IVAs Can Remake the Self-Service Landscape


IVAs Can Remake the Self-Service Landscape. A remarkable thing is happening in the realm of customer service: After years of rejecting self-service, customers are changing their tune. The Latest (and Greatest) in Self-Service: IVAs.

Electrolux Assesses Their First 6 Months with Virtual Agents


Electrolux, the 2nd largest home appliance manufacturer in the world who sells under a variety of brand names worldwide like Frigidaire and AEG, made the transformation to AI-powered virtual agents six months ago to automate more in their contact center.

Analysts Establish AI-enhanced Self-Service as a Category and Name First-Ever Leaders


But as more and more companies are turning to conversational AI solutions to enable self-service automation over voice and chat, the analyst community has identified the need to create a distinct category for these cloud-based virtual agent solutions that mimic live agent behavior.

The AI-Powered Virtual Agent by Frost & Sullivan


The following is an excerpt from Frost & Sullivan’s white paper, “The AI-Powered Virtual Agent: Actionable Strategies for Contact Center Leaders.”. Read the full paper to find out how leading companies are using cloud-based virtual agents to automate more in their contact centers.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

As a pioneer in AI for contact center customer service and customer. companies to transform—not just improve—customer service and. center customer service. Answer: Virtual assistant (VA) Also called virtual customer assistants, chatbots, avatars, virtual.

Linking Self-Service to your Knowledge Base

Insite Managed Solutions

Today, more and more customers expect self service options, and an effective knowledge management system can empower this. If you know you have a consistent knowledge base, perhaps it’s time to take it a step further to enable self-service options.

Applications that Improve the Customer Journey


Recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology coupled with consumer preference for digital channels, is driving interest in and adoption of intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) and a related technology, robotic process automation (RPA). IVAs are self-learning; their ’intelligence; is continually evolving based on data inputs from each new interaction. In essence, IVAs use science to elevate the art of self-service. Omni-channel self-service.

DMG Consulting Releases 2018 Intelligent Virtual Agent Product and Market Report


DMG Consulting Releases 2018 Intelligent Virtual Agent Product and Market Report. State of the art self-service and compelling benefits that transcend verticals. Who: DMG Consulting LLC, a leading provider of contact center, back-office and real-time analytics market research and consulting services. What: Releases 2018 Intelligent Virtual Agent Product and Market Report.

The 3 Contact Center Applications That Pay for Themselves


If a solution or investment also contributes to agent engagement and retention, it’s even better. In any case, these three applications can make major contributions to enterprises, customers, and agents, and should be considered by all contact centers as they begin to plan their 2018 budgets. Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs). IVAs are self-learning; their intelligence is continually evolving based on data inputs from each new interaction.

DMG Consulting Releases 2017 Intelligent Virtual Agent Product and Market Report


DMG Consulting Releases 2017 Intelligent Virtual Agent Product and Market Report. Who: DMG Consulting LLC, a leading provider of contact center, back-office and real-time analytics market research and consulting services. What: Releases 2017 Intelligent Virtual Agent Product and Market Report. Next-gen IVAs with more self-learning capabilities are on the horizon. 7/19/2017.

These 8 Technologies Are Transforming the Contact Center


Companies are striving to understand customer needs, engage Millennial customers and employees, increase the use of self-service tools, improve service quality while reducing costs, simplify operating environments, and reduce fraud, and they’re looking to vendors for help. This fundamental capability is being embedded into many of the 45 standard contact center systems and applications; it has the potential to enhance the service experience for both recipients and providers.

SmartAction Wins the Frost & Sullivan 2018 North American Product Leadership Award for Its AI-enhanced Customer Self-service Solutions


Leading analysts name SmartAction as the top solution provider for contact center leaders looking for an AI-powered solution to automate voice and chat conversations handled by live agents. EL SEGUNDO, CA (November 7, 2018) – SmartAction today announced it has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the recipient of the 2018 North American Product Leadership Award for its artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced customer self-service solutions.

Incorporating AI into Your Call Center


A better alternative exists for call centers that still use live agents for even the most routine and repetitive inquiries. Conversational AI is best exhibited when an AI agent answers a call, chat, or text and interacts with a customer in real time, just like a human.

AI: On the Right Path but Not Yet Real


As I look through the market, the vendors who are closest to delivering AI-enabled applications are selling a great deal of professional services with each solution to build out their products. The driver behind the AI revolution is the need for productivity and quality improvements, which are important for all enterprise applications and essential for people-intensive front- and back-office service organizations. Thank you for your interest in DMG Consulting’s publications.

