every industry from transportation to retail, redefining the lengths companies must go in order to maintain competitive. It uses predictive analytics and cognitive messaging to help customers make payments, check balances, save money, and even pay off debt. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes.

What is the difference between Customer Support and Customer Success?


They are like the wheels of a bicycle – both the wheels have different functions but the end goal is to provide balance and make sure that the bicycle can be used for transportation. Customer support is people intensive while customer success is analytics focused.

How Veeqo Simplified Support & Sales Using Aircall’s Hubspot Integration


Additionally, Aircall’s analytics features and call recordings give Appah a detailed and precise view of his team’s performance. Veeqo helps online retailers keep track of their inventory, orders, and shipping needs in a single, centralized location.

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Why PSIM is gaining new clout across the world

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” And it is: PSIM use is expanding across cities, transportation, and more. Locking down critical infrastructure Beyond transportation, certain infrastructure presents vulnerabilities that must be carefully monitored.

The Top Job Openings In Every State

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We’ve got to pay professional drivers what they’re worth to continue attracting the best,” Brian Fielkow, CEO of transportation company Jetco, previously told Yahoo Finance. billion, according to cannabis research firm BDS Analytics.

Is VoIP a Reliable Service for Your Business?


Transporting some of these “packets” takes more bandwidth than others. Some popular features include: Real-time analytics. Very few businesses can operate without a phone presence.

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Key Takeaways: Verint Atlanta CIO Automation and AI Roundtable


Executives from more than two dozen leading organizations attended representing healthcare, transportation, travel and hospitality, financial services, building products, manufacturing and retail sectors. Verint continues to infuse automation throughout its customer engagement portfolio by leveraging the power of the most advanced artificial intelligence and analytics technologies.

Bullseye: Target's Very Good Year

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"We believe that the world is at the beginning of a shift away from car ownership to Transportation-as-a-Service, or TaaS. Could it be possible that we're now talking about two separate apocalypses this week?

Agents Attack! How Support Teams Use Ticket Attack Plans to Improve CX


They may differ by time, distance, or mode of transport, but it shows you the entire plan, which is then easy to follow. Another example is when you know through predictive analytics of your cases that customers who take one action, often take a predictable action right afterward.

What a 15-year old stowaway can teach us about physical security

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Airports can deploy video analytics software to help monitor video and automatically detect suspicious activity. We’ll also keep an eye on the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, which is scheduled to hold a hearing on Wednesday about the TSA’s plans to adapt to new airport security threats.

How to Sell Better Customer Service to Your Board


Whether you’re buying a new washer dryer for the home, or complicated analytics software to power your business, all sales conversations boil down to these six steps: 1. Tesla’s mission is “to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport.”