Knowledge Management in the Era of AI


Organizations that invested in them spent lots of time finding and loading the data and trying to get their employees, particularly those in contact centers, customer service organizations, technical support functions and field service, to use the solutions. KM has awoken to a new reality; one where enterprises, not just their service organizations, are receptive to the concept of a single source of enterprise knowledge. Knowledge Management in the Era of AI. 7/4/2018.

A Complete Omnichannel Experience for Those at a Desk and on the Move

Creative Virtual

In my nearly 11 years with Creative Virtual, I’ve worked with organisations across all sectors looking to implement successful virtual agent solutions and have seen the industry and the technology change massively. As the number of communication channels have grown and customers have become more digitally savvy, virtual agent technology has also become more advanced and sophisticated. By Liam Ryan, Sales Director.

Why do you still have an FAQ section?


A Frequently Asked Question section (FAQs) is without a doubt the most commonly used tool in self-service. But now for some things you may not know: Have you ever thought that your FAQs may be hurting your self-service?

Workforce AI: The Driverless Contact Center


Looking specifically at the contact center industry, we have seen a recent flurry of activity around chatbots, intelligent IVRs and virtual agents. Suppose we wanted to design an AI solution to send out broadcast messages to agents regarding the availability of voluntary overtime.

Orchestrating a Seamless and Efficient Customer Experience

Creative Virtual

Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual, will join Engage Customer on Tuesday, 27 November for a webinar to address this question, Orchestrating a Seamless and Efficient Customer Experience. Best practices for implementing chatbots, virtual agents and live chat to provide accurate and seamless omnichannel engagement. The post Orchestrating a Seamless and Efficient Customer Experience appeared first on Creative Virtual.

4 Ways AI Agents Are Outperforming Live Agents


In an industry with fierce competition, it’s no longer just about the product or service – it’s also about the customer experience that occurs anytime a customer interacts with your brand. For this reason, contact centers have been slow to automate call types and chats that are not on par with a live agent experience. AI agents don’t just mimic live agents – they actually outperform live agents across dozens of use cases. That’s the AI agent.

SmartAction Solutions Now Rated “Avaya Compliant”


El Segundo, CA – November 12, 2018 — SmartAction, the leading AI-powered virtual agent solution for contact centers, today announced that its solutions are compliant with key contact center solutions from Avaya, a global provider of business communications software, systems, and services.

Will AI Mean Less People and More Profit in the Contact Center?

Taylor Reach Group

These bots are known as Virtual Agents and are certainly ideal for use in high volume, low complexity tasks. Service can be delivered by phone, email, web chat, self-service, mobile apps and social media as well as virtual agents.

Humans & AI: The Perfect CX Power Couple

Creative Virtual

Speaker: Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO, Creative Virtual. In this webinar, part of CRMXchange’s Technology Innovation Showcase series, Creative Virtual’s Founder & CEO, Chris Ezekiel shares an inside look at bringing together AI and human input to provide quality self-service options, improve live chat and contact center performance, and increase customer satisfaction scores. Humans & AI: The Perfect CX Power Couple.

A Look Back: 2018 in Review

Creative Virtual

It’s been another exciting year not only for Creative Virtual as a company, but also for the virtual agent, chatbot and live chat industry, with lots of new developments and innovation. There were also some other noteworthy and news making announcements for individual members of the Creative Virtual team this year. This was the fourth time a group of runners from Creative Virtual did a 10k in support of the RSPCA. By Mandy Reed, Marketing Manager (Global).

Boost Growth and Lower Costs with AI and Cloud Contact Center Solutions


Founded in 2010, as TechStyle Fashion Group expanded and added new brands to its portfolio, customer service infrastructures were siloed – no overarching system supported synergy between brands. Use Next-Gen AI Reduce Handle Time and Service Cost.

Expert Perspectives: Digital Insights from HfS Research Director


Today’s companies are challenged to meet everyday customer service pressures while also building for the future. The ability to simultaneously achieve these goals is really a differentiator in a world where many products and services are commoditized. Customer Service.

Jumping on the Bandwagon isn’t the Same as Following Best Practice

Creative Virtual

The explosion of media hype around artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots over the past few years – and the subsequent confusion in the customer experience (CX) space – is one of topics Creative Virtual discusses in our article for The Parliamentary Review. Creative Virtual was invited to contribute this year as a Best Practice Representative for the technology sector. The post Jumping on the Bandwagon isn’t the Same as Following Best Practice appeared first on Creative Virtual.

What can we do to attract candidates for contact center agent job openings?


Question: What can we do to attract candidates for contact center agent job openings? Answer: With 2018 US unemployment rates hovering near 18-year lows, contact center leaders need to think outside the box when attempting to fill agent positions. Here are some options: Consider automation to reduce the need for “entry-level” agents – Contact center agent roles generally include some low-value, rote activities that are a good match for automation.

Creating Intimacy with APAC Customers Through Artificial Intelligence

Creative Virtual

When implemented properly, chatbots are a powerful tool to bring together the contact centre with self-service channels and navigate language and culture barriers to create conversational engagement with customers. Creative Virtual will once again be supporting our partner company Continuous Technologies at the annual conference. We’ve partnered with them since 2014 and currently collaborate on projects such as Octopus Cards Limited’s virtual assistant Helen.

A Chatbot for Your Contact Center

Creative Virtual

Contact centers around the world are celebrating Customer Service Week this week, recognizing their agents who deliver service and support to customers all year long. Chatbots and virtual agents have become essential tools for providing 24/7 self-service to digital customers. Contact centers require a great deal of investment – from recruiting and training staff to putting the necessary tools in place for agents. Happy Customer Service Week!

Driving Contact Center Change: Chatbots, OmniChannel, Cloud


Through better web-based content, enhanced IVR, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual agents and, yes, chatbots. Chatbots, Omnichannel and Cloud are three top trends for contact centers. Because each one in its own way increases efficiency and decreases customer effort.

The Omni-Channel Agent Experience


The Omni-Channel Agent Experience. In this age of digital transformation, customers and prospects must be able to easily access an enterprise from any channel – phone, self-service (websites, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, intelligent virtual agents (IVAs)), email, chat, co-browse, SMS, social media and video. Customer and agents must be able to transition easily between channels.

What does digital transformation mean for contact centers?


Contact centers often support multiple digital channels including email, web chat, short message service (SMS)/text, video, WebRTC, mobile apps, co-browse and social media (in addition to voice) in omni-channel environments. Beyond the channels available for customer interactions with live agents, digital transformation in contact centers also includes sophisticated self-service capabilities. Question: What does digital transformation mean for contact centers?

Five Stars for Customer Service Week

Creative Virtual

Happy Customer Service Week! Today marks the first day of the annual week-long international celebration of the importance of customer service and the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis 365 days a year. Delivering five-star customer service experiences doesn’t happen by accident. Whether delivered face-to-face or over digital channels, your customer service is a key part of your overall customer experience and a big factor in customer loyalty.

Showcasing the Perfect CX Power Couple: Humans & AI

Creative Virtual

With the growing emphasis customers are placing on CX when making purchasing decisions and the growing challenge companies are facing when delivering service and support on more contact channels than ever before, this powerful new approach has arrived on the scene at just the right time. He’ll give an inside look at bringing together humans and AI to provide quality self-service options, improve live chat and contact centre performance, and increase customer satisfaction scores.

Build your business case to invest more in customer experience – Learn the metrics that move the needle


First Contact Resolution (FCR) – If you were to choose one other metric (other than CSAT) to measure customer experience that would be FCR, the ability to provide a resolution to customers issues the very first time they connect with agents.

Why You Need a Voice-Enabled Chatbot


As customer expectations for self-service continue to evolve, call centers must keep up by adding new functions and capabilities to their chatbots. This leads to repetitive data gathering by chatbot, IVR, and live agents, which is frustrating for everyone.

10 Key Trends That Will Drive Call Center Outsourcing

Dialer 360

Same time technological innovation as process automation or virtual computing. Industries are aware of poor customer service that can prove to detrimental. You should outsource your contact center services to a reliable partner. Self Help. Focus On Virtual Agents.

4 Ways Companies Benefit from Using IVR Services

Outsource Consultants

She acknowledges that though IVR is a vital component of many companies’ customer service, it’s not without its faults. With these challenges in mind, Faris suggests that the future of IVR lies within a hybrid of AI bot technology and live, human agents. Need IVR services?

The Future Customer Experience Will Go Virtual

Win the Customer

However, over the last few decades, customer experience and service delivery veered away from personalized support and adopted a “call and wait” system while companies cut costs and installed voice-activated phone prompts. Virtual Call Centers.

Omnichannel Expertise: EPIC Connections and SmartAction Presented with Collaboration Award from NICE inContact

EPIC Connections

Since 2010, EPIC Connections has partnered with many NICE inContact customers, providing RapidCheck Assessment, Implementation, and Optimization services that help companies craft technology roadmaps, seamlessly deploy inContact solutions and enhance ROI on technology investments.

5 Tips to Help You Build a Call Center from Scratch


To think of call centers dedicated to customer service as mere money drains is missing the point entirely. Virtual or onsite? From the get-go, you must decide whether your call center will operate virtually or whether you will man the infrastructure. Alternative service channels.

Contact Center Technologies 2017: find out what 23 experts say


With the rise of technology that allows better customer service, customers are becoming more demanding – that’s why to satisfy and retain them, you need to develop your contact center in accordance with the worldwide trends. self-service. Self-service. Tweet